Raven’s Home: Season 2/ Episode 11 “The Most Interesting Mom in the World” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

In this episode, we’re reminded it takes a lot of work, and sometimes a lot of day jobs, to reach your dreams. Network Disney Channel Director(s) Trevor Kirschner Writer(s) Douglas Danger Lieblein Air Date 7/31/2018 Actors Introduced Zeena Laya DeLeon Hayes Mr. Patel Ronobir Lahiri Andrew Liam James Ramos The Daily Grind: Raven, Zeena, Mr….

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Levi enjoying Nia and Booker fighting.

In this episode, we’re reminded it takes a lot of work, and sometimes a lot of day jobs, to reach your dreams.

Disney Channel
Director(s) Trevor Kirschner
Writer(s) Douglas Danger Lieblein
Air Date 7/31/2018
Actors Introduced
Zeena Laya DeLeon Hayes
Mr. Patel Ronobir Lahiri
Andrew Liam James Ramos

The Daily Grind: Raven, Zeena, Mr. Patel, Booker, Nia

Being that Mr. Patel, a math teacher, feels unappreciated by his son, he seeks through his students to have some hope it is just his kid. So, they all have to talk about what their parents do for a living – in replacement of a test. Which makes Booker quite excited because it means he can get an easy A in a subject he doesn’t do well in. Then, when it comes to Nia, being that she and Zeena have a bit of a rivalry, since “The Missteps” episode, she is trying to get a win over her.

Problem is, Raven doesn’t make her jobs that interesting. In fact, with her Scut job, she seems awkward and her talking about fashion equals an exuberant amount of details. Leading Booker and Nia to become quite fearful.


Raven getting excited talking about colors and fabrics.
Raven: The excitement is in the details.

Focusing on Raven, what you got to love is her different means of expressing what was her job, driving for Scut and her dream, which is fashion design. When talking about Scut, she was smiling but also seemed dead inside. She made it seem monotonous but, because she was doing a video for kids, she didn’t say what she really felt but you understood. However, when talking about fashion, she went into detail and while the details didn’t necessarily impress Tess and Nia, it showed a real love for what she was doing.

Which I highlight because it showed what real adult life is like. Especially if you have any sort of dream which you can take baby steps towards. You work a day job in order to afford to do the one you believe can become a career. And while that day job can mean stress and physical pain, it is all so you can one day do something you enjoy that makes you happy.

The Quest To Make Raven Interesting: Levi, Nia, Raven, Booker

In order to make Raven more interesting than her bad acting on camera, or going on and on about colors and fabrics, they use Levi’s green screen app. With that, Raven becomes a bodybuilder, a DJ, runs with bulls and becomes this very strange but interesting, in their minds, mom.

Problem is, when it is time to do their presentation this all falls apart. When they transfer the video from Levi’s phone to theirs, the scenes get out of place and make it where they become the laughing stark of the class. Making their teacher a bit uncomfortable.


A part of me wonders what it would have been like if Raven saw that video and heard her kids remix her life. After all, Raven’s a little sensitive and while not a punch in the gut, taking note of how hard she works to support them, Levi, and Chelsea, I can imagine her being a little hurt. Thankfully, to help avoid her seeing that video, they send her out on a wild good chase.

Started From The Bottom: Raven, Nia, Booker, Andrew

Nia and Booker talking about how proud of their mom they are.

Which leads to her meeting a young man named Andrew. Someone who is ready to run away from home, to his grand mother’s, because he is now a big brother and everything is about the baby. However, being that Raven is a good mom, and took note of him running away, she convinces him to think that over. Which Nia and Booker find about and with that, they begin to take note of how cool their mom is. At least, when they think about it.

For it is her eye for detail which led to her seeing this kid was trying to run away. It’s the social skills she picked up driving Scut to talk him out of it. Then, lastly, combining those two with being able to convince the kid to trust her, she was able to get him to reconsider running away. Not just anyone could do that and that person being their mom who did, it makes them feel special and appreciate her. All of which she hears.


I think it is easy to forget, with this show’s shenanigans, how much really hangs on Raven. She is taking care of, financially, a family of 5. Well, 6 if you count Tess. All based off her working since Chelsea, at most, may do laundry and cook. Which, depending on the day, when it comes to her cooking, may or may not be benefiting the household.

Which isn’t a dig at Chelsea for, big picture, as much progress as she might have made in season 1, who knows what they may spring on us when it comes to her divorce, among other things. She could very well still be dealing with that. So as much as you may want to side eye and criticize, surely Raven knows Chelsea just needs a push. Otherwise, we’d probably get more than jokes but a semi-serious conversation between Raven and Chelsea.

Point is, Raven doesn’t get her due when it comes to all she does in her household.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. So should we expect Zeena, Cutis, and the Guntz as reoccurring characters?


  1. It was a Raven appreciation episode. Kind of.

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