Redo of Healer: Season 1/ Episode 6 “The Hero Sheds Blood and Tears!” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

In an attempt to prove Redo of Healer can still make you care, his maternal figure is tortured in a similar fashion to how Keyarga was. Alongside more troubling scenes.

Director(s) Ryō Ōkubo
Writer(s) Kazuyuki Fudeyasu
Aired (VRV) – Delayed 2/18/2021
Newly Noted Characters
Princess Norn Minami Tsuda

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One Way Or Another – Leonard, Keyarga

Leonard is hell-bent on revenge for with taking the blame for Princess Flare’s death and being tortured, he wants to clear his name. But, how does one drive out someone who has the power to change their appearance? Well, by using what information you have on their whereabouts and tout out their village in hopes that some part of them still cares.

Which, lucky for Leonard, despite how Keyarga talks about members of his harem, the people in his village remain a soft spot for him – especially Anna.

Goodbye My Last Bit Of Humanity – Leonard, Keyarga, Anna, Freiya, Setsuna, Kureha

Hence Keyarga sends Kureha to gather information as he covertly arranges a meetup with Leonard. Someone who he is told raped Anna in front of his village, and with using “Heal” and seeing what he did, Keyarga makes Leonard into a woman and throws him to undesirables to experience just what Anna did.

Keyarga prepping Leonard to be treated like Anna was

Leading to Keyarga rushing to save Anna, but he is too late. Thus, he decides to have vigorous sex with Setsuna and Freiya to, well there is no other way to put it but, f*** the pain away.

A Hero After All – Kureha, Keyarga, Princess Norn

You might think that Keyarga, with Anna now dead, would let the other villagers die simply due to less of a connection with them. However, he instead shows up at their execution to save them. Mind you, this is with acknowledging the colosseum, where the executions are to take place, could be a trap. One that Princess Norn, one of Keyarga’s many torturers, may have set up. But thanks to Kureha, Keyarga is aware of what he may face and has a plan in place.

However, as for pursuing to get vengeance on Princess Norn? Well, despite her being a horrible person like her sister in a past life, she hasn’t been one to Keyarga in this one. So she isn’t his focus. More so, the fall of the Jioral kingdom is the only thing on Keyarga’s mind, and he plans to tear it down by any means necessary.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Difference between broadcast, redo, and uncensored: You may notice that now Redo of Healer has a “Redo” version. The only difference between broadcast and redo is broadcast blurs out anything and everything, and “Redo” leaves a little less to the imagination. As for uncensored? You’ll see breasts, nipples, panty shots, and while you won’t see penetration on a hentai level, it is made much more clear something is going on. Also, there is moaning, and we see Keyarga ejaculate as well as Princess Norn squirt.



The Plot To Save Members of Keyarga’s Village

As we said in a previous recap, what’s missing from Redo of Healer is heart. So with Anna’s death and Keyarga’s village threatened, the show is finally steering us towards having something to care about. Because, with the delay on meeting Blade and Bullet, and Keyarga getting revenge on them, Redo of Healer began to feel like it was too focused on side stories and softcore hentai moments than anything else.

Princess Norn (Minami Tsuda) excited
Princess Norn (Minami Tsuda)

Yet, with Keyarga no longer on the run, being forced out of hiding could be what the show needs. Be it to fight Blade, Bullet, Princess Norn, if not the king himself. Add in Freiya hearing the name of her sister makes her seem triggered, we might learn why Princess Flare was as screwed up as she was. At least if Princess Norn is the source of Princess Flare’s former mentality.

On The Fence

Redo of Healer Has Truly Lost Its Edge

After watching the uncensored version, at least for this episode, I can firmly say that Redo of Healer can no longer rely on its use of rape scenes as a plot device. Be it Anna or Keyaru, while still disturbed by the use of rape, it has lost its shock value. Thus making us appreciate the censored versions since it leaves you to imagine what horrors are being done. Similar to when you read a book, it’s your imagination, what you believe is the worst that could happen, that drives how horrendous the moment is.

As for the consensual sex? While we get some are tantalized by animated nipples, bodily fluids flying, and sexual gestures, Redo of Healer isn’t presenting you top-notch hentai. At best, you could submit it compensates for the pacing of the show, in terms of us finally seeing Keyarga get his revenge on Bullet, Blade, and the others. But with no passion, no real build-up, unless you’re really into porn, again, it doesn’t make you feel like you’re missing anything watching the censored version. For at this point, Setsuna, Flare, and Kureha are mainly sex objects for Keyarga’s amusement. Making the possibility of him sacrificing them, as he seemed willing to before, a non-issue.


The Plot To Save Members of Keyarga's Village - 82%
Redo of Healer Has Truly Lost Its Edge - 71%


While, storywise, Redo of Healer has the potential to improve, without a doubt, we're at the point where it's hard to not feel desensitized to the sex scenes – no matter how graphic they are.

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