Kayla questioning what do they want
"Kayla questioning what do they want," Ready To Love, "The Finale," 2022, (OWN)

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At this point, are people chosen because the love is real or because they don’t want the headache of a challenge?

Aired (OWN) 10/14/2022
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Damn, So Who Is Left? – Kadian, Swasey, Shareese

With Sampson gone and it being the end, Shareese self-eliminates, and following her is Kadian since Swasey takes having a serious conversation as wanting to have an argument. So with that in mind, both self-eliminate since it is clear Swasey should have been eliminated when the ladies peeped who he was from the get go.

My Brother’s Keeper – Mike, Brandi, Kayla, Randall, Jamala

With two men and three women, and Kayla stuck in between, so comes the question of whether the “Strongest Connections” will win out or if Kayla may end up winning in the end? For Mike, his brother checks out his matches, and it seems he isn’t fond of Brandi to a certain point. She has never been in a relationship and can’t identify her flaws, which raises a red flag. But with Kayla, she is joking and opening up, seems like she is trying to build with Mike, and that impresses him.

Then with Randall, his brother prefers Jamala, mostly because she is more chill. On the other hand, Kayla has a back-and-forth with Randall that raises red flags for Randall’s brother. Mainly since it seems Kayla is as torn as Randall, is getting emotional as she is put in the hot seat, and while Kayla showing vulnerability appeals to Randall, it turns his brother off from the idea of having to deal with Kayla long term.

And The Final Two – Mike, Brandi, Kayla, Randall, Jamala

So, who are the final two? Randall rejects Kayla after she pushes him to speak up, thus leading to him being with Jamala. As for Mike? We don’t see him reject Kayla. He just chooses Brandi, and we’re left in the wind regarding what, if anything, he said to Kayla.

Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Was there a scene where Mike rejected Kayla, or did he not talk to her about his decision?

What Could Happen Next

  1. I don’t think the final two couples ultimately ended up together once the cameras stopped.


On The Fence

The Easy Choice Was Made

With no shade to Brandi or Jamala, I think the easy choice was made in both cases. Just based on what we’ve seen with Kayla, it seems she is the type who wants to expose you to things, hold you accountable in your growth, and for Randall? He seems so chill that I think that level of expectation bummed him out. Almost like asking a pothead who just got high to start doing a bunch of stuff when he just wants to chill.

Then with Mike, again, it seems like the easier choice was made because, with Brandi, things would be easier. She isn’t pushing Mike to be better. Like Jamala, you can see she is head over heels with who her man is now. So, becoming better, doing better, isn’t something he has to worry about. And while, yes, I don’t doubt Kayla and Mike can’t be friends, I do think there was a fear in both men of having to get to her level, match her energy, and them wanting someone safe, who doesn’t confront their lifestyle and ask “Don’t you want more?”

Kayla noting things are complicated
“Kayla noting things are complicated,” Ready To Love, “The Finale,” 2022, (OWN)

Which isn’t to say I’m a Kayla stan as much as the chemistry for the final matches didn’t translate much on screen, so in terms of who could be a good partner, based on what we’ve seen, only Kayla seems to fit that bill.

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Kayla questioning what do they want
Ready To Love: Season 7/ Episode 12 “The Finale” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
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The Easy Choice Was Made

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