Title Card - Rhythm + Flow Season 1, Episode 3 “Atlanta Auditions”

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We head down to the ATL, and unlike NYC, no one dares bring their sob stories. Instead, many just rap like they trying to compete with Twista or Busta Rhymes.

Director(s) Sam Wrench
Writer(s) N/A
Air Date 10/9/2019
Introduced This Episode
Herself Amavi
Himself Caleb Colossus
Himself Baddnews
Himself 2’Live Bre
Himself Troyman
Herself Londynn B

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Some Got Potential But Had To Be Put On Notice: Amavi, Caleb Colossus, Baddnews

There is clearly a different approach when it comes to TI. Unlike Cardi, Joe, and Jadakiss, when it comes to him, Big Boi, and Quavo, they don’t mind someone who needs to be polished up. Hence why those like Baddnews can make it forward, even though some of the things they say make them sound either nervous, at best, or a liar, at worst.

However, for others, it’s just minor things. When it comes to Amavi, a rapper/poet who knows how to keep it positive, without boring you to death, the main critique is just picking the right beat. Maybe add a little more swag. Then for guys like Caleb Colossus, the main issue is whether or not they are commercial enough.

A critique that, as with many we hear, could also be used across the board. But, at least with the way TI handles these few folks, you get the vibe that he wouldn’t mind coaching and mentoring a bit. You know, acknowledging that most of these folks is kids compared to him, and some deserve encouragement.

Skinny Dudes Stay Winning: 2’Live Bre, Troyman

With a flow which kind of resembles Young M.A. and a party vibe, 2’Live Bre breezes through the judges with TI giving little to no notes. Then with Troyman, while he may not have a look you may remember, beyond his hat, as a lyricist, performer, and his flow, he’s all aces and doesn’t get one single critique.

There Can Only Be One: Londynn B

I see a pattern of saving the best for last, and Londynn B definitely shows she is going to be one of the top competitors of the first season. Mind you, there are some things about her similar to the others, like rapping fast for no good reason, but once she slowed it down a bit, she was a killer. One who got the look, persona, even a slight humble vibe, to balance out that energy and cockiness when she rhymes. Add in slight Teyana Taylor vibes, and you can see why she moved onto the next round.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

Success is where opportunity meets preparation.
— TI



Less Pity, More Potential

You can really see how, with Cardi being a woman, people tried to play her with the begging and sob stories. With TI, I don’t think we got one, or even two who tried that nonsense. Also, with Atlanta, I think more people, even though they had a montage of failed attempts, were more consistent. Yeah, still way too many who want to show how fast they can rhyme, but also people who seemed like they were ready to do what they do and were ready to be seen as professional.

T.I. Seemed To Be In It For The Long Game And Not The Quick Buck

TI stepping off a helicopter and adjusting his jacket.

The rap game isn’t like pop or R&B. You can’t just have the right voice, and that can compensate for everything else. As noted in the auditions thus far, you have to have swag, the look, the lyricist, and the vibe people would actually pay for. All of which isn’t something everyone naturally has. Some are diamonds in the rough who, because mainstream rappers don’t have that much individuality, hence why the market is flooded with people who seem really hood.

So I appreciated TI, as much as he did cut left and right, there was this vibe he wasn’t in it just to win it, and show ATL as the best, he is genuinely trying to put on the right people and maybe guide them a bit. For really, if this competition was solely focused on finding someone good, having them do features, a solo, and that’s it, what would the point be of having Chance, Cardi, and TI beyond their network? I’m sure if Netflix flashed money at a lot of artists, they’d take on someone if Netflix paid for their time and got their labels to okay it.

Let’s not pretend there aren’t many musicians out there who wouldn’t take a Netflix check and simple ask, “Okay, so what ya’ll want me to do?”

On The Fence

How Many Can You Really See As Hit Makers?

Londynn B got that hitmaker vibe, 2’Live Bre to a point as well, as for the others? There is the need to recognize that TI and his people are more about longevity, if not album sales, over Hot 100 billboard hits. Among them, topping the R&B/Hip-Hop charts is nothing. However, cross over hits is a bit more limited. So it should be interesting to see with them talking about finding rap’s next superstar, will it be superstar like Cardi, Nicki Minaj, and those who found success within their genre and the general charts, or will they be restricted to just their lane?


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