Queen Sugar: Season 5/ Episode 7 “June 1, 2020” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Charley dealing with possible COVID symptoms

Someone in the Bordelon family may have COVID, another faces relationship troubles, and someone also faces off with a cop – making for a nail-biting episode.

Someone in the Bordelon family may have COVID, another faces relationship troubles, and someone also faces off with a cop – making for a nail-biting episode.

Director(s) Lisa France
Writer(s) Norman Vance Jr., Ava DuVernay
Aired (OWN) 3/30/2021

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Relationship Troubles – Courtney, Nova, Hollywood, Aunt Vi, Prosper

Hollywood is going through it. His business can’t open, and Vi keeps asking about it. Hollywood’s mother just died, and he couldn’t hold a proper funeral and can’t get the community’s support like he needs. So right now, he just wants to shut down in a time where Aunt Vi believes everyone should come together. And with her reaching out all the time but no one checking on her, it starts to irk him a bit. Which makes Prosper uncomfortable because clearly, some old issues are bubbling to the surface that Hollywood has chosen not to speak on.

Hollywood talking to Aunt Vi
Hollywood talking to Aunt Vi

But, while Hollywood is getting testy, Nova is trying to present to Courtney that while this is an aggravating time for her, she doesn’t mean to take out her frustrations on Courtney or her dad. So, as a peace offering, she offers her a rare book and tries to encourage Courtney to continue to be an ally. With it being noted, doing so will not always be comfortable or easy, and this time period is an example.

How To Make Them Strong When That Is Perceived As A Threat – Ralph Angel, Darla, Blue

Unfortunately, there was a permit issue, and a march Nova planned didn’t end up happening. However, with Blue finding his voice, Ralph Angel and Darla figured they could protest on the edge of their property. But with a cop showing up due to someone saying they are obstructing traffic, Ralph Angel does as we saw him do before – escalate a situation and try his luck.

Now, thankfully, Ralph Angel ends up lucky again and doesn’t end up a hashtag. Though in the process of standing his ground, he scares the hell out of Blue and realizes he increasingly is making the people he loves fear for him.

So Many Precautions Yet Still The One Who Ends Up Sick – Charley

In many ways, Charley has inherited Aunt Vi’s spirit. She fights hard for her community, does more for others than others do for her, and often finds herself in a series of battles more than enjoying a sense of peace. And perhaps being out on the battlefield is why Charley is experiencing COVID symptoms.

Now, she hasn’t been diagnosed yet, but with a stiff neck, coughing, and trouble breathing? Red flags are being raised. But with Nova heading towards Austin with Courtney, Micah heading to Minneapolis, Ralph Angel not picking up, and Aunt Vi noting she got a lot going on, Charley calls the only person left – Davis. Who picks up and seems to be on his way.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Anyone else thought wondered if Charley was going to call Remy?

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

We can always look to history for ideas to move us forward.
— Nova

I’m not asking for your permission, but I would like your support.
— Micah

You’re feeling all the right things. Never feel satisfied. Never feel that you know it all. Stay uncomfortable. Stay pushing yourself. Stay asking questions, stay listening. Stay trying. That’s what it means to be a good ally, a good person.
— Nova



Nova’s Speech To Courtney

Nova is really just getting the best lines this season. Not to imply Nova didn’t usually have the most memorable lines in past seasons, but usually it was in the form of putting someone down or exposing them. You know, presenting the hypocrisy of being so pro-Black yet being the first one to shame a Black person, women especially – including family members.

However, now it seems with airing out everyone’s laundry, and no new secrets coming about, maybe Nova truly did use her book as a cleanse? Since she owns what she did to Darla, is focusing on her activism, and while she was hard on Courtney and Calvin, let’s not pretend Calvin couldn’t take additional initiative. Much less, Courtney, while she does try, doesn’t need to be checked and redirected sometimes.

Darla Feeling Secure Enough To Tell Aunt Vi To Butt Out

Darla talking to Ralph Angel about Blue
Darla talking to Ralph Angel about Blue

You know you have a secure relationship with someone when you can criticize them, or draw boundaries, without fear of retaliation or isolation. So while the idea of Blue going to DC isn’t yet a big thing, it seems clear Aunt Vi is vehemently against it and even if Darla was nice about it, her making it clear Vi needs to back down is saying something.

In fact, I’m kind of mad we didn’t get to hear or see her say it.

On The Fence

Charley Potentially Getting COVID

With Charley finding something in Saint Jo’s charter that can put any and all construction on hold for two years, that effectively handles her main battle. And as noted above, Charley’s character is rooted in fighting, or struggling, against something which is formidable. So COVID only seems natural yet it also works in terms of presenting a series regular going through the symptoms.

With Charley having COVID, we can get the signs, the initial fears, and go through what it is like, and the thereafter. All of that in multiple episodes rather than squeezed into one like we’d see on a hospital or medical program. Also, while I hope Charley doesn’t end up on a respirator, there is that experience too. For with Hollywood’s mom, that didn’t happen and honestly, it wasn’t expected since we’ve barely seen Hollywood’s mom. Charley, on the other hand, with being a series regular, we may get the full experience but our fear is the side effects if and when she gets better.

Feeling Like Something Is About To Happen

One thing Queen Sugar doesn’t really do is flashbacks and we got Ralph Angel and Blue’s relationship, Hollywood and Aunt Vi, as well as Nova and Calvin’s. Also, things have been escalating with each confrontation Ralph Angel gets into with a white man and now Charley may have COVID? Should we see this as a giant red flag that something is about to rock all of these people and their relationships?

Blue watching his father stand his ground against a cop
Blue watching his father stand his ground against a cop

Granted, without a Landry, or an adjacent family, the show is relying on COVID and the BLM movement for its usual drama. But, to be honest, it has felt like a reprieve and so the possible threat we’re about to go to hell in a handbasket is not appreciated. Particularly if it meant Aunt Vi and Darla bumping heads.

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