More people get called out, Tommy sits like Willy Wonka enjoying the drama, and you’re left questioning all the madness.

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More people get called out, Tommy sits like Willy Wonka enjoying the drama, and you’re left questioning all the madness.

Aired (OWN) 5/6/2022
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This content contains pertinent spoilers.


Some People Ended Things Without Drama – Demetrius, Sabrina, Tina, DaKiya, Paul

Despite how things ended for Demetrius’ connections with Sabrina and even Tina, all parties are cool with one another. None of them are talking, especially in a romantic way, but things are cool. The same can be said between DaKiya and Paul. They aren’t dating and are friends in a Facebook sense, but there is no ill will.

Some Blew Up On Stage – Carmen, Precious, Paul, Tina, DaKiya, Demetrius, Kina, Wiley, Laverne, Joi, Clifton

Where to begin? Despite all the drama she seemingly was central to, Carmen ends up barely having to defend herself. Whether it is the drama Precious found herself in the middle of with Laverne or even her beef with DaKiya, she seemingly noted how everyone else was coming out of pocket and said, “Not I.” Thus, she gets off easy despite all the shady things she said in confessionals or at that infamous brunch.

Tina making it clear she put herself first throughout the whole process

Everyone else? Not so much. Paul gets called out by Tina for wanting to have them self-eliminate together, and she claims he came on this show just to raise his profile for a future book he plans to release. Oh, and Precious? She goes in on Demetrius and thinks he soiled her reputation over one bad date as if he was the one who poisoned the well and made it so she, like Tina, ultimately wasted her time.

But the drama doesn’t end there! Wiley calls out Kina, from EARLY in the season, for checking out his IG stories. This leads to the two having a small spat over him painting the idea she has an interest in him. Which, seemingly, might be part of him saving face since she curved him and was the first, of many, to make his age an issue.

However, the one who really came out of character was Joi. Tommy almost did when Tina made it clear she didn’t give a damn about wasting any of the men’s time, including his, but Joi? She went off on DaKiya for apparently not taking the hint when it came to her and Clifton, as if Clifton wasn’t still entertaining DaKiya and giving her every reason to think she was still in the running. But, after all the battles in part 1, and because it was becoming a long night, DaKiya barely engaged. As we saw, people came to the reunion less so for resolution and more so because they wanted to tell someone off in person, on camera.

But, Some Found Love – Wiley, Tiffani, Paul, DaKiya, Joi, Clifton, Donovan, Carmen

While a good part of the episode is dedicated to showing casting people 30+ doesn’t mean you won’t get the same drama you would from people in their early 20s, we did learn some made love connections. In the case of Paul and DaKiya, it was outside the show. However, Wiley and Tiffani seemingly picked up where they left off, and she even hinted at trusting her eggs with Wiley.

As shown, Donovan and Carmen are comfortable and seemingly learning to keep calm despite all the drama revealed that got them to this point. Lastly, when it comes to Joi and Clifton? They’re in bliss. Clifton, every other weekend, was going to Mexico to see Joi, and she has come to the point of not just loving him but wanting a baby with him. This makes him getting on his knee and presenting her with a key to his home a major milestone. Not the marriage proposal you thought, but considering over 6 sets of cast members this is the biggest commitment we’ve seen, it is notable.

Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. So, we’re not going to address how Tiffani left the show and did a whole Dr. Jekyll/ Mr. Hyde turn?
  2. Why were they trying to stop Precious from leaving? Do they make less money if someone leaves or doesn’t show up?

What Could Happen Next

  1. Hopefully, Tommy steps down or shares his duty as host.

Collected Quote(s)

I respect his apology. I’m working on accepting it.
— Precious



If You Wanted Drama, You Got It

And they say swipe dating is ghetto, right? Look at that dais. Precious, who seemingly was all the way embarrassed by what was caught on camera, went OFF! She completely came out of character, was cursing up a storm, and might have been one of the first in this show’s history to walk out of the reunion special.

Joi getting nasty with DaKiya

Alongside that, a lot of left-field reveals/ accusations came out. Tina called out Paul and was rude to Tommy. Wiley called out Kina and Joi? I enjoyed Joi for being so bubbly and making it seem that she wasn’t bothered throughout the process and was even cool with DaKiya. So her to pull a 180 and go off like that? It made me see her differently.

Granted, clearly, we don’t know everything about what the cast members do when the cameras aren’t on and who they might be when they don’t have to worry about being recorded. However, unless DaKiya was doing something heinous, I don’t think she deserved what anyone gave her throughout the whole reunion. Joi especially.

Low Points

Tommy Rarely Getting Involved To Stop People From Embarrassing Themselves Or Situations Escalating

Tommy laughing as Tina tries his patience

Has anyone ever thought about casting Tommy as Willy Wonka? The way he sat there, feigned trying to calm the situation down in such a way that, if he wasn’t mic’d up, no one would hear, was hilarious. Sad, but hilarious.

But, since season 2, maybe even season 1, there has been the question of whether Tommy is the best person for the job. And as said in the part 1 recap, what really pushed the idea he may not be is when someone else, Tanika Ray, stepped in, and knocked it out of the park. For at this point, you have to wonder, what is Tommy’s goal here? Is he focused on ratings and social media engagement, or the hearts, minds, and reputations, of these people?

Straight up. There were too many shouting matches happening right over him that were done nothing about. Precious, he got on for her language, but what about Eric and everyone else? It almost feels like either he isn’t aware of his (assumed) power, how he sometimes adds more fuel to the fire, or he does know but tries to be subtle enough so he doesn’t have to take the heat.

And this isn’t to say I think Tommy is a bad person, isn’t comedic, and I don’t understand his credentials. It’s just that I think he’d do better hosting an awards show than a dating show.

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Tommy thanking viewers
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If You Wanted Drama, You Got It
Tommy Rarely Getting Involved To Stop People From Embarrassing Themselves Or Situations Escalating

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