It’s part one of the reunion special, and like with every reunion show, there are far more moments of drama than celebration.

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It’s part one of the reunion special, and like with every reunion show, there are far more moments of drama than celebration.

Aired (OWN) April 14, 2023
Director(s) Luke Terbieten
Writer(s) N/A


This content contains pertinent spoilers.

On A Happy Note – Fabrice, Lyndon, Sue-Ann, Blake

While many are struggling with dating or life, some are doing okay. Sue-Ann and Blake are not only together, but it seems they are at the point where she leaves a few things in his home. No word yet on how they are integrating their kids, but having at least one happy couple is always a major thing for “Ready To Love.” Outside of them, Lyndon has a girlfriend, the sex-crazed Fabrice has one, and for part one, those are the people who have a limited amount of drama after all is said and done.

It’s Complicated – Bluu, Kayla, Zee, Corvaya, Mark Anthony, Jonique

For some others, things are a bit more complicated. Corvaya, for example, is single and has yet to achieve the high-value man she is looking for, but at least there was an understanding about her wanting to be spoiled. Her family has been on the rise, with doctors among them now, and the idea of being spoiled is appealing. Not in a gold digger way, since she can bring something to the table beyond her looks, but spoiled in terms of being shown love through time, experiences, and all without there being certain conditions.

Her aside, to the surprise of many, Bluu is dating Kayla from the last season, but despite how cool, calm, and collected he seems – to the point of being boring – there is some controversy with Bluu. Apparently, he was talking to Zee in a way that made her feel their situationship could become official. Also, Jonique accuses him of not using the lifeline on her, so that she could be eliminated and he could perhaps have an easier time dating her. Now, despite how Tommy loves getting messy, neither Jonique nor Zee are pushed to the point of really exposing Bluu. But, at the same time, Zee was trying to not put Bluu on blast, and Jonique just wanted to state facts. It didn’t seem she came there for the usual reunion show drama.

I Have Some Regrets – Jeffri, Andre, Tony, Morgan, Marcia

When it comes to Jeffri and Andre, things are over. It seems to mainly stem from the lack of relationship between her kids and their fathers, and Andre questioning Jeffri’s role in that. She explained, more than once, she wasn’t going to force either man to be a father, but Andre seems to think there was more to that, and it seems him pressing that button eventually led to Jeffri wanting a break.

As for Tony, Morgan, and Marcia? Let’s just say Marcia likely wishes she didn’t deal much with Tony because now she can get dragged into Morgan and Tony’s arguments. Which honestly, the longer she had to sit next to him and talk about it, it seemed to just rile Morgan up more, to the point it seemed like she was ready to expose Tony. Expose what exactly? That’s hard to say. But you can tell Morgan was ready to give anyone the business if they asked for it.

Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. So nothing became of DeMario and Corvaya after they both were eliminated?
  2. Did Kayla and Bluu meet at one of the off-camera reunions or the premiere party, like others have?

What Could Happen Next

  1. I feel like they are not going to let the Advocate Sue thing go and will likely revisit Blake v. Jeffri
  2. Mercedes being questioned about not keeping up with Andre and choosing to not move forward with Mark Anthony
  3. Whatever seems to be going on between Cynthia and Anthony being addressed
  4. Potentially following up with Zee regarding whatever situation she had with Bluu
  5. Learning more about Natasha’s tryst with Tony


Notable Performances or Moments

Kayla Found Love

I don’t know how it happened, especially with Bluu, but I’m happy for Kayla. It pushes me to think that “Ready To Love” could and likely will do a season featuring past cast members eventually.


Jeffri Holding Back While Others Were Ready To Light Someone Up

When it comes to Jeffri, I feel like she was baited multiple times throughout the season, and the reunion show, to come out of character, and she didn’t do that. However, Morgan did. Now, was Morgan provoked? Yes. As shown with Lyndon, she could have kept it cute, sweet, and all love. But, as shown by Tony jumping in when Jeffri was having a moment and, as usual, Nephew Tommy not helping, it was clear many people were waiting for their moment.

Jonique made sure Bluu was confronted, Zee tried to hold back, but the dam was starting to crack, but Morgan? She was ready. Hell, it seems she wanted to beat that dead horse for Tony wasted her time and got her in her feelings, and she wants to punish him for that. Now, is that the best thing for her to do? No. However, it’s one thing to go through what she did privately and another on television and have your face, and likely real name, attached to all that is happening.

So, with that in mind, you can understand, at least for the ladies, why they wanted to clear things up, put some on blast, and warn ladies of who the men on this show are – especially behind the scenes. For outside of Mark Anthony clearing things up with Corvaya and Lyndon being able to roll with what was going on, it seems most of the men came ready for a fight they weren’t going to win.

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Tommy welcoming people to the show
Ready To Love: Season 8/ Episode 14 “Reunion Special” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
The drama was there, the looks were notable (especially Jeffri’s all-white, including the hair, look), and we got a few happy stories scattered throughout to help remind you this isn’t all about who hates who.
Kayla Found Love
Jeffri Holding Back While Others Were Ready To Light Someone Up

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