The reunion comes to an end, and while things heat up, there is peace amongst the cast when all is said and done – minus a side eye or two.

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The reunion comes to an end, and while things heat up, there is peace amongst the cast when all is said and done – minus a side eye or two.

Aired (OWN) April 21, 2023
Director(s) Luke Terbieten
Writer(s) N/A


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Wanna Be Starting Something – Morgan, Marcia, Tony, Mark Anthony, Mercedes, Natasha, Jeffri

After a certain point, it seemed like Morgan was being given the opportunity to make good TV whenever possible, with Tony in a close second. Her calling Marcia a distraction and picking with her INCESSANTLY when Marcia didn’t want the drama? I don’t know if Morgan was pushed to act this way, this is her trauma response to dealing with Tony, or if she was just showing her true self but it was a lot.

“Natasha,” Ready To Love, “Reunion Special Part 2,” directed by Luke Terbieten, 2023, (OWN)

But, as shown, the Jeffri and Blake drama wasn’t something either side was willing to drag out, so Tony, Morgan, Marcia, and Natasha, they have to hone in on that. Which led to all three women ganging up on Tony and Mark Anthony, for some reason, being a major advocate for the man. Though, as Jeffri noted, he has been doing that all night – to the point it has clearly begun to annoy her. Not enough for her to go off and come out of character, but enough to let him know he is doing a lot right now.

Which Mercedes, who is almost always cozied up with Mark Anthony, handles. For while the two aren’t dating, it damn near looks like a situationship. Like, there may not be titles, but it could go down if the mood is right.

So, Nobody Made It? – Cynthia, Anthony

We learn that none of the final couples made it, but why did Anthony and Cynthia not? They are very coy about it. Cynthia makes it seem she was a major factor, even puts out the possibility she wasn’t emotionally available, but considering what we saw in the process, but fans at home and her peers in the studio raise an eyebrow since the truth was not being set free.

Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Is “Ready To Love” ever going to move to a northern State or out of the south/southeast?

What Could Happen Next

  1. The next season starts on Thursdays in June and will be in Dallas, Texas.



Morgan Ready To Start Something

“Morgan,” Ready To Love, “Reunion Special Part 2,” directed by Luke Terbieten, 2023, (OWN)

Someone must be consistently willing to put their reputation on the line by being consistently entertaining, and Morgan was willing to make that sacrifice. I don’t know why, especially her calling “Marcia” a distraction, but as Marcia said, they cast some crazy people on this show.

The Side Eyes, Comments From Back Stage, and Faces

From Jeffri’s side eye and faces, Zee just playing on her phone and making comments, to everyone enjoying the Tony drama, the producers have gotten better at understanding, sometimes, the best moments and audio doesn’t come from those we should be focusing on.

On The Fence

Cynthia and Anthony Being So Coy

Part of me respects that they aren’t putting all their business out there for the future of their relationship. Also, that they had a mature break-up or are showing people what a break can look like when it isn’t wrought with drama.

With that said, I need details. Not even to be nosy but because there are additional things to learn from this. Cynthia, who seemed ready to love, being part of the reason things didn’t work? Is this a mindset of her thinking she is hard to love and Anthony co-signing so he doesn’t have to be accountable? Was her reaction truly uncalled for to something Anthony did?

Maybe the frustration stems from being a Cynthia stan and not liking how it seems she is pushed to be the problem while Anthony can just set there with his red bottoms.

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Anthony and Cynthia
Ready To Love: Season 8/ Episode 15 “Reunion Special Part 2” Finale – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
I feel like “Ready To Love” needs to leave the south and head north. If they don’t want to do New York, Los Angeles, and the overdone places, what about Detroit? How about Chicago? Philly maybe?
The Side Eyes, Comments From Back Stage, and Faces
Morgan Ready To Start Something
Cynthia and Anthony Being So Coy

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