Queen Sugar: Season 6/ Episode 8 “All Those Brothers And Sisters” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

As Ralph Angel reels from potentially losing the farm, and Nova from her trauma, Charley is offered a new opportunity and Micah finds himself in an uncomfortable situation.

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Ralph Angel and Darla talking

As Ralph Angel reels from potentially losing the farm, and Nova from her trauma, Charley is offered a new opportunity and Micah finds himself in an uncomfortable situation.

Aired 11/2/2021
Network OWN
Directed By Lisa France
Written By Sara Finney-Johnson, Yves Beneche


Are You For Real Right Now? – Micah, Isiah, Hollywood, Ralph Angel

Thanks to Isiah’s encouragement, and Hollywood providing the space, Micah has his first gallery opening at The Real Spot. However, thanks to one of the farmers being uncomfortable about Micah and Isiah seeming close in a photograph, Micah starts acting weird. Now, take note, Hollywood defends Micah, and Ralph Angel not only defends him but brings up how Blue was with his dolls, to show the man he was being ignorant.

However, despite all we’ve seen Micah do when it comes to the people at his school, it seems when his community at St. Jo said something, now he wants to start acting funny around Isiah. Which, for Isiah, is a bit too much BS for him, even if this type of interaction is new between him and Micah.

Life Is Long And Tiring – Nova, Dominic, Aunt Vi, Hollywood

It isn’t clear if Aunt Vi may not be taking her medication regularly, or just had a flare-up, but no matter what she still has lupus. Which hasn’t been notably bad in a long time, but considering how Vi is, you know she probably skips days, weeks, maybe months at a time since she is feeling good. But, thankfully, Hollywood has no problem holding her accountable and even talking about taking her to the hospital – which ultimately isn’t done.

However, being reminded that she is mortal, that she can’t always push herself to the limits, it is one of the reasons she is thankful for Hollywood. He is willing and able to call her out and knows how to do it in a way that can be perceived as love.

And speaking of love, while Dominic still seems like a lowkey op to me, he is showing some form of love with Nova. She is still very much traumatized and while Charley has shown up and checked in, and maybe there were conversations with her other family members, there is something about someone you’re not related to going out of their way. Especially Dominic doing so through food, time, and ways that may or may not be Nova’s love language, but definitely show he isn’t just trying to be a good neighbor like she sometimes plays off.

Preparations For The Next Chapter – Darla, Ralph Angel, Charley, Davis

I’m not saying Darla has given up on the farm, but it does seem that she just wants to start over and she sees starting over in a new place as just another opportunity to begin fresh. However, Ralph Angel, because of all that he has squandered, there is still a part of him that doesn’t want to give up. He wants to be redeemed, be the man, and is struggling to let that go.

Switching to Davis and Charley, simply put, Davis proposes. He, like Darla in a way, wants to start over but with knowing what he does now. The problem is, Charley isn’t in the position or has the privilege, to just hit reset. She wants to get back into politics and knows a marriage is a responsibility. Dating Davis is cute, part-time, and while they have history, they also have separate lives. Marriage means having to try to combine their lives again and while Davis learned his lesson, Charley learned hers as well. She got so wrapped up in what’s best for him and their marriage that she sort of lost herself as an individual.

Take note: At this point, Charley has been divorced, dated, got herself a business that burned to the ground, and got on city council. Her only child is out of the house so she has found a sense of independence that she didn’t have because she dated someone or was raising someone for so long. So to give that up is a big ask, especially since she isn’t settled but still enjoying the fruit of not really having to answer to someone.

Hence why she doesn’t say never, but does say, for now, no.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Has Aunt Vi been keeping up with her medicine regimen?

What Could Happen Next

  1. I could see Charley and Davis having a quiet wedding with no one knowing for the finale, depending on how much time passes.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

Scars mean healing has happened.
— Nova


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Darla Prepping For The Future

What I think needs to be recognized with Darla, regarding her attitude to the farm, is that everything she and Ralph Angel had put her at a disadvantage. The farm is his family’s home and land, and St. Jo is his family’s community. Everything revolves around him and his people, and as shown, Darla can easily go from being one of the family to a guest, tolerated, or given an averse attitude. So, finding an apartment they share, possibly outside of St. Jo, it truly gives Darla everything she needs to start over.

Heck, even considering her old reputation from when she first had Blue, it allows her to escape that and really have the opportunity to experience being in a relationship, and motherhood, without the past interfering with the future she has longed for.

Nova and Dominic

I still feel like Dominic is an op, and let me tell you why – he just moved onto the block, and soon after that, Nova has been dealing with cops busting into her place and so much more. Mind you, Nova has come for cops, was opposed to the Landry family, and was also a televised presence before and after her book. Yet, despite that, no one was busting into her place and putting her in holding as we saw.

So, I’m not saying we’re going to get a surprise, but I do feel that Nova has had a series of disappointments in her personal life and I don’t trust the writers enough to think she is going to finally find peace in the company of someone who isn’t family.

On The Fence

Micah Getting Uncomfortable When Old Heads Comment On His Friendship With Isiah

Micah looking at Isiah sideways

I’m disappointed in Micah and confused. How is it when your peers see you and Isiah, you will hug him tighter and closer, yet some old head you barely talk to got you in your feelings? You don’t hang with him, play cards, and yet he has you acting funny like you didn’t take these pictures and know what the reaction could be?

This to me is why I don’t always trust Queen Sugar writers. It’s like when a relationship is going too well, something got to happen to create some drama, and that drama, more often than it should, comes out of left field. Sometimes it is in the form of something small like someone getting sick. However, usually, it is a shift that makes it so you question how necessary was this plotline and is it to move the story forward or make it murky what will happen next?

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Ralph Angel and Darla talking
Queen Sugar: Season 6/ Episode 8 “All Those Brothers And Sisters” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
Trajectory: Plateau
I won't say Queen Sugar is fully back on its BS. However, you could see more potential issues coming than happy moments as we reach the end of the season.
Darla Prepping For The Future
Nova and Dominic
Micah Getting Uncomfortable When Old Heads Comment On His Friendship With Isiah

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