Part 1 of the Ready To Love reunion special is as messy as expected between people being pregnant, exposed, and vindicated.

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Part 1 of the Ready To Love reunion special is as messy as expected between people being pregnant, exposed, and vindicated.

Director(s) Luke Terbieten
Writer(s) N/A
Aired (OWN) 1/15/2021

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The Pregnancy & Explanation – Alisha, Bryan, Alex, David

So, Alisha is pregnant, but not by any of the men from this season. She met a guy, one thing led to another, and between the time she left and the three months between the finale and reunion, here she is on the couch with a bun in the oven.

But, one of the other reasons she was on the couch was to allow Bryan to explain himself in front of her and Alex. Which, with minimal stumbles, he does. He admits to what he did, she is mature about it, and Alex, while she does throw out the rumor he might have a baby on the way, keeps it cute. Oh, and Bryan denies that rumor.

Though, in the long run, Alex wins because it is revealed she and David have been talking, and he asks her out. Mind you, after he explains himself to Alisha about helping to take care of her kids, and it is explained why his statement wasn’t the best one. But, again, with Alisha saying no harm, no foul, since she got a man, all is bliss.

Alex alleging that Bryan may have a baby on the way

Well, outside of Bryan, who ain’t got no one but an alleged baby momma out there.

Is It My Delivery Or The Content? – Symone, Wynter, Joy, Jay, Anthony

Details are added to Jay’s relationships with Symone and Wynter, which further clarifies that Joy may have been his #1, but he certainly made sure to give his time to other women. This includes conversations with Wynter past 1:00 AM, with them ending at 4 or 5 AM. And as for Symone? Despite the impressions some may have of her, we’re reminded the issue with Symone is rarely the questions, rarely what she is saying; it is just how she is saying it and to whom.

For while she is called messy and made to seem childish, it’s because Jay got her looking foolish, and no one sees it. All because Joy has this, mostly, dignified position, as does Wynter, so of course, it has to be Symone. She has to be the problem when it is just Jay was smart enough to figure a way to, on a resort, with cameras and many nosey people, spend time with three women and all three not knowing the full extent of his other relationships.

Symone intently watching the screen as Jay and Wynter have late night conversations

Mind you, this doesn’t seem to deter Joy one bit since she looks very secure in her relationship. However, with Wynter? Oh, between the Jay reveal and noting how things with Anthony cooled off, she seems to be there due to her contract and nothing else. And as for Symone? While “I told you so!” is never uttered, you could perhaps see why Joy was cool with quickly squashing things after a heated exchange.

Why You Make Yourself So Hard To Defend? – Denice, Jay, Joy, Symone

But, luckily for Jay, he doesn’t end the episode as the one most hated and talked about. Also, Symone doesn’t get that title either – it’s Denice. You see, when Joy left, due to her sister’s passing, Denice spoke on behalf of her without any words or speech given. Instead, Denice took it upon herself to give well wishes from Joy, which rubs everyone the wrong way.

Thus leading to most of the cast, even Nephew Tommy, ganging up on Denice, and while she holds strong, once again, you are given the vibe that, when it comes to her, like with Symone, there isn’t much grace given. Rather, to reinforce the cliques, she is made into a common enemy or someone to ostracize over her comment.



What We See In The Reunion Compensates For A Rather Dull Season

Let’s be honest, the season was tamed and a bit boring. We didn’t really get a single ideal couple, and though, at one time, Joy and Jay seemed like an exception, as one exposure after another happened, that became a lie. If not, better said, their narrative was pushed in order to make it so we had one couple to have faith in.

However, there were some cracks in the reunion. Not just Jay’s secret dates being revealed, but Joy not holding onto that First Lady demeanor we usually see her have. And granted, Symone was coming for her, but that certain decorum that made her seem like the bigger person started to fade like cheap makeup.

That drama aside, you had to also enjoy Alisha announcing she had a child on the way and Alex’s dig against Bryan. Yes, you could see it as immature since now people will have questions and think he might be lying, but he did waste her time and make it so she couldn’t get a legit connection on the show. So, while petty, you could see it as karma.

Which is perhaps why she has a date with David now. Since, after suffering with someone who couldn’t handle her opening up, now she has someone who not only makes her laugh and smile but can listen! And, he seems like a good time too? Seems like God didn’t just bless her with not having a wardrobe malfunction.

Joy revealing Denice created her own message after Joy had to leave the show
Joy: I didn’t have time to craft a message like that.

Leaving Denice. When it comes to Symone and Denice, we feel like they are the two people not really made for a show like this since people could easily misconstrue their intentions, and the editors could easily exploit that. However, Denice does make it hard for, while you can say something was taken out of context, you can’t deny something was still said.

So, taking note of her speaking for Joy when Joy was in shock and making a production out of it? I want to say she was trying to make a difficult moment better by putting people at ease, but it has backfired. Now we’re right back to everyone ganging up on her and bypassing her intentions because it is easier damn someone than allow them the grace and time they need to grow.

But considering part 1 of Ready To Love’s reunion didn’t cover the Khalfani, Adrianna, Rashid, Anthony, and Denice situation? The possibility things are going to get worst for her, and this is just the warm-up? It’s high.

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What We See In The Reunion Compensates For A Rather Dull Season - 85%


All the drama, intrigue, and just downright messy situations that we didn't necessarily have during the regular season, the reunion special compensates for.

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