As “Raised By Wolves” dives deeper into horror, so begins the need to ask – how will this season end?

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As “Raised By Wolves” dives deeper into horror, so begins the need to ask – how will this season end?

Director(s) Alex Gabassi
Writer(s) Karen Campbell
Aired (HBO Max) 9/17/2020

This content contains pertinent spoilers.


At this point, it seems Caleb is nearly gone. Yes, Mary is aware of his existence, and Mother sees through his plastic surgery. However, Sol’s voice dominates and has made him into Caleb. Mind you, when Sol forces Marcus to face himself, he does lose, but perhaps that was Caleb freeing himself? Or, who knows? In reverse, it could have been Caleb killing Marcus so that he could live and exist?

Generally speaking, the episode is a bit trippy. It even includes the voice of Tally pushing Campion to hang himself. An idea which could stem from him feeling isolated as he refuses his baptism, has been utterly betrayed by the likes of Hunter and Paul, and while Tempest provides him some kindness, who is to say she won’t betray him as well? For while her faith is wavering, she still is a Mithraic child. One who is hiding her pregnancy but upon discovery, the blessing of Kepler-22b’s first child won’t be lost on anyone – even if conceived by rape.

But, while the Mithraic may have their prophet, a land with a source of food, and traps made by Paul to minimize their use of bullets and injury, what they don’t have is Mother. Marcus, to rid himself of yet someone else who could expose him, planned to have Mother thrown down one of the serpent holes. However, Father saves her, despite being reprogrammed, as Marcus finds himself fending off Caleb in a rather dramatic delusion. And as she leaves, she lets Father know she will return for him and the children. Though, you have to wonder, as Marcus fights off the voice of Sol, or even gives in, will there be anything or anyone rather, for Mother to save?

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. As Sol grows closer to Marcus, increasingly, he is pushing Mary and Paul away.
  2. Apparently, Mary was suicidal back on Earth, but Marcus gave her purpose and a way forward.

On The Fence

This Horror/ Supernatural Element

A ghost tempting Campion to hang himself.

While there is a need to note Campion becoming a rebel like his predecessor, Tempest slowly joining the resistance, and understanding how and why the Atheist went to war with the Mithraic, the horror element needs to also be brought up. For what once was a strange addition, with the androids seeing Tally, has evolved into a ghost pushing Campion to suicide.

It’s a strange development, which has taken the show left a bit. Especially as you add Marcus hearing Sol’s voice and facing off against his past self. These actions make you wonder if there is something in the air that is causing this? For with everyone operating on a different diet, and Campion resistant to the radioactive vegetables, you have to question why both androids and humans are seeing and hearing things?

Never mind, considering how the prominence of the visions and hearing things that aren’t there is growing, will it overtake the sci-fi element of the show?

This Horror/ Supernatural Element - 74%


With the supernatural and horror element starting to really leave its mark on "Raised by Wolves," so comes a shift that isn't necessarily welcomed just yet.

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