Cynthia giving Morgan advice
"Cynthia giving Morgan advice," Ready To Love, "Two Truths and a Lie," 2023, (OWN)

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As we come down to the wire, you are increasingly left to wonder why anyone thinks they have a tough decision?

Aired (OWN) March 24, 2023


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Well, I’m Out – Blake, Sue-Ann

With Sue-Ann eliminated, Blake knows his time is up. He has no other connections, and while he has grown on some of the women, there are 0 romantic feelings among them. If anything, Blake is more like the co-worker they’ve learned to tolerate than someone they want to spend their free time with. So, with that in mind, after Sue-Ann is eliminated, he self-eliminates.

There Shouldn’t Be So Many Questions, and This Should Be Easy, Right? – Tony, Morgan, Cynthia, Anthony, Jeffri, Mark Anthony, Mercedes, Lyndon, Andre

The drama continues as Morgan, Tony, and Lyndon find themselves in a whirlwind of Tony’s emotions. It’s so bad that Lyndon thinks Morgan is avoiding him to appease Tony, who she sees all these red flags from but ignores them. The heart wants what it wants, and he agrees with her 2-year plan, so, with not expecting the perfect man, she tries to see the good in Tony.

Unfortunately, she might be alone in that since Cynthia decides to really talk to Morgan about Tony and take note of the dynamics of his relationship with Morgan. She doesn’t like it, at all, almost to the point of it appearing like she knows the Tony type well and only sees this getting worse in time. But, with Morgan committed to Tony and Lyndon only a safe space to escape to, the pattern of Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Tony, continues.

As for everyone else? Strangely, people begin to really double down on who they truly like, such as Mark Anthony with Mercedes, Jeffri with Andre, and Anthony with Cynthia, yet there are still mentions of their alternative pick. Almost like they want an option in their back pocket, just in case things suddenly go south, which makes it so no one seems ready to commit at this point in time.

You Weren’t Ready For Something Serious, Were You? – Lyndon, Morgan

Blake self-eliminating technically allows there to be no elimination this week. However, because of how things are going for Morgan, she is pushed to decide whether or not Lyndon should stay. Ultimately, it is decided he isn’t ready to love because he and Morgan aren’t on the same timeline regarding love, marriage, and children.

Yes, his red flags regarding his lifestyle and working in the nightlife industry are far smaller than Tony’s anger and communication issues at times. But Morgan isn’t in her early 30s, so she can’t wait for Lyndon to transition into the man she wants and needs.

Things To Note

What Could Happen Next

  1. Final Couples: Mark Anthony and Mercedes, Tony and Morgan, Andre and Jeffri, Anthony, and Cynthia
  2. Next Eliminated (Women): Mercedes and Jeffri will be the bottom two, and Mercedes may get kicked since she has less connections


On The Fence

What Are You Not Seeing Or Accepting?

Maybe something is happening off-camera, which makes the decision more difficult? Mark Anthony is still torn about Jeffrieven though it doesn’t seem like three kids is where he is now. Yes, Andre is fun, but why would Cynthia choose him over Anthony, who is grounded, stable, and can be romantic when he wants to be?

Tony talking about his lack of arts and crafts skills
“Tony talking about his lack of arts and crafts skills,” Ready To Love, “Two Truths and a Lie,” 2023, (OWN)

Oh, and Morgan? How is she going to talk about giving Tony another chance as if the things that are issues are things a 42-year-old man would ever change? Lyndon’s issues deal with a job that he has talked about eventually exiting as he is no longer as enthused by that lifestyle. Tony’s red flags are all personality-based. Also, her attraction to Tony being this alpha, protector, man’s man type, comes with all these red flags yet, it seems she’d rather keep her coke bottle thick rose-colored glasses on than see things clearly.

But, as Morgan said during the ladies’ lounge, the heart wants what it wants, and, unfortunately, the heart isn’t in agreement with the brain as much as many would like.

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Cynthia giving Morgan advice
Ready To Love: Season 8/ Episode 11 “Two Truths and a Lie” – Recap/ Review
people be obtuse to who appears to viewers as a perfect match is less comical and more frustrating.
What Are You Not Seeing Or Accepting?

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