We’ve come to a point where you can foresee more people who should be going home than should stay – for varying reasons.

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Air Date 10/19/2019

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The Positive: Tondy, Mario, Ashima, Darrin, Kerry

There was a lot of drama in this episode because one man named Kerry decided to tell someone else’s business. Mind you, I wouldn’t say his intentions, both times he sparked a flame, he wanted any trouble. However, I think there is a need to recognize that a lot of folks are on edge for on top of trying to find love, they aren’t trying to look like a fool, or become a meme.

Hence why we need to start with the good stuff. Take Tondy finding something in Mario and them molding well. She a little aggressive, but in a way he likes, and he knows how to calm her down when she is ready to go off, and Mario is quite protective. That makes Tondy feel comfortable. So that’s one relationship that could be locked in.

The other is Ashima and Darrin. While others wouldn’t mind a crack at Darrin, she seems to, for now, have him on lock. Though with eyes wondering, and none of the popular ones able to commit when they got attention on them, it seems Ashima better be careful. Especially since her place in this competition is relying strictly on her relationship with Darrin and not the men feeling her.

It’s Still Hard Out Here: Devyne, Alexis, Nina, Angie, Kimber, Jimmy, London

Nina noting she feels misunderstood.

When it comes to Nina and Angie, it is clear competing with other women for attention isn’t their thing. Angie likes to be pursued, and Nina, as much as she tries to get in the game, it isn’t her nature. They want to be woo’d and pursued, and with people so openly dating others, as you can imagine, it messes with your psyche. ESPECIALLY because people will try to smoothly come into your conversation to snatch up what you think you got going on.

Look at Kimber. She hears about this heart Jimmy gave Alexis, and it makes her question what she thought was going on. But, let’s be real, between Alexis and Devyne, while they are chased, no one is really coming at them correct besides London. The rest are either trying to spit game, call dibs, or just saying the kind of stuff I know must be embarrassing as hell for them. I’m talking about the kind of things that, in the social media age, I can imagine blowing up their DMs – and not in a good way.

It’s Not That You Aren’t Ready To Love, It’s These People Aren’t For You Or You Them: Michael, Angie, Chika, Ashima, Tondy, Nina, London, Kerry

Remember the mention of Kerry starting drama? Well, the first time it was about saying who Darrin was feeling, under the guise of “You didn’t hear it from me.” This was followed by him telling Chika what went on during a group date that had Nina and Tondy going at it, after Tondy accused Nina of dry snitching. Something that was of great offense to her, so she came out of her shell more than she has with any guy on this show.

Leading to, during the mixer before the elimination, Chika thinking he should play peacekeeper and get the women to make up. Problem is, Chika didn’t know when to leave, and he got into a thing with Ashima. Someone who probably felt responsible since the issue began on a group date she planned. Thus leading to Chika coming out of pocket on the level, if not worse, than Nina did earlier.

However, thanks to Michael seeming like all he wants is some visuals and ass, he got sent home. Angie also was kicked since, between her revealing she isn’t religious and these men being used to being pursued, or a 50/50 split, her wanting them to dedicate themselves to her wasn’t clicking.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

“You know why y’all [Black Men] don’t cheat? Because y’all never told her y’all was in a relationship in the first place.”
— Angie



We Got A Few Couples Going

I think right now, Mario and Tondy are locked in, and maybe Darrin and Ashima. Mario and Tondy though are definite since they click and neither seem to be really playing the field. Tondy is open, but like many women, she isn’t the one most guys are trying to lockdown. She is cool, but not bae. Then, when it comes to Mario, it seems he is kind of iffy with checking out the other women, and after the Nina and Angie situations, it seemed like he got the idea that he found something good, and he better not mess it up.

As for Darrin and Ashima? Well, as noted, people will disrespect the vibe and Darrin is a hot commodity. So the idea that Ashima may have to fight for her man is a real thing unless Darrin hears about some of them having moments as Nina had. But right now, when it comes to some like Ieashia, while liked she isn’t locked down, and that means she is a serious threat. Add in she has nothing against asking a man out, as she does with Brent, and it’s on.

Black Men Don’t Cheat Because Black Men Don’t Commit

Bruh, Angie’s line sums up this show so much. These men, this competition, technically isn’t cheating because no one claims anyone as a girlfriend or boyfriend. Do some, like Mario to Tondy, say you my number 1? Yeah. However, taking note of last season, and what we’re starting to see in this one, #1 can fluctuate week to week. All you gotta do is say the wrong thing, and someone else say the right thing. Forgiveness isn’t really a big thing with this show and its process.

But, again, that line, legendary and will probably live on beyond this episode as the retort for when people say, “Black men don’t cheat.”

Low Point

Honestly, They Could Have Done A Double Elimination For Men And Women

Chika going off.

Let’s be real here, Nina is likely to be kicked, we have yet to see Chika do a single date, Terrell only stayed because Michael was worse, and while folks say they are feeling Kimber, she is clearly a #2. A back up for Jimmy in case London gets Alexis, and he doesn’t. So I fully expect there not to be any surprises about who gets eliminated for at least two to three episodes, unless someone does or says something way out of the persona thus far sold. Like Kerry’s text to Reva.

On The Fence

You Ever Get The Feeling While Some Aren’t Players, They Aren’t Necessarily Choosing Either?

I’m not calling out Alexis or Devyne, but I will say that it seems they are in the position Angie and Nina wish they were in, and because of that it seems they are often just there. Not to discredit them going on a group date, in Alexis’ case, or Devyne having a one on one with Michael. However, I must admit it seems weird, yet also kind of cool, to see them be players with minimal effort.



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Season 1, Episode 14 “Let The Sparks Fly”We’ve come to a point where you can foresee more people who should be going home than should stay – for varying reasons.
Director(s) N/A
Writer(s) N/A
Air Date 10/19/2019
  • The Positive: Tondy, Mario, Ashima, Darrin, Kerry
  • It’s Still Hard Out Here: Devyne, Alexis, Nina, Angie, Kimber, Jimmy, London
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Creator Will Packer
Air Date 10/23/2018
Genre(s) Reality TV, Dating Show
Good If You Like Dating Shows
Introduced This Episode
Himself Tommy Miles
Himself Alexx
Himself Aaron
Herself Stormy
Herself Shanta
Herself Tiffany
Himself Michael
Himself Chris
Himself Paco
Herself Melinda
Herself Angel
Himself Kebba
Herself Dr. Lexy
Herself Ashlee
Herself Shatava
Herself Shea
Himself Darnell
Himself Devan
Herself Rita
Herself Christina
Herself Courtney
We Got A Few Couples Going - 85%
Black Men Don’t Cheat Because Black Men Don’t Commit - 90%
Honestly, They Could Have Done A Double Elimination For Men And Women - 69%
You Ever Get The Feeling While Some Aren’t Players, They Aren’t Necessarily Choosing Either? - 75%


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