It’s time to experience some family struggles with Quinta, just in time for the holidays.

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Director(s) Zack Evans
Writer(s) Quinta Brunson
Characters Introduced
Jia Tanisha Long
Mom Lynne S. Newton
Linda Maddie Hawkings

It’s The Effort That Counts: Quinta, Mom, Jia, Niece

Despite Quinta making about six figures, she isn’t the most respected in her family. Yes, her and her cousin Jia are cool, and her niece likes spending time with her. However, when it comes to her mom? Well, she can’t stop hyping on Quinta not finishing college. Something which seems to be a big deal in Quinta’s family. Making it seem as if Quinta could have been the first but with Mariah, Quinta’s queer cousin, doing the damn thing, it seems Quinta’s mom is just jealous at this point.


Meet The Family

Quinta vs. Everything Season 1 Epsiode 3 Quinta vs. Family - Lynne S. Newton - Momma

I’m still holding out hope that similar to how Awkward Black Girl evolved into Insecure, Quinta vs. Everything also could evolve into something. Making us meeting members of her family, like her cousin, niece, and especially her mom, something else. Extended family as well, but let’s refocus on the mother. The tension there, despite how well Quinta is seemingly doing in the show, was both very real and very hilarious. Their conversation seemed so natural that you almost want to question if this is a reality show and it makes me hope one episode we see them interact in the same room.

Low Points

Quinta vs. Funerals

Outside of the introduction of Jia, and the family feud joke about always rooting against the white family, this segment was so dry. But what it especially bad is that it dominates the episode and when it comes to Miss Linda and the rest, just with it being noted Quinta doesn’t know this side of the family, you already know these people won’t show up again. Thus giving you 0 reason to really get invested nor hope maybe, just maybe, they may calm things down and not be so, campy (?) if any of them appear again.

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