Ready To Love: Season 2, Episode 7 “Meet My Ex-Girlfriend” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

Well, prep to change your endgame couples since new developments certainly shake things up.

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Kerry staring at the camera.

Well, prep to change your end game couples since new developments certainly shake things up.

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Air Date (OWN) 11/23/2019


Am I Your Next Or Am I A Rebound?: Darin, Ashima, London, Alexis

Darin giving a side eye.

Because meeting the friends of the girls wasn’t enough drama, it is decided the men will introduce their exes to the ladies. Exes who, for all but Mario, almost seem like they could easily get back together. But two of the exes who really have to be focused on is Darin’s ex Courtney and London’s ex Asli.

Starting with London, he brings Alexis to his three-way and when I tell you he lets Asli go in on Alexis, it makes you wonder if this is just entertainment for him? Especially considering, unless I’m mistaken, he was one of the men who didn’t appreciate feeling interrogated, or put in the hot seat, in the last episode. Yet, despite that, even as Alexis makes it clear she doesn’t like how aggressive Asli is being, London doesn’t say a damn thing. He just sips his drink and acts like he is us, just watching some reality TV.

As for Darin? Well, let’s just say it is the beginning of the end for him and Ashima. First off, she meets the dogs and talks about them being put in a room or outside, and after 7 years of them being treated like Darin’s younger children, clearly that isn’t going to fly. Following that, Courtney, his ex, is very much Darin’s friend and with him talking about having a business with her? Oh, Ashima is seeing all kinds of red flags pop up, and Darin is just getting started.

Something New: Devyne, Brent, Tondy, Darin, Mario, Reva

Devyne surprised how much fun Brent is.
Devyne: I need some water.

With Devyne tired of London, she sees what is up with Brent, and despite his repeated stance of not liking to be rushed or seemingly dealing with any women who dare to take the initiative, he welcomes Devyne. In fact, not only does he appreciate her asking him out but he opens up to her! Also, unlike London, it seems he can hang when Devyne starts to get silly and flirtatious and can play her game. Leading to her feeling a bit flushed and in need of water.

Switching things up, there is some drama pending. First and foremost, we got to note Tondy has known Reva for 5 years, and them going for the same man isn’t new. On top of that, Reva liked a man Tondy was involved with and was getting to the point Tondy seemingly had to have a discussion. That aside, the new issue for Tondy might be Darin looking for alternatives, after shunning the other women for most of the season, and Tondy agreeing to a date.

Now, don’t start thinking she is going to dump Mario but, after meeting his ex, who confirmed how controlling he can be, down to what nail polish color you have, seeing what else is out there isn’t a horrible idea. Add in there aren’t really any men left, Darin’s attention brings on a complication since Ashima is a friend of Tondy, but the journey isn’t over, and no one is passing out titles yet.

One Of Many Goodbyes: Darin, Ashima, Kerry, Alexis

For this elimination, it is between Darin and Kerry, so it appears. In reality, it really just was Kerry since, with Reva not wanting him, and Alexis feeling firm about London, he had no other options. However, with Ashima, she sets things up for her to be eliminated in the next episode.

Ashima noting she wants Darrin to stop talking to Tondy.
Ashima: I would like the texts and the phone calls to stop.

How? Well, besides the dog issue, what she does is exhibit trust issues and the audacity, after only three dates, to try to control who Darin talks to. As you can imagine, when the men meet up and hear that, it is over. Especially considering none of the men have ever looked at Ashima beyond being a homegirl and her safety has solely been due to Darin digging her and the other women not being seen as hot commodities amongst the men.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

Describe your favorite color with just three words [the three words used describe the person]
— Tondy


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On The Fence

At This Point, It’s About The Drama

Could Brent and Devyne be a match? Maybe. Also, could Tondy and Mario? There is a possibility. The issue is, the show’s concept is supposed to be people finding love. However, at this point, I’d submit people are just trying to make it so this journey wasn’t a huge waste of their time. Hence why Darin, after not dating anyone but Ashima for most of the season, is now checking out Tondy. Someone who isn’t like Reva, and still hasn’t really paired up, but clearly has a consistent thing with Mario.

Yet, as Ashima is coming to realize, the journey ain’t over until someone claims you and just because you’ve had someone’s focus a long time does not make you the one. In her case, and I say this with all due respect, it might have just been that Darin didn’t have to work too hard or compete. Hence why he stuck by Ashima and didn’t go after the other ladies who not only flirted with other men but were being pursued by multiple men.

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At This Point, It’s About The Drama - 75%


Trajectory – Declining: It’s coming to a point where you might want to stick around more for the drama than hoping to see two people find love.

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