The first part of a two-episode getaway has things reach a fever point between Tony and Lyndon, and you can see why many of the trailers banked on that drama.

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The first part of a two-episode getaway has things reach a fever point between Tony and Lyndon, and you can see why many of the trailers banked on that drama.

Aired (OWN) March 17, 2023


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It Was All Cool At One Point – Morgan, Jeffri, Andre, Mark Anthony, Mercedes, Cynthia

In the beginning, things were cool. The drive over was nice, with it being revealed Morgan and Jeffri are potentially close, maybe due to mutual disdain for Blake. And after an airboat ride through the Everglades, which wasn’t anyone’s favorite thing, they get to the house, and things are chill. Cynthia and Andre talk, and it seems both are divesting in each other without issues. Mercedes and Mark Anthony hang out, and Andre and Jeffri make out, and it is a chill experience.

Is It Possessive Or Showing Interest? – Morgan, Tony, Lyndon

But then things get heated. While a lot of people either have multiple options, as do the person they are interested in, or they are like Blake and Sue-Ann, where they are pretty much locked in, then there is Morgan. She has two men interested in her, and while Lyndon is chill and relaxed, he is also not backing down because Tony is around. Hence, with any opportunity he has to be next to or alone with Morgan, he takes it, to the chagrin of Tony.

In his mind, while both he and Morgan had other options when Marcia was around, they were end game and now with him removing his distraction, he isn’t sure why Lyndon isn’t being dismissed. For Morgan, she doesn’t like this approach. Yes, Tony being a man’s man, an alpha, is part of what attracts her to him. However, him coming off as possessive and aggressive to the point of offering Lyndon to take it outside and fight? That goes too far, and she makes it clear to Tony that she doesn’t like it.

Now, while the message is received, the way she says it does give Tony pause. I’d even say it may make him question not protecting Marcia more as he gets to know Morgan without an alternative or distraction. As for Lyndon? While the Nair thing may always stay in the back of his mind, he is chill, and while he does snitch on Tony by revealing that, if Marcia had made it past elimination, Lyndon could have had Morgan, he takes everything in stride and comes off well.

Elimination Time – Sue-Ann, Mercedes

Because Sue-Ann is clearly locked in with Blake, and there hasn’t been much progress between her and Anthony, she is in the bottom two. As for Mercedes? With it being clear she is locked in with Mark Anthony, and Anthony is again not making much progress, she is also in the bottom two. Add in Andre, who is still mid-key mad she didn’t check in on him, and many saying she gives “Homie” vibes, that is why she is up for elimination.

Unfortunately, we don’t learn who, between the two, will be eliminated, but my money is on Sue-Ann. Though, if you take into account Mark Anthony could potentially still consider Jeffri an option, he may cut one to focus on another. But considering the potential of their relationship wanes with each episode, Sue-Ann seems like the safest person to eliminate.

Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. How often do people come in to do the interview segments? Mercedes has been in at least three different styles that I can recall

What Could Happen Next

  1. Next For Elimination (Men): Blake forever will be in the bottom two, but who could join him is hard to say. Tony and Lyndon have both focused on Morgan, so one could be in the bottom two, if not both. As for the other men? I think they are relatively safe
  2. Next For Elimination (Women): Assuming there is another elimination for the women, I feel Mercedes would be at the bottom, but I find it hard to fathom who may join her. Cynthia is one option since Anthony is her top connection, and Andre is cooling his heels with her. But, as for others? It’s hard to say.
  3. Final Couples: Blake and Sue-Ann, Anthony and Cynthia, Mark Anthony and Mercedes, Andre, and Jeffri



The Tony x Lyndon Hype Lived Up To Expectations

While thankfully, the two men didn’t come to blows, there is no denying there was a certain amount of entertainment in watching this bulldog-like alpha go against his golden retriever type and essentially lose his cool. Yes, Lyndon bringing up something said off-camera wasn’t cool. However, being the man Tony is, which is worth applause, he didn’t deny he said what he said. He owned it, and dealt with the consequences.

But now there is the need to ask, since Morgan threw some fuel onto the fire throughout the process, how will she handle her two choices reaching a point where she can’t really take her time to make a choice? For while I don’t think Tony would get into a physical altercation on camera, it does appear that this process is becoming too much for him, and for his own health, and faith journey, he might be forced to step away.

On The Fence

Feeling Ready For This To Wrap Up

Outside of the Tony x Lyndon drama, everything else feels a bit dry, and the hope this is wrapping up soon is high. While it was nice to see Jeffri and Morgan talk amongst themselves, without Tommy or another male being there, for their first conversation, everything else just wasn’t giving.

A lot of people seem like they know who they want but are conflicted about what they need, and it only furthers the idea that what these people need less is their friends or family members giving an opinion, never mind Tommy, but a therapist or someone in the mental/emotional medical field. But, we’ve spoken ad nauseam about how this show, if not all dating shows honestly, need less so a charismatic host and more so a person who has more than just life experience to be a mentor or touted professional to guide them through the process.

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Lyndon unsure of what is going to happen
Ready To Love: Season 8/ Episode 10 “Bro Code Broken” – Recap/ Review
We’ve reached a point where the Lyndon and Tony drama is a lifeline as many couples, even those in the best relationships they can expect from whose left, still are undecided. Thus giving you the feeling that what these people need is far beyond what Tommy or the show want or can offer – especially at the cost of losing a sense of drama.
The Tony x Lyndon Hype Lived Up To Expectations
Feeling Ready For This To Wrap Up

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  1. Tony needed to be eliminated from the start-what a narcissistic, machista and arrogant moron!!!! Neanderthal mentality!!!!

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