As two new singles join the fray, age, wanting to have kids or not, and who has too much of a homey vibe determines who is eliminated.

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As two new singles join the fray, age, wanting to have kids or not, and who has too much of a homey vibe determines who is eliminated.

Aired 2/11/2022
Network OWN
Directed By TBD
Written By TBD
Introduced This Episode
Herself AP
Himself Eric


Another Round of Blind Dates – Eric, AP, Dakiya, Clifton

Two new singles are added to the mix. There is 42-year-old AP, a widow with two children, that works as a holistic life coach. She is paired with Clifton, who is charming but ultimately not interested. Partly due to AP being vegan and Clifton committed to being a carnivore

Next up is Eric and DaKiya, and that match is like Laverne and Carmen. While Eric is now a private chef, formerly he was an IT systems engineer like DaKiya is. Also, the 44-year-old, like DaKiya, doesn’t necessarily want kids since his children are 21 and 23, but he is open. So, there could be an end game couple there

Flirty and Fun, But Not Always Receptive – Joi, Laverne, Clifton, AP, Wiley, Sabrina, Tory, Paul, Demetrius

While Clifton and Joi hold strong, it’s clear Joi remains someone many of the men would like to know. Hence Laverne flirting with her, and her being receptive, but not necessarily trying to get to know him like she does Clifton. Someone who she opens up with regarding losing her dad as he talks about losing his father as well.

As for the others? Sabrina gets to spend time with Tory and Paul, but you can see while the dates are nice, neither one are necessarily in her top. She notes during the wine bar conversation Tory is, but with her upset that Demetrius wasn’t making a move and was letting another guy get her attention, it’s clear who is number one and who is the second choice.

Which leaves Wiley. While the young buck goes for AP, her issue consistently seems to be people reminding her of students from when she was a professor or family. So with Wiley being young, it is a no for her.

The Homie Vibe Ruins Men’s Chances Too – Cornelius, Paul, Precious, Joi

A lot of the time on Ready To Love, being seen as “the homie” has led women to being eliminated. However, for Cornelius, that has put him in the bottom two, and as for Paul? Him being seen as guarded plagues him, alongside showing himself as unable to handle much in the way of criticism.

But, unlike Cornelius, Paul has a champion, surprisingly in Precious, who we have rarely seen but apparently has built up a strong enough connection with Paul to fight for him. Hence Paul gets to stay, and Cornelius is eliminated.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Where was Precious during all these group dates?

What Could Happen Next

Joi smiling

  1. End Game Couples: Clifton and Joi. Everyone else seems to still be exploring or not 100% sure, but Clifton and Joi are holding steady and featured.
  2. Next For Elimination: Ace and either AP or Carmen



The Blind Dates Showing How This Show Could Be

While, as shown with Clifton and AP, not all blind dates go well, thus far, most of them have shown themselves to have intention and focus on what lines up between two people. Almost to the point of making you wish, they had everyone on blind dates before the mixer based on who they most likely would match up with. For in watching DaKiya and Eric bond and him quickly move up her rankings, it shows that even though this show is supposed to be about dating with intention, when the casting people and producers really want to be on their grind can make a noteworthy match. One that, because of the superficial, or someone getting comfortable with whoever is nipping at their heels, they may not see.

So, here is hoping that the show does take a continued hands-on approach and pushes people not just out of their comfort zone but beyond their usual go-to picks.

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Precious noting she never felt like this before
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The Blind Dates Showing How This Show Could Be

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