As we get deeper into Ready To Love, it becomes clear people are beginning to want titles and not just attention.

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As we get deeper into Ready To Love, it becomes clear people are beginning to want titles and not just attention.

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Air Date 11/2/2019

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Those Trying To Lock Someone Down: Ieashia, Nina, Brent, Darrin, Kerry, Alexis, Reva

For many of the women, and Kerry, either they were focused on someone for most of the show, and that didn’t work out, or they bypass elimination just because there were people more deserving. We’re getting to the point you don’t stay safe just for being unproblematic. Hence why Nina struggles since she’s old school. As she noted long ago, like Angie, she isn’t for this chasing people thing, and it messes with her. She may say she has no competition during the interview segments, but her mixer persona doesn’t match the interviews.

Case in point, with her seeing Darrin boo’d up with Ashima, this doesn’t inspire her to seek someone else out or mingle. Instead, as we’ve seen many times before, she shuts down and pretty much shuts people out. Making it seem that she may be ready to love, but this method isn’t for her.

Though she isn’t alone. Ieashia has no issue being aggressive, and that rubs men like Brent the wrong way. But, there is a need to ask if she is being aggressive, or is he just disinterested? Because, while everyone is 30 and up, let’s not pretend people don’t love differently. Ieashia comes off like someone who loves hard, in terms of if she is feeling you, you’ll know it, and wants an almost teen like romance, which is very attentive like there is nothing else in the world which matters.

Brent talking about who to eliminate.

As for Brent? I’d say he is the type who wants love but doesn’t want it to be the forefront. He wants things child and, honestly, maybe a bit casual. This isn’t a negative thing, it’s just after an intense relationship that had verbal abuse, it seems he has learned to like having space and doesn’t need, or maybe want, someone constantly in his presence.

Leading us to Kerry and Reva. As we saw in the last episode, many seemed to think Kerry was Reva’s only option, and based on this episode, they might have been right. While cool in the group, only Mario seeks out one on one time, and he dips once things with Tondy get better. Then with Kerry? There might be life for him and Alexis. If only due to Alexis feeling like most of the guys are playing with her, treating her like a trophy to win, and Kerry’s maturity makes it appear he sees her as a person.

Couples Fight & Got Issues: Kimber, Jimmy, Tondy, Mario

Being that the men don’t open up as much as the women on camera, while Jimmy makes it clear he got issues, he doesn’t reveal what they are. Making it so when he decides to “expose” Kimber having feelings for his ex, or some maintained contact, he may feel like he did what he had to do, but with him doing it publicly, and not expressing the why, he comes off like an ass. One that doesn’t really have a whole lot of options since the other girl he liked, Alexis, ain’t giving him the time of day.

That brings us to off-camera and Mario. Mostly, their issue is cultural since Tondy is a Midwest city girl who is used to being unfiltered and speaking her mind. Mario, on the other hand, is a southern boy, and as much as he appreciates Tondy being herself, being overtly sexual is a bit much for him.

Thus leading to one of the big issues of the show which is, these people are way beyond their 20s, and with that comes a f*** it attitude when people try to mold them into what makes them comfortable. Add in Tondy, in past relationships, has had trouble with men trying to control her, it makes it seem these two might be done. Hence Reva and Ieashia getting some Mario time.

Mario and Tondy reconciling.

But, with Ashima playing the counselor this show desperately needs, the two patch things up.

Aggression Isn’t Appreciated Nor Apathy: Nina, Ieashia

When it comes to who gets cut, Nina does just because no one feels connected to her. Darrin, as he has done with Ashima in the past, tries to vouch for her, but Nina blowing up in front of Kerry and Mario leads to second thoughts and her having one less champion. As for Ieashia? The issue there is that Brent seemed to feel a certain type of way about her mingling with Mario, and being that Mario has something with Tondy, he didn’t appreciate her aggression. So, she ended up kicked, alongside Nina.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

I got some vision problems, but I’m not blind though.
— Nina



Devyne Making It Clear The Experience Is Daunting

While you understand the point of the mixers in the beginning, at this point, it acts too much like a wake-up call that the person you are really digging has someone else. And while, yeah, you two may not be official, in any shape or form, when building towards something, seeing them also building a home with another person can mess with you in the head a bit. This is made clear by Devyne as she talks about London for after the nonsense with Michael, Terrell, and probably other red flags, London seems like the only one worth investing in. So imagine seeing that person snuggled up with another woman?

Heck, look at Brent! Even with the guys, seeing someone, live-action, with no shame, be affectionate with another person, similar to how they are with you, is a mind f*** that isn’t easy to recover from personally, or in terms of your thing with that person.

Devyne talking to Mario about possibly leaving.

Ashima Showing This Show Needs A Relationship Counselor

I’d submit the issue a lot of the people on this show have isn’t necessarily finding someone, but more so finding someone willing to deal with the obstacles they put up and the baggage they bring. All of which Nephew Tommy doesn’t address or, on the rare occasion he does, it is around elimination time. Making it so, if people like Ashima don’t step in, a petty fight blows up as we saw with Jimmy and Kimber.

Low Point

Jimmy Pushing Kimber

Which, by the way, was a real trash situation. Granted, on camera, she talked about her ex being in jail, and I understand how some may think it meant she wasn’t necessarily shy about the subject matter. However, what is done for the cameras and what happens when they aren’t around are two separate things.

Think about it, we’re told they are texting and calling off-camera, maybe meeting up when the cameras aren’t around, so why not have that conversation on a date? Why “expose” someone publicly? That is the kind of immaturity that shows Jimmy has unresolved issues that could mean he isn’t ready to love.

Kerry’s Point: The Women Are Grasping For Straws

Let’s be honest, reality television can easily be an embarrassing experience since you are exposing yourself to the world, and on a show like this, you are possibly exhibiting why you are single. Mind you, that is after you open up to a stranger in person, and to strangers at home, and do your best to make something happen. Which for some, isn’t good enough. Leading you to have situations like Angie and Nina where you feel like you have to compete despite not being taught dating should be like that.

Heck, maybe, like Reva, thinking you had a moment and then seeing that person having an intimate moment with another. One that is kindled by someone else! Making it feel that you are not only trying to draw someone’s attention from one, but deal with someone assisting the other person. Leaving you looking kind of dumb for putting yourself out there only to find you were a short term rebound.


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