Ready To Love: Season 2, Episode 5 “Love On The Rocks” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

Tondy excited about her kiss with Mario.

As things come down to the final set of couples, those who haven’t found a secure match compete for what remains.

As things come down to the final set of couples, those who haven’t found a secure match compete for what remains.

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Air Date 11/9/2019


The Challenge Of Being The Odd One Out: Devyne, Alexis, London, Reva, Mario, Tondy

While Darrin and Ashima are pretty much locked in, that’s one less available man. Making it so, when it comes to London and Mario, the need to secure them increases. But the problem with Mario is that he and Tondy are pretty much there, and as much as he may want to get to know Reva, she is coming late in the game. Mario already has broken down barriers with Tondy, and with him feeling like Reva is holding back, so comes the question if he wants to go through that process, all over again, with another woman.

Then with London? Well, like most men who have options, there is this weird issue with committing. Now, granted, it has only been a few weeks, and with the way the journey is set up, it isn’t like you’re expected to pair up from week one or two. Instead, you are expected to mix and mingle, to make a sure-fire connection, and last till the end.

The problem with that is, some, like Devyne, once they know what they want, they find the idea of not defining the relationship akin to being strung along. Which is a problem. After all, you can have this connection, or think you do, and then comes the elimination discussion where you learn you really aren’t that special. Never mind the possibility of what is being told to you, it could be said to someone else, or you may learn you are getting told one thing to appease you since, in Devyne’s case, you are expecting more than time, but a firm commitment.

Different Options, But Some Still Make The Same Bad Choices: Jimmy, Alexis, Kerry, Kimber, Brent

At this point, it seems clear Jimmy isn’t ready to love. Similar to Brent, there appears to be this need to have things done their way, and if you aren’t fine with that, there isn’t a whole lot of room for compromise. In the case of Jimmy, when it comes to Alexis, he doesn’t like the idea of her wanting three kids, marriage, and having a financial structure where they can travel, with the children, thanks to a nanny or other help. It’s not impossible, but he isn’t of that mindset.

Alexis noting she may explore things with Kerry more.

Which is why Alexis seems to feel Kerry a bit more since he is established, mature, and while she doesn’t present the question of whether he wants three kids, she feels secure in the idea of having them with him. Also, despite what happened with Reva, she finds him charming, funny, and open. Words that aren’t used when describing Brent, who continues to be on the show but a bit distant. Thus making a lot of the woman wonder, at this point, why are you so reserved mister mysterious?

Getting back to Jimmy, with Alexis making it clear they are not a match, he tries to get back to Kimber, but with his refusal to fully acknowledge why he is apologizing, he runs out of options.

Elimination Time: Reva, Brent, Kerry, Ashima, Devyne, Jimmy

Hence why he gets eliminated. Thankfully, without much in the way of dramatics, but the only reason things likely didn’t get dramatic is because he still doesn’t take any responsibility for what happened. Rather, he thinks Kimber poisoned the well and made it so he had to go.

Kimber calling Jimmy a clown.

As for the other two men who were up for elimination? Brent was simply told to open up and show interest. Which, considering Devyne is iffy about London, and Reva not having Mario secured, that gives him two options right there. As for Kerry? Well, it is just recommended he loosens up. The ladies appreciate the maturity, but with there being a decade, or more, between him and some of the others, they need to be sure he can still hang.




While There Is Competition, There Is Also A Sense Of Camaraderie

One of the things you have to appreciate about the ladies is, as much as they may compete for the same set of men, there is some form of happiness for when one woman seems locked in. Like when it comes to Ashima and Darrin, at this point, it seems the women are leaving Darrin alone and allowing Ashima to be happy. Be it because they know her story or just out of respect. Which seems weird on a show like this, especially considering how some act or talk in private, but it also pushes the idea they don’t want to be happy at the cost of making someone else miserable.

The Pairings Are Lining Up Nicely

Kerry and Alexis seem like a good match, since she wants someone secure in their person, and finances. Which makes the question of 3 children the only thing to sort out. We also have Darrin and Ashima who, outside of Nina trying to wiggle in, have been pretty secure since episode 1, and then there is Mario and Tondy. Leaving you to wonder, can there be another couple? London and Brent are both up for grabs, and between Reva, Devyne, and Kimber, we have three ladies who need to make a connection.

Now, Brent and Devyne are seen making out in the next episode, so that could be a pair there. Also, considering Alexis and Kerry, even if London is her morning and night, so we’re told, Kimber seems like she could be a good choice as well for him. Granted, she just got off from being the number 2 since someone couldn’t have Alexis before, but things could change.

On The Fence

How Much Time Is Needed To Make A Decision?

Tommy asking which of the men are ready to love?

Let’s assume each episode represents a week, does it really take 5 to know if someone is for you? I know the answer varies, but considering how Ashima and Darrin seem secure, what’s up with everyone else? Why is Mario still entertaining Reva when he clearly is into Tondy? What is making London juggle Devyne, who is down to be out, and also Alexis, who also is a bit unsure who is the best one?

Is it because the format encourages them more so to date than commit? Could that be the problem? After all, as said many times, Ready To Love sometimes is more about being ready to date than commit to one person and not give into past shenanigans which made you single in the first place.


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