Looking like something out of Tonami, “Scavengers Reign” is the type of anime for which sci-fi fans surely will clamor.

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General Information

This section Includes information about the Director, Writer, and Cast.

Release Date (MAX) October 19, 2023
Director(s) Joseph Bennett, Charles Huettner
Writer(s) Joseph Bennett, Charles Huettner, Sean Buckelew, James Merrill
Newly Noted Characters and Cast
Kamen Ted Travelstead
Fiona To Be Determined
Azi Wunmi Mosaku
Levi Alia Shawkat
Sam Bob Stephenson
Ursula Sunita Mani

Plot Recap

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A Lady & Her Robot – Azi, Levi

Azi (Wunmi Mosaku)
“Azi (Wunmi Mosaku),” Scavengers Reign, “The Signal,” directed by Joseph Bennett, Charles Huettner, 2023, (MAX)

Azi, with other members of Demeter 227, a planetary freighter ship, have crashed landed on an alien planet named Vesta. From what we’re told, rescue is unlikely, but the various members who crash-landed are trying to make contact and make the best of a potentially dire situation.

For Azi, that means, with her robot Levi, focusing on making shelter, growing food, and keeping the local population at bay. However, with these giant-shelled beings drawn to the small of Azi’s tomatoes and not liking Levi, she finds herself on constant alert. Add in Levi is starting to act strangely, and Azi is getting worried about her long-term prospects of survival.

Vulnerability Made Them Defenseless – Kamen, Fiona

Kamen (Ted Travelstead)
“Kamen (Ted Travelstead),” Scavengers Reign, “The Signal,” directed by Joseph Bennett, Charles Huettner, 2023, (MAX)

Kamen is a disheveled man, seemingly who has not left the pod he crash landed in, and finds himself stalked by an alien who is capable of causing hallucinations. It isn’t clear how or why, but it has tapped into the man’s mind, and to make the man defenseless and amiable, it has pushed visions of a woman named Fiona.

By doing so, Kamen becomes willing to eat from the alien and even follow them, with us not knowing where the alien is guiding the man and whether it is friend or foe.

Lean On Me – Sam, Ursula, Azi, Levi, Kamen

Sam (Bob Stephenson) and Ursula
“Sam (Bob Stephenson) and Ursula,” Scavengers Reign, “The Signal,” directed by Joseph Bennett, Charles Huettner, 2023, (MAX)

While the man is becoming one with the aliens, and Azi is trying to make contact and survive, Sam and Ursula are trying to bring the ship to the planet. It’s a bit of a challenge, but with both being researchers and knowing local wildlife’s capabilities well, they have gotten far. They know one entity’s inners, when clicked, makes light. Another one can become a breathing apparatus, and they use that to get to a spore-infested pod for a battery they need.

At first, we’re pushed to think Ursula would be the first casualty we see when her breathing apparatus breaks, and she inhales the spores, but we’re shown that to just be a nightmare. Thus allowing a dream to be realized as Sam and Ursula bring the Demeter 227 planetside, and with its entry through the atmosphere and crash landing, Azi, Levi, and even the unnamed man, they see it come down, and it is like a beacon.

However, with the Kamen under some kind of spell, and Azi and Levi barely surviving being attacked and everything they have been working on destroyed, who knows if they make it to the ship and be able to colonize the planet for long-term survival.

Other Noteworthy Information

  1. This was created by Joseph Bennett and Charles Huettner

New Character Description(s)


Isolated in some kind of forest area, it appears the unknown man has never left his pod since his crash landing. Instead, he has eaten and used up what was in there, and now, starving and sleep-deprived, he waits for death as he looks out the pod’s window. Thus leading to an alien tapping into his memories and exploiting them to take control or at least exert a strong influence.


“Fiona,” Scavengers Reign, “The Signal,” directed by Joseph Bennett, Charles Huettner, 2023, (MAX)

A woman from Kamen’s past, it isn’t clear what their relationship was, but he trusts her, and her image is used to exploit him by an alien.


Tech savvy and focused on making contact with some type of rescue ship, Azi’s exact title isn’t known, but her leadership skills seem clear.


Levi is Azi’s robot, who is slowly but surely getting on her nerves as it appears to start malfunctioning.


Sam, alongside Ursula, are seeking to bring the ship they escaped on planetside, and it seems Sam is far more adventurous than Ursula regarding utilizing the local wildlife to create organic gadgets.


Ursula (Sunita Mani)
“Ursula (Sunita Mani),” Scavengers Reign, “The Signal,” directed by Joseph Bennett, Charles Huettner, 2023, (MAX)

Sam’s right hand, Ursula is no slouch, and while Sam might be a bit more hands-on with certain things, Ursula makes sure to contribute to the cause.


Notable Performances or Moments

The Characters Are As Intriguing As The World

What “Scavengers Reign” does, damn near to perfection, is balance the sights, sounds, and dangers of the animal on Planet Vesta and giving us characters whose survival we can care about. Kamen, disheveled, starving, and now potentially kidnapped by an alien, you care, and are curious, about what can happen to him. Azi and Levi? That dynamic is comical, and Azi having the attitude she has and willingness to fight, is a huge draw.

Then, when you throw in Sam and Ursula who seem to have engineering and researcher capabilities, each group gives you something, and combined they make it so you’re hooked and not only want but need more.

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Scavengers Reign: Season 1/ Episode 1 “The Signal” - Overview


“Scavengers Reign,” with the established humans, a complex world, and appearing character-driven, might just be what the sci-fi genre has needed – less focus on special effects and more on characters who drive the story and an intense interest.

  • The Characters Are As Intriguing As The World - 89%


  • The Characters Are As Intriguing As The World


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