Yet another person self-eliminates, and with that, it seems many are going to be scrambling for what’s left.

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Yet another person self-eliminates, and with that, it seems many are going to be scrambling for what’s left.

Aired 3/25/2022
Network OWN
Directed By TBD
Written By TBD


Keep It Cute – Paul, Carmen, DaKiya

With Tina seemingly ducking him, Paul has his best friend, Chill Bill, meet with Carmen and DaKiya, and, as usual, Carmen talks her s***. This is cute and all, especially her telling Chill Bill, who has potentially been friends with Paul since 5th grade, that they will call him Paul. But, while certain parts are rough, Carmen and DaKiya make one thing clear: They are the alphas at their jobs, and they don’t want to be at home. So Paul, despite not knowing either woman that well, is their choice since they bring a calm and he seemingly will meet their criteria.

It’s All Love – Tory, Sabrina, Ace, Demetrius, Joi, Dakiya, Clifton, Donovan, Tina

For Sabrina, she has her hands full. She meets Demetrius’ best friend Kenn, who reveals Demetrius likes a submissive woman, which is going to be a problem for her. Following that, she meets Tory’s best friend Ashley, who goes by Ash, and while it is a cute little date, problems arise from Ace not showing up and Tory calling her, in front of Sabrina, with no f***s given, even when she makes a comment on it. But, to make things worse, Tory remains unsure about Sabrina, even to the point of calling her indecisive. Also, we learn Ace isn’t into Tory. She wants Laverne, so she self-eliminates.

Sabrina questioning if Donovan is Ready To Love

Which leaves Sabrina going out with Donovan. This is done with Tina, who seems a bit overwhelmed with dating so many people, which allows Sabrina to shine as Season 5 alumni Phil, Donovan’s best friend, asks some questions. All of which doesn’t lead Phil to say that Donovan should pick this one or that one, since Tina having a two-year-old seems to be an issue, just as much as Sabrina wanting kids and Donovan already having two.

This brings us to Clifton, Joi, and DaKiya, who have a very pleasant date with them meeting Clifton’s best friend, Kenny. Now, while DaKiya’s interactions with Carmen are shady, Joi and DaKiya both make it clear that Clifton will choose who he will, and tearing the other woman down isn’t a smart strategy. However, by the end of the date, Joi gets the edge since Clifton isn’t a quiet man, and Joi can be as exuberant as him. Meanwhile, DaKiya is sweet, but there is the worry she may tell him to calm down when he gets on a roll rather than join, and that would cause problems.

Saved By The Self-Elimination – Tory, Demetrius, Clifton, Donovan, Paul

With Ace self-eliminating, it eases things for the men who seem torn between Tina and Carmen and even DaKiya. But, while the men get away with not having to eliminate anyone this week, the power goes to the women next week. Which with it being the seasonal getaway, Ready To Love fans know it means the beginning of the end is upon us.

Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Is self-eliminating just going to become a norm now in the series?
  2. Was Tina ducking Paul? From what it seems, based on her conversation with Donovan, a lot is going on.

What Could Happen Next

  1. Elimination (Men): It’s going to be between Tory, Demetrius, and Donovan
  2. Elimination (Women): I see Carmen and Tina in the bottom two
  3. End Game Couples: Clifton and Joi, Paul and DaKiya, and someone will end up with Sabrina, but I don’t know if it’ll last



Joi and DaKiya vs. DaKiya and Carmen

In my mind, what happened between Joi and DaKiya is what the show advertises, people who are aware that their interested party likes someone else, and it doesn’t matter much to them. After all, they are on their own journey, and what another man, or woman, does, isn’t as important as what they have with the person they pursue.

However, while that is what the show advertises, the reality of who they cast is what we get in DaKiya and Carmen, regarding people who see this as more of a competition. Thus leading to catty comments, if not outright insults, and the type of stuff that has made reality television a staple on most networks. Which sucks to see since Ready To Love sometimes wants to paint itself as something more high brow than that. But how many reality shows out there really survive without the kind of drama Carmen types bring?

No Time To Waste

Ace explaining why she decided to self-eliminate

While it is happening a bit much in the series now, a part of me also appreciates that more people aren’t sticking around til the end and instead self-eliminating. Part of what this show claims to be is a bunch of mature adults who are tired of games and know what they want. So in my mind, if your match left, and you wasn’t really interested in anyone else, or them interested in you, why stick around until you get the ax? For a few meals, maybe to eliminate someone you think doesn’t belong to the process? Why do all that?

That’s why we applaud Ace for leaving since it isn’t like most men took an interest in her beyond Laverne, and I think it is clear when it comes to Tory that she was a backup plan to save face. She wasn’t someone he truly wanted and could imagine himself with.

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Tommy saying he has a lot to digest
Ready To Love: Season 6/ Episode 8 “Operation Meet The Homie” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
As people start to realize they aren't each other's first choice, just someone to save face with, so comes the beginning of the end for some people's journeys and the realization they stuck around for nothing but a few free meals and the experience.
Joi and DaKiya vs. DaKiya and Carmen
No Time To Waste

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