Tommy noting it is time to commit to someone.
Tommy: Both of you have to make a commitment to each other.

As Ready To Love comes to an end, it is time to see if the remaining four couples will publicly commit to one another or decide the other person is not the one.

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As Ready To Love comes to an end, it is time to see if the remaining four couples will publicly commit to one another or decide the other person is not the one.

Network OWN
Directed By N/A
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Air Date 12/14/2019


Meeting His Family: Mario, Tondy, London, Devyne

While everyone gets to meet the family of the other person, the show only really focuses on Mario and Tondy meeting each other’s people, and Devyne meeting London’s parents. Beginning with her meeting his, Devyne has herself a good old time with London’s parents, but, as usual, she says something that is a little too forward-thinking and it makes London quiet. In this case, it is the name of their proposed future daughter. However, despite having to hash out all the Alexis stuff, which includes a new accusation, it seems those two are fine – for now.

As for Mario and Tondy? Well, as with the past meetups, there is this vibe that the host is letting their partner being thrown to the wolves. However, after Mario’s mom and cousin ask a few questions and feel a certain type of way about Tondy saying she isn’t submissive in the way they think she should be, they flip it. They mention Mario being selfish, anger issues, control issues, and then he decides to open his mouth.

But, in the long run, it is all good. Tondy might feel the need to raise an eyebrow but not a red flag.

Meeting Her Family: Mario, Tondy

Mario and Tondy kissing.

Generally speaking, nothing noteworthy happens when any of the men meet the women’s family, except for when Mario meets Tondy’s. Mostly because those two, while Reva did kind of complicate things, they have held steady. So when Tondy’s mom talks about how she, Tondy, has said she has met her king, it means something, it gets you emotional. Plus, unlike many of the others, there is a family dynamic there where it isn’t one or two people mostly talking while someone else is awkwardly there. It is a real conversation between all members in the scene and it further pushes the idea Mario and Tondy are the top couple of this season.

The Final Decision: Mario, Tondy, London, Devyne, Ashima, Darin, Alexis, Brent

To some surprise, all of the couples make it. Mind you, outside of Tondy and Mario, there are a few red flags. For example, with Ashima and Darin, being that he was away due to his dad, they didn’t get to meet each other’s families so there could be an issue there. But, with Ashima ready to compromise on the dog thing, they might be good.

As for Alexis and Brent? With her mentioning London over and over in fights with Devyne or when meeting Brent’s mom, it does make you think he may believe he is her second choice. However, he shows up and commits in the long run.

Leaving Devyne and London, who still have eyebrow-raising issues. Primarily due to Devyne coming off very gung-ho, knows what she wants, and can be direct, and we can see how much that throws off London. Like, when Devyne decided to define their relationship as being committed to one another, aka monogamous, she had to ask twice since London didn’t give a confirmation the first time around. Not as a joke, to acknowledge all the drama they’ve been through, but in a similar matter as to how he has acted for most of the show.





If we were to be completely honest, I am not necessarily over the moon about the majority of the couples, and as much as I adore Tondy and Mario, it is probably more so because I want Tondy to be happy than me thinking Mario is the best match. Granted, the show heavily focuses on those two, assumingly to prop Ready To Love as something legitimate, and not just another messy reality TV show, but the finale really does just push Tondy as someone you want to see more of.

Heck, considering how she explained herself as a Ms. Parker-esque person, it makes you hope with Brandy talking about reviving Moesha, maybe they can do like they did with The Parkers and set up a backdoor pilot with a character Tondy plays?

The Drama You Know Is Going To Be On The Reunion Special

Devyne DTR'ing her relationship.
Devyne: So you my man now?

It’s a damn shame to say this, but the drama of the reunion is of far more interest than seeing who remained together. Primarily due to Alexis damn near stealing the show towards the end with her attempts to expose and discredit London and come for Devyne. Making it where season 2 of Ready To Love seemed less about finding love and more about starting to date again. Hence such a strong focus on the drama that comes from catching feelings than many finding some form of love that isn’t sketchy.

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Tondy - 85%
The Drama You Know Is Going To Be On The Reunion Special - 89%


Trajectory – Declining: Outside of the bright spot Tondy is, Ready To Love seems like it needs a real revamp. Be it getting Tommy a co-host, vetting its people and the possibility of them finding someone better, or just recognizing that maybe the elimination process is better off being self-eliminate than other people. Something has to give.

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