Ready To Love: Season 2, Episode 6 “The Friend Patrol” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

As the men meet the friends and families of the ladies, there remains the issue of none of these men enjoying an aggressive woman or being held accountable.

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Reva prepping to put Mario on the witness stand.

As the men meet the friends and families of the ladies, there remains the issue of none of these men enjoying an aggressive woman or being held accountable.

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Air Date (OWN) 11/16/2019


I Felt Like I Was Ambushed: London, Mario, Kimber, Devyne, Reva, Brent

When it comes to London, Mario, and Brent, when they met up with Devyne, Revan, and Kimber’s people, respectively, it was not a fun gathering. For them, it was a game of 21 questions that left them on the ropes and wondering if the woman they were checking out were going to come in and save them at all – to which they didn’t.

In fact, for London specifically, it seemed being pressured to make decisions, to not have the power in the situation, it threw him all the way off. For it is easy to do sweet talk and manipulate someone one on one, as he has Devyne. However, when there is cross-examination? That task becomes far more difficult. Especially considering, speaking for the men in general, they are taking this far more casually than the women are.

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  1. Do you feel the questions asked were inappropriate considering how far along in “the journey” the show is?

It’s Like We Family Already: Alexis, Kerry, Mario, Tondy

Kerry affirming he doesn't play games.
Kerry: I do grown women — flat-out period.

When it comes to Mario and Tondy, they seem locked in. This isn’t to say he isn’t asked probing questions when it comes to Reva, but it seems clear that, at this point, his interest in her is feign and Tondy pretty much is the one. It’s just, none of these men ready for confrontation. I mean, outside of the Kerry and Reva thing, when else has a situation been resolved when it was clear it wasn’t going to happen? Without some juvenile drama?

With that said, Kerry gets a bit of a third-degree from Alexis’ friends, but only since it seems one may have latent feelings for her but got benched. The rest like his answers and think Alexis and him are a good match.

Too Little Too Late: Reva, Kimber

Reva and Kimber are up on the cutting block, and for Reva, the issue is her having her walls up and Kimber? Well, like Kerry said, as things get closer to the end, desperation starts to him. And with Kimber doing like Ieashia did, and hitting up men privately, being a little too aggressive, it leads to her being cut and Reva staying.

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  1. Anyone else found it strange that Brent, of all people, was handling Reva’s bubble talk? That he was talking about her having walls up when, if I recall right, everything he said to her basically was what she said to him, on behalf of the women, just an episode ago?

Other Noteworthy Facts, Moments, and Random Thoughts

  • Ain’t it messed up the men won’t get the chance to have the women be around their friends and instead will be around their exes?


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Trajectory: Plateau

On The Fence

These Men Aren’t Ready For Hard Conversations Are They?

Tommy noting how the men had to defend themselves and the camera focusing on Brent.
Tommy: So at the end of the day, you had to defend yourself.

Black Love really does set this show up for failure. For let’s just consider how a lot of these, let’s call them situationships, are right now. We got men who can’t really commit to one, and stutter, if not outright lie, like London, when confronted. Then there are others who just don’t have it in them to cut things off, like Mario when it comes to Reva, despite knowing full damn well a situation is not, will not, work out.

And let’s be real here, Reva should have eliminated herself, and Brent needs to go as well. Reva has walls up not because she is reserved, but because there is way too much BS in this process and the journey is not for her. Then with Brent, he isn’t ready to love, he is ready to window shop and see what’s out there. That’s why he wants things to be his way and at a glacial pace. He just wants to dip his toe in, he ain’t really trying to get wet.

As for the rest? London comes off like someone who is just soaking up the attention right now and don’t know what to do with it. Especially since he doesn’t want the attention to end. So here is hoping, when the dust settles, Darin doesn’t let this desire for a dog to be in his bed ruin things with Ashima, that Mario and Tondy don’t let outside BS ruin what they have, and Kerry and Alexis find their happy ending. Since, clearly, Alexis is growing tired of London’s relationship with Devyne that she makes sound really intimate and his inability to cut her off.


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These Men Aren’t Ready For Hard Conversations Are They? - 75%


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