DaKiya saying she deserves love

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In probably the least eventful finale, you could probably already guess who is going to end up together because of their journeys up till now.

Aired 4/22/2022
Network OWN
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Paul and DaKiya

Paul meets DaKiya’s people, and between his age and not wanting kids, he doesn’t strikeout, but there is some apprehension. But, it seemingly came from both sides. For when it comes time to choose each other, Paul and DaKiya decide to choose themselves. Mind you, not in a way that rejects the other person, but with both realizing they got together way too far out in the process, it seems way too soon to commit to one another.

Carmen and Donovan

Donovan meets Carmen’s parents, who are perhaps the two most difficult types you could meet. Carmen’s dad is ex-military, a marine, and her mom is a preacher. Then, to make things all the more difficult, Donovan reveals he cheated on his ex-wife and combines that with noting, while he believes in God, he doesn’t really do religion.

Luckily for him, he wins over both of Carmen’s parents by the end of the conversation. From what seemed, though, she made her decision before he met her people. Hence, they ended up together, and Donovan proposed a trip to shake off the process.

Clifton and Joi

Clifton meets Joi’s sister, who adores him but points out the problem of distance, which is something Clifton and Joi recognized would be an issue. In fact, it lingers over their heads, and while there is a promise of sex and making it work, even when they choose one another, we won’t know if the couple who has been rocking together since the beginning will last once the cameras are off and things aren’t as convenient.

Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. How is Clifton going to deal with that distance? He said he liked to travel earlier in the season, so will he just be making multiple trips to wherever Joi is?

What Could Happen Next

  1. Finding out who stayed together, got together, and seeing drama we didn’t see.


On The Fence

Knowing It Isn’t Real Until The Reunion Hits

Clifton noting she doesn't like distance

Here is the thing: while we have loved Joi and Clifton from the beginning, they seem too perfect. They have been built up to be the kind of couple Ready To Love is meant to make, and a part of me doesn’t trust it. Could it be pessimism after watching this show for 6 seasons? Probably. People end up in the final three couples only to drop the other person within a day or week after the cameras are off. Plus, one of the things with Clifton and Joi that was an issue was distance, and while Clifton seems accomplished in his career, who knows how often he can hop on a plane to Mexico? Never mind be in a relationship built on phone calls, face timing, and texts? I’m not saying it isn’t realistic, but it definitely pushes you to wonder can this ideal hold up?

As for the others? Paul and DaKiya were a last-minute “We didn’t get eliminated, so here we are” match. In my opinion, DaKiya should have been one of the many who self-eliminated this season. This brings us to Donovan and Carmen, who, honestly, based on Ready To Love history, I feel like they are guaranteed to make it past the reunion, for it is always the couples who don’t seem perfect or had a bit of a messy journey that seem strongest.

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DaKiya saying she deserves love
Ready To Love: Season 6/ Episode 12 “Decisions, Decisions” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
The season 6 group of Ready To Love aren't the most exciting. Which pushes the idea of wondering if it is because the show has lost its luster or not trusting people truly ended up together and will last once the cameras are off. And with so many dropping out, it feels less like we got three couples who were sure of each other and more like one who wanted to make it work. The rest? You could say it was due to process of elimination and not being chosen by their first choice that got them here. So, in some ways, you can see what we got as them saving face.
Knowing It Isn't Real Until The Reunion Hits

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