With Nia having Booker’s visions, he is forced to find something else to make him special. Which might have to be a permanent thing as someone else seems to want them.


Disney Channel
Director(s) Eileen Conn
Writer(s) Norm Gunzenhauser
Air Date 9/28/2018

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Compensating For What Was Lost: Levi, Booker

Despite it not being too long since Booker first got powers, being that it more deeply connected him to his mom, and made him unique, the loss of them he takes hard. Luckily, Levi is there to help him discover he is quite talented. If not, without his powers, his brain seems to rewire itself to make him good as using a trombone, baking, singing operatic music, and so much more.


Levi taking note of Booker's hidden talents.
Levi: We didn’t know [what] you could do before.

You have to wonder what does psychic powers do to the brain? Especially when young. As we saw with Raven, during the That’s So Ravenir?source=bk&t=amaall0c 20&bm id=default&l=ktl&linkId=c0a40ce4d539adf0c9a7482d2e24db51& cb=1538257897502 days, it did make her spacey and seemingly a bit weird at times. Even when she didn’t have visions. So could it be, during puberty, it causes issues beyond momentary lapses in consciousness? Could it be, without powers, Booker is actually a genius? Yet, thanks to psychic abilities, his brain puts so much time and effort into his powers that all the abilities we saw get untapped?

Or could it just be Booker uses his powers as a crutch and he was good at all this all along?

Investigation Time: Raven, Levi

Raven has a vision, as she awaits Dr. Sleevemore figuring out what happened to Booker’s powers, that he is going to take them. Now, why would the man do that? She doesn’t know. All that is clear is that he wants to take away what has run in the family for generations but lacks proof. So, she concocts a roof party for Sleevemore’s institute as a distraction and has Levi come with her as a backup. There she finds what she believes to be evidence of Dr. Sleevemore’s plans but ends up learning, as before, her vision was only half complete.


Raven's file in Dr. Sleevemore's system.
Raven: Yup, that’s me.

Setting aside Raven’s venture to see if Dr. Sleevemore was corrupt, for a moment, can we talk about Chelsea real quick? It is noted by Raven that she somehow found money to go with some college friends to go to Vegas. Come again? Raven has been paying every last bill all this time and Chelsea somehow found some money? Then she has the AUDACITY to go to Vegas and gamble it away? If she doesn’t come back with money for Raven I’d be upset on Raven’s behalf. Here she is watching Levi, dealing with this boy who lacks boundaries, and his momma is having a good ole time. Making it seems Raven and Chelsea need a serious heart to heart.

Focusing on the investigation now, the only thing I wonder is whether Dr. Sleevemore could have helped Raven hone her powers. It is noted in her file he doesn’t think she ever will, but is there hope for Booker to? If caught early enough, can he help them see the full vision and not just a clip of it? Also, in past generations, could they see or control their powers? For with us seeing kids like Leslie be able to use their powers at will and have a firm grasp on what they can do, it does lead you to question the possibilities.

The Truth Is Revealed: Nia, Tess, Booker, Miles, Raven, Dr. Sleevemore, Dr. Jasmine

Rewinding back a bit, as Booker is cooking and rediscovering himself, and Raven finds herself in her usual hijinks, Nia is fully enjoying Booker’s powers. Well, there is some slight guilt for having them but with Tess egging her on, she doesn’t decide to reveal she has them upon discovery. Instead, she using them to predict a sell and also foresee herself holding hands with Miles.

Something which was a vision a bit difficult to achieve since she thought he was a booger picker, then he said he didn’t like girls who weren’t psychic, just a whole bunch of obstacles. But, eventually, all that got put aside since it was just a misunderstanding for the booger picking and the psychic thing he retracts. Leading to some hand holding and then Booker ends up in trouble. With Nia saving him comes the reveal that she has his powers and Dr. Jasmine saying she can swap them into Booker in the morning.

However, instead of swapping them in, she breaks into Nia’s room and steals the powers. Showing Raven was half right about a doctor in that family wanting to steal Booker’s powers. She just picked the wrong one.


Dr. Jasmine stealing Nia's, well Booker's, powers.
Dr. Jasmine: The visions are finally mine.

Out of all the powers at the institute, why steal seeing the future? Especially considering there is a history of that family having unstable powers? Does Jasmine just want them to analyze? Is being able to see the future that unique of an ability? Heck, expanding that question, how unique are any of the abilities we’ve seen during this arc?

But, the big thing to me, as with part 1, is the question of whether the existence of other psychics will be erased once this arc is over? I know Miles won’t stick around for anyone Nia, Tess, Booker, etc have a crush on doesn’t stick around. Though, taking note they haven’t made Booker finding a community, nor Raven knowing this one existed, into a big deal, likely this will become something that happened that isn’t referred to but, maybe, once a season – offhand.

On The Fence

  1. You knowing nothing in this arc will matter within two to three episodes.

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Season/ EpisodeSynopsis

Season 2/ Episode 12 “Sleevemore – Part Two: Found”

With Nia having Booker’s visions, he is forced to find something else to make him special. Meanwhile, someone plots to steal those visions.

Season 2/ Episode 12 “Sleevemore – Part One: Frozen”

In this episode, so begins the need to question if Disney buying Marvel, and now having the X-Men, might have affected Raven’s Home.

Season 1/ Episode 1 “Baxter’s Back”

Raven returns to Disney in Raven’s Home and while the formula is mostly the same, there is some adaptation to the more mature direction Disney is going.

Season 1/ Episode 2 “Big Trouble in Little Apartment”

Watching Raven's Home may require the older folks to adjust that Raven isn't trying to appeal to you but rather the kids you pay the bills for.

Season 1/ Episode 3 “The Baxters Get Bounced”

While the jokes keep coming, a handful of serious moments remind you of some of the issues Raven is facing raising a family on her own.

Season 1/ Episode 4 “The Bearer of Dad News”

Devon officially moves to Texas and one of the things the twins have to remember him by gets thrown out and destroyed — by Chelsea.

Season 1/ Episode 5 “You’re Gonna Get It”

Nia finds out she has a knack for makeup. Problem is, Raven thinks she is way to young to be playing with her expensive products.

Season 1/ Episode 6 “Adventures In Mommy-Sitting”

Being single mothers raising kids who, at most, are 11, is stressful and tiring. So, Raven and Chelsea decide to go out and trust the kids to be left alone.

Season 1/ Episode 7 “Dancing Tween”

As Chelsea cements the idea she isn’t a complete airhead, Raven tries to be supermom and Nia expresses some anxiety about the 6th-grade dance.

Season 1/ Episode 8 “Vending the Rules”

As Chelsea is forced by Raven to face what Garret did to her life, we learn Levi is beginning to walk in his father’s footsteps.

Season 1/ Episode 9 “In-vision of Privacy”

On this episode of Raven's Home, Chelsea and Raven clash over their parenting styles. Also, we learn Tess has a crush on someone!

Season 1/ Episode 10 “Fears of a Clown”

Raven comes face to face with one of her biggest fears: Clowns. Meanwhile, the kids make a new friend with said new clown’s son.

Season 1/ Episode 11 “The Baxtercism of Levi Grayson”

While there isn’t much in the way of story progress, there is some insight into Tess' relationship with the Baxters.

Season 1/ Episode 12 “Dream Moms”

As Nia pursues trying to see if she may have powers to, the boys are trying to show their moms they are appreciated.

Season 1/ Episode 13 “Vest in Show”

Season 1 of Raven’s Home comes to an end with Raven making a bold and scary decision. One which Booker attributed to.

Season 1

After being away for a decade, Raven Symone returns to the Disney Channel & quickly adapts to the culture change since That’s So Raven ended.

Season 2, Episode 1 “The Falcon and the Raven (Part One)”

Booker finds himself with Raven’s money and it seems either he’ll have to tell a gigantic lie or tell the truth about his visions.

Season 2/ Episode 2 “The Falcon and the Raven (Part Two)”

With Booker revealing he is psychic, and Raven sharing she is, it brings them closer and makes Nia feel more left out than ever.

Season 2/ Episode 3 “Because”

With Booker craving popularity and more friends, he decides using being psychic may help – but it attracts only the wrong kind of attention.

Season 2/ Episode 4 “Cop To It”

With new building owners comes a whole new set of problems for Raven, beyond just paying the rent on time.

Season 2/ Episode 5 “Weirder Things”

It’s a hijinks episode featuring a Disney version of Stranger Things and Raven getting her weave sewn in. Oh, and Chelsea being weird.

Season 2/ Episode 6 “The Missteps”

As Nia follows in Raven’s footsteps and gets into stepping at school, Booker learns he has visions in his sleep.

Season 2/ Episode 7 “All Sewn Up”

Being that Raven’s home is usually cash-strapped, she tries to teach her kids about saving. However, Nia and Booker give into temptations.

Season 2/ Episode 8 “Oh Father, Where Art Thou”

We finally get to meet one of Tess’ parents, as the school hosts a father/daughter dance.

Season 2/ Episode 9 “The Trouble with Levi”

As Raven and Chelsea deal with their hoarding, with Nia's assistance, Levi and Booker deal with spending too much time together.

Season 2/ Episode 10 “Head Over Heels”

As Raven finally gets around to starting her fashion line, the kids find themselves learning about the difficulties of the disabled.

Season 2/ Episode 11 “The Most Interesting Mom in the World”

In this episode, we’re reminded it takes a lot of work, and sometimes a lot of day jobs, to reach your dreams.

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