Ready To Love: Season 6/ Episode 10 “Better Late Than Never” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Joi appreciating the drama

With the getaway over and who likes who clearly defined, Tommy pushes for a group conversation to air out the remaining questions, and that causes drama.

With the getaway over and who likes who clearly defined, Tommy pushes for a group conversation to air out the remaining questions, and that causes drama.

Aired 4/8/2022
Network OWN
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One Officially Goes, And Another Unofficially – Paul, Tory, Tina, Donovan

The final decision is Tory will leave, and once that is over, Paul sighs with relief until Tina shows up. Mind you, Tina ain’t thinking about him, but also most of the men aren’t thinking about her. But, with some inkling of a desire towards Donovan remaining, she speaks to him, and nothing that she says makes it seem she is committed to the process. Rather, Tina has checked out, but rather than self-eliminate now, she is holding on, knowing she could be booted next. Which seems perfectly fine for her.

Lose To Win Again – DaKiya, Clifton, Joi, Paul

Joi and Clifton making out in a hot tub

At this point, you’d be a fool to see Clifton and Joi aren’t end game, but for DaKiya, she had some form of hope before the getaway. However, that has been decimated because Clifton and Joi have chemistry while she (DaKiya) and Clifton are compatible. So while it hurts, she bows out, but this does allow Paul to step in. Which doesn’t seem to be a consolation prize for either, but with it still fairly new, it’s hard to say what could ultimately become of these two.

So That’s How You Feel?! – Sabrina, Donovan, Demetrius, Carmen, Paul, DaKiya, Clifton, Joi

One of the consistent issues throughout all 6 groupings on Ready To Love has been communication. Because the show essentially has everyone operating in open relationships, it makes it hard for many to deal with the process. For if it isn’t people like Paul who don’t want to talk about their relationship with other people, it is some like Demetrius not wanting to go all-in since they know they aren’t the only ones.

So, to get everyone to air out grievances, Tommy opens the floor, and what starts off as a conversation eventually leads to what some feel is mud-slinging. Be it Paul questioning Carmen’s intentions, which leads to her bad-mouthing what he may or may not have said about DaKiya. This leads to DaKiya bringing all she has said during her confessionals to the table, including real vs. bought bodies, and it gets messy.

Sabrina questioning why Donovan is attacking her

Thankfully, things aren’t as bad when Sabrina is asked her opinion, but feelings do get hurt. Demetrius less so since his focus is that he will not give his all to a woman still exploring his options. Which hurts Sabrina in a way, but at the same time, can you fault Demetrius? Especially considering how much she canoodles with him yet still wants to explore her options?

Now, as for Donovan? Well, Sabrina questions if he is ready to love yet, and with him thinking they were past that conversation, he is agitated. In fact, as much as seeing Carmen and DaKiya go at it was childish, it seems Donovan would rather be with her and work on that connection than be with Sabrina, who seemingly can’t let what was said go.

Which ultimately leaves most of the couples in a bit of an odd place, particularly those who feel like they still have the ability to explore their options.

Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Considering her job, having a young child, and this show not being new, with multiple seasons for reference, why did Tina join?

What Could Happen Next

  1. End Game Couples: Clifton and Joi (obviously), Paul and DaKiya, Donovan and Carmen
  2. Next Up For Elimination: Tina (Self-Elimination), Demetrius (Men), Sabrina (Women)

Collected Quote(s)

I think she’s a good girl. However, I think I’m a better woman.
— Carmen



Joi Being Fresh-Faced During The Vacation

Can I just say I appreciate Joi walking around, on camera, seemingly without makeup on? To me, it really does push the idea that she doesn’t care about what we see or what is said, she is fully here to find love, enjoy the love she found, and we just so happen to see it being documented. It makes it seem less showy than what we get from some of the other ladies. I’d even throw in the men, who, in past seasons, could seem as much about using this as a platform for their careers as being in this to find love.

Yet with Joi, her confessions match how she speaks to people in person, and she seems like the most genuine cast member of the entire series. If not one of the top 3.

The Group Conversation About Where Everyone Was At

The show essentially displays what it means to be in an open relationship, and for any open relationship to work, there needs to be communication. The problem is, while being older means everyone should know what they want, what this show rarely acknowledges, like it should, is being older also means baggage and a bigger ego. Being older, and having failed relationships, doesn’t humble you and make you more prone to work things out. Hell no! It makes things harder since you are more aware of what you want and don’t want and know what it is like to lose yourself in a serious relationship. Sometimes to your own detriment.

Which, increasingly, seems to be a problem. Take Joi and Clifton, the star couple – Clifton has issues with Joi being close with her ex, yet because there is genuine communication and an acceptance of someone’s baggage and/or trauma, they have found a way to move forward. Everyone else? Not so much. Sabrina’s feelings towards Donovan and if he is ready to love or not are valid, but it seems clear she doesn’t want to or can’t move on or cut him off.

The reason? I want to say ego. Now, this isn’t to say she is egotistical, but one of the issues you always see in Ready To Love is that when people have multiple connections, even if they are weak or surely won’t last past the reunion, they stick with them far longer than they should. The ego comes in regarding trying to always have a backup plan to save face, and I think, rather than admit to herself, like Clifton was forced to, that she only really has a connection with Demetrius, she keeps Donovan hanging on just because.

Sabrina defending herself

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not damning her for this. After all, if I spent a few months on a show like this, I’d like to come out of it with something beyond a paid trip and a handful of paid meals and activities. However, that’s why the competition element of Ready To Love is its Achilles heel. The women talking amongst themselves, the men talking amongst themselves, it doesn’t allow for the conversations that could keep this process fair, open, and honest. Hence why people have their guard up so late in the process, aren’t willing to go all-in, and harbor issues, romantic or otherwise, that don’t really come to light until the getaway happens.

But, as seen with the staggered entry of cast members this season, the producers can see changes have to be made, and a part of me hopes and wonders, maybe rather than having the elimination process be gender-based, what would it be like if it was grouped based?

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