Ready To Love: Season 1/ Episode 2 “First Dates” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

We learn who got eliminated from the last episode, and learn who are the three men who will remain. You may not be surprised by the picks. Network OWN Air Date 10/27/2018 Images and text in this post may contain affiliate links which, if a purchase is made from those sites, I may earn money…

We learn who got eliminated from the last episode, and learn who are the three men who will remain. You may not be surprised by the picks.

Air Date 10/27/2018

Images and text in this post may contain affiliate links which, if a purchase is made from those sites, I may earn money or products from the company. Most affiliate links contain an upward facing, superscript, arrow.

A Bit More About The Men: Chris, Aaron, Kebba, Michael, Alexx

Chris learning he is not eliminated.

Starting with Chris, we learn that one of the things he has run into a lot while dating, is women looking just for sex or sugar daddies. Which is a bit of a problem for him since he doesn’t want to do pre-marital sex. Something which is a bit of a no-go for Melinda but for his baby boo Stormy? It was alright. Even welcomed. Though, don’t see this man as a saint. He did previously date a married woman. Albeit one who was separated from their husband but did end up going back to them. Which deserves a slight side eye. Especially since Chris tried to clean it up a bit.

Switching to Kebba, let’s just say he fell down and couldn’t get back up. He went on a date with Christina and basically laid it out that he doesn’t do PDA (Public Displays of Affection) and the main time he’ll touch a woman is in private – likely the bedroom. On top of that, the issue everyone had with Devan? Well, Kebba follows suit like he didn’t see what that dude was doing wrong. He is a marketing manager, per his little title strip, yet he talks about being a rapper, knowing celebrities and… sfsasiuhdalui. I’m sorry I fell asleep at the keyboard.

As for Michael? Strangely, despite this being the first time people can have one on one or group dates, he doesn’t go on one with Shea. Instead, he checks out Shatava, Melinda a little bit, and Ashlee. Leading to us learning about his spiritual background. He follows an African belief system known as IFA. Something which isn’t so much a religion in a Abrahamic way, but I think this site explains it a bit better than I could.

Leading to the note that, alongside his spiritual background, Michael is also a veteran. Specifically, he raised dogs in the military. But, what should be noted the most is that his import/export business probably is flourishing because the man made the right connections. Something good to always have. And speaking of connections, one last thing to note about Michael is, with him being a busy man, he doesn’t seem to like meeting people’s representatives. That is, who they want to put out there vs. who they are. Which is something brought up in the dates he has and is a bit of a problem during his one on one time with Dr. Lexy since he isn’t the fondest of makeup.

Leaving Alexx and Aaron. Pretty much nothing new is learned besides Alexx growing up in a pastoral family. Everything else we see just solidifies who we met in episode 1.


Michael saying what kind of ladies he likes.
Michael: I’m very big on not meeting a representative.

I’m honestly not surprised these men made it. Each one has universal qualities that, sure, some may not like over others, but can be recognized as attractive to another woman. Pastor Chris, for example, he is corny, for sure, but corny can be very appealing. It means there is less need for side eye for they keep their jokes light and quick vs. vulgar and possibly embarrassing – in a bad way. Plus, as Stormy showed, waiting until marriage isn’t a horrible thing. For, look at it this way, it means an immense amount of trust in the relationship. Take how Melinda took it. She likes a test drive before a wedding ring so to hold off from sex means, for both people, either the other person is good or they have to be willing to learn what works for you. Which is something women have done for eons but men? Well, there is a reason a lot of stats show women don’t know if they ever experienced an orgasm before, and a lot of them fake it.

However, one thing no one likes, man or woman, is someone who is overly boastful. Not to say you have to be humble, but we’re dealing with grown women here. Hence why Christina, and a few others, weren’t feeling Kebba that much. If they were in their early 20s, maybe talking about knowing celebrities and all that could have worked. However, these women are established and ain’t really trying to meet a celebrity through you. Many of them got the kind of jobs where celebrities might seek them out, if anything.

Bringing us to Michael, I’m going to skip over Alexx and Aaron since the show is letting them slide – for now. With Michael, I gotta admit I enjoy the fact that he brings something to the idea of how much someone’s upbringing matters in a way Chris didn’t. Now, yeah, Michael has some ways about him which produce a desire to side eye him. However, I think all that is rooted in him wanting you to be straight up with him. That way, he knows who you are, how to interact with you, and whether things should be just in passing, business, or maybe personal.

Giving us a well-rounded view of these men vs. them just being some archetype. Well, outside of Aaron who clearly is some kind of player. At least from my viewpoint.

A Bit More About The Women: Ashlee, Dr. Lexy, Shatava, Christina, Melinda

As with episode 1, a lot of women just aren’t featured and we only see them during the mixers. Making it seem the hard part about the men choosing who gets eliminated might be who is actually worth keeping? Especially since they’ll be picking 10 and we’ve barely seen more than 8 really get established. But, of course, maybe there was some stuff left on the cutting room floor?

Segueing to what was seen, let’s begin with Dr. Lexy. Now, being that Dr. Lexy holds herself a certain way, naturally, there was this feeling that she might be on this show to be on TV more so than love. But, that’s the thing about Ready to Love, looks often are deceiving. In truth, Dr. Lexy was formerly a very shy and skinny thing. However, the military helped her get confidence and from that confidence, she decided to also practice makeup, get some wig game, and use that as a means of expressing herself. Which, as noted, Michael wasn’t all that for but to show she really trying to find someone, Dr. Lexy tones down the makeup for the mixer. She brings out an interesting outfit though.

Leading us to Ashlee. She was part of the group date that Michael had set up in her home and she dropped a bit of information about her past relationships. Mostly that she has been plagued with being cheated on but has also willingly been the side chick. Just so that she wasn’t alone. But she is trying to change that since the heartbreak is too much and she has come to the point in her life where she’d rather deal with the pains of being lonely than feeling like the only one invested in a relationship.

Ashlee crying after talking about her relationship history.
Ashlee: I’m ready for someone to love me.

As for Shatava, Christina and Melinda? We only get small nuggets from them. The one who gives us the most is Shatava who mentions, like Michael, she has a time management issue when it comes to relationships. But, that comes from often trying to be everything to everyone – particularly a problem solver. Making it so she wants someone to be that for her and take some of the weight of life off her back. In terms of Christina, we learn she doesn’t drink and comes from a religious family, bishop daddy and all, and lastly, there is Melinda.

The only thing clear about Melinda is that she is likely to stay in this show to the end. If only because they got her on dates more than anyone else and we get her giving side commentary at least once every ten minutes. To say the editors love her would be an understatement. Though, let’s be real, it isn’t hard to see why.


I like how Dr. Lexy and Shatava got broken down a bit since those two are the kind of Black women, I feel, which are often misrepresented. Especially in reality TV. The Dr. Lexy types we’ve seen on many a VH1 and Bravo show who just seem plain old messy and while it is entertainment in the forefront of the mind, we can’t discount how that creates perceptions and stereotypes. Making it so, Dr. title or not, you’re ready to question what Dr. Lexy is really about? If she is even a doctor or maybe she changed her first name to it. Crazy stuff like that.

Then, with Shatava, as noted by Michael, she has strong eyes. The kind which, straight up, probably intimidate a lot of people. Add in her talking about how she isn’t here for the rest of the women but her in episode 1, again, you are led to believe there might be an archetype. Yet, with her talking about all she does for employees, family, and all that, you get the story behind what could seem like an attitude. It helps explain why she is like this and it is only because she had to be strong for herself. Otherwise, she’d be used, possibly abused, and probably talked about like she let all that happen to her.

Leading you to understand why she was a bit gruff in episode one. She is looking for her hero and she peeps this show doesn’t really foster making it too easy to find someone. You gotta compete just like in the real world, it is just through Will Packer and OWN, you are given a matchmaker who thinks they found some decent men. Some may need a little bit more work, but good enough that they shouldn’t feel like you repeating mistakes of the past or bring trouble to your future.

Elimination Time

Chris and Kebba get eliminated. With Chris, it seems doing a one on one with just Melinda and Stormy probably took him out of the running. For most of the girls didn’t get to know who Chris was, outside of being a pastor. Add in no pre-marital sex maybe being an issue, never mind the potential of being a church’s first lady, and he had to go.

As for Kebba? As said, these women are too established in their careers to be smitten because a man can name drop. Much less, the only rapper who made it around Kebba’s age, that most people know, is 2 Chainz. There aren’t any others who go big time after 35 for rap is a young man’s game. Hence why many rappers who’ve been working for 15+ years diversified their income. Making rap the thing they invest in the least.

Miscellaneous Commentary

First Two Women Who Might Get Eliminated

It being noted the competition has begun.
The competition has begun.

I think, off the bat it’ll probably be Rita. While a beautiful women, she isn’t as aggressive as the others and being meek isn’t going to get these guys attention. Especially since Michael and Shea have been paired up and while Alexx still is a bit of a free agent, he and Aaron aren’t hurting for attention. So she’d have to step it up.

Also on the chopping block would probably be Shanta. For as much as she talked about being aggressive and all that, I feel like she hasn’t seen anything she liked. Maybe is it because this show didn’t really bring on older men who had the same appeal as the older women. Because, Paco and Chris? Uh, not the best options. You got one man who is a priest, which means a certain lifestyle has to be expected and then you got a man who used to be a dog trying to show that’s in the past. No Bueno.

Then, all you got left are these dudes in their 30s. Mostly mid to early with Michael being the only one pushing 40. You think someone like Shanta want a man who seems like he is barely out his momma’s house? Never mind has just really started to stabilize his life and finances? I’m just saying.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

If I keep doing the same thing, I’m gonna get the same thing.
— Dr. Lexy


  1. The focus on Dr. Lexy and Shatava’s past helping to bring a different take on women who look like them in reality tv, but don’t get to have their stories fleshed out. At least, in a way which doesn’t make them into some Black stereotype.


  1. Us not getting more of the conversation behind why guys were eliminated. Because I was seriously shocked Chris made it to the second round. Him and his perpetual light skinned squint.

On The Fence

  1. This show still seems like it rewards playing the field more than making a genuine connection. Take Stormy losing Chris. She lost the man she connected with and while, assumingly, there is nothing stopping her from dating him off camera, she technically is supposed to give these other guys the time of day.

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