Quinta Vs. Everything Season 1 Episode 2 Quinta vs. Self-Care - Quinta

The main takeaway from this episode: Kate makes a horrible friend no matter what the situation.

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Director(s) Zack Evans
Writer(s) Quinta Brunson
Characters Introduced
Curb Ze Frank

Never Trust a Kate: Kate, Quinta

Quinta Vs. Everything: Season 1/ Episode 2 "Quinta vs. Self-Care" - Kate and Quinta

You know who your best friend should be? Someone who gets hyped when you get hyped, who may laugh when you fall but then helps you back up, someone who seriously has your back. That ain’t Kate. Kate is that so-called friend who is there to watch you be dramatic, not join you in the feeling. Friends like Kate are the ones who only hang around you to talk about you because their lives are so damn boring.

Don’t be a Kate.

The Effects of Not Drinking Water and A Hennessey Diet: Quinta, Samuel

Quinta Vs. Everything: Season 1/ Episode 2 "Quinta vs. Self-Care" - Quinta

Not drinking enough water is already bad for you and while juice, coffee, and Hennessey, tastes better, if it is 90 degrees outside, water might be the best bet. It will keep you from being so out of it that you trip on a curb. Hell, drinking water before bed is likely a better idea before Hennessey! Especially if you going to fall asleep on Netflix for then you are going to have dreams about a damn talking curb. One which brings about how tripping over it speaks volumes about your morality.

Drink water people.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Quinta is noted as being 27


If You Really Think About It, One Thing Leads to The Other

Quinta Vs. Everything: Season 1/ Episode 2 "Quinta vs. Self-Care" - Kate and Quinta

In the first episode, it seemed this show was just a bunch of random sketches or vignettes linked together to fit 8 minutes. However, and maybe I’m thinking too deeply into this, it seems maybe there is an arc here. I mean, think about it, Quinta and Kate’s relationship is one in which Kate isn’t thinking about Quinta’s best interest. She’d rather see Quinta on coffee or liquor because then she is funnier. Of course, she goes with her to a place which is kid-friendly, because she knows Quinta will act up.

That is, as opposed to Samuel who knows Quinta is a bit off so she needs water to keep heat exhaustion from having her go nuts. And yeah, he may like drinking too, but he wants the best for his lady. Especially so she doesn’t go tripping here and there and maybe hurt herself. Much less have nightmares where a damn curb is giving her life advice.

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