Like any reunion special, we get a few touching moments, but a large part of the special was dedicated to Aaron just being Aaron.

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Like any reunion special, we get a few touching moments, but a large part of the special was dedicated to Aaron just being Aaron.

Air Date 12/29/2018

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Where is Alexx?

To make a sad story short, per Ashlee, who is very much in love with Alexx, he had a flu virus. Said virus was ignored by the hospital at least three times. Thanks to calling 911 and an ambulance, Alexx was admitted the fourth time, and a litany of issues were discovered. First, the virus spread to his brain. Second, his lungs collapsed. Third, he has suffered kidney damage.

Now, let me remind you, Alexx is a business owner, self-employed, so that means he may not have health insurance to cover all this (his Go Fund Me says he doesn’t). Also, if he isn’t working, he might not be making any money, depending on how he has his business setup. So, if inclined, the link below is to the GoFundMe page being run by his mother.

Ready To Love: Dr. Lexy, Darnell, Shea, Michael, Stormy, Pastor Chris

Before we get to Michael and Shea, it should be noted Dr. Lexy is engaged to be married. Also, Pastor Chris and Stormy seemingly are doing what they should have done in the first place – never mind the show and just date. As for Darnell? Well, that quiet man we saw in the first episode isn’t there. What may have appeared to be a quiet, a shy kind of brother, got a whole lot of personality. The kind which the ladies probably would have welcomed over Aaron, but we’ll get to him in a moment.

Moving onto Michael and Shea, as of now they seemingly are close friends. Not because they don’t love one another, but when the show was over there was a bit of a panic with Shea, and that led to them both needing to take a step back – reevaluate things. However, in case you thought they would keep us up to date? HA! It isn’t going to happen. Michael pushes the idea there will be little to nothing put out there so don’t expect a spin-off, a wedding special, a baby special, none of that. There might be a social media announcement but don’t harangue him or Shea about it. This is their life; we just got to spectate a part of it.


Dr. Lexy being egged on to show her engagement ring.
Show the ring

Is it wrong I don’t want a spin-off or to have these folks be on a second season? Mind you, it could be interesting to see Shanta find love, Tiffany, Darnell, and many of the cast in the reunion. The thing is though, as said throughout most of the recaps, the format of this show I don’t think works for these kinds of people. The whole elimination process breeds and attracts Aaron types who treat this like a competition rather than, as often said, “a journey.”

Plus, I can’t foresee many wanting to do this over again, even knowing how things go down. For just the sheer embarrassment might be too much. Also, while some could justify what happens, as Dr. LExy did, as feeling like they are being used by God to give women out there representation, who wants to do that on national TV? Who wants to do that in the social media age where everything you say and do can be picked apart? Heck, who would want to do that when, like Melinda, you may feel the need to keep receipts just in case the way someone acts on camera is different than how they act when that red light is off?

The Trial of Aaron: Aaron, Angel, Melinda, Stormy, Shatava, Courtney

To say this whole segment, which dominated the episode, was a hot mess would be an understatement. Aaron, who seemingly must not know OWN is in a lot of people’s homes, and social media exists, really digs himself a nice hold throughout the reunion. I’m talking going back and forth with Stormy, Shatava, Courtney, Melinda, and Angel sitting there trying to come for his defense. Bless her heart.

But it gets so bad that even the men who didn’t make it past episode 2 address Aaron to try to make him see he is making things worse. Him trying to give hope, present a dream, was stupid and manipulative. For these women, all these women came on the show ready to love, find marriage, and maybe find a nice man to have some kids. They didn’t come to this show, sign waivers, and date. Finding someone to spend time with was never an issue, it was finding someone who wanted to settle down. This is especially true since they’re past that point of wanting to call someone their boyfriend. They want a husband.

And it seems, after only Angel, hemming and hawing after a certain point, being the only one on his side, he gives a half-ass apology. One which sounds like he is trying to be genuine, but one could argue he was saving face. After all, it is one thing if it is just that person who you disagree with, but damn near everybody? Add in Aaron might the type who disregards what women say but will listen to a guy mansplain the exact thing said to him, it seems something may have seeped in.


Melinda revealing she documented things based off Aaron's actions off camera.
Melinda: I’m gonna make sure it’s documented.

I hate dogging Aaron, but there aren’t any excuses that can be made for him. He can’t handle criticism, he is the reason these women looked towards a show, a reality show, to find love, and yet look who they still found. It’s frustrating. Especially since you know it is guys like that who make it so women have trust issues, insecurities, have their guard up, and make men they meet in the future have to work twice as hard. Which, based on the way they talk about Atlanta, I can’t foresee a lot of them participating in.

So here is hoping whatever Angel sees in him, again, bless her heart, will come to pass. For he’s getting a little bit old for someone to be talking about his potential.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

We’re beautiful stories, we just don’t belong in the same book.
— Tiffany


  1. Aaron was getting told off left and right. Not because of the entertainment factor (okay a little bit) but because he holds strong in this idea he was a nice guy. All the while, saying things, sometimes within the same breath, proving he isn’t.
  2. Lexy being engaged.
  3. Alexx being mentioned both in the beginning and end was excellent, rather than treating his absence like the elephant in the room.
  4. Michael and Shea reminding viewers, as much as they are #Goals, being such takes work.

Low Point

  1. Way too much time was spent on Aaron and the drama they knew he’d bring. Making Ashlee having to come out there not only necessary but also proving a bit too much of this was dedicated to whatever ill will could be brought up. Not even to squash beef but to see what could get caught on camera.

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