After long struggling on their own, many begin accepting and asking for help. Thus showing how far some characters have come. Network OWN Director(s) DeMane Davis Writer(s) Erika L. Johnson Air Date 7/18/2018 Recognizing When You Need Help: Aunt Vi, Mr. Rollins As Aunt Vi preps for proposing to Mr. Rollins to invest in a…

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After long struggling on their own, many begin accepting and asking for help. Thus showing how far some characters have come.

Director(s) DeMane Davis
Writer(s) Erika L. Johnson
Air Date 7/18/2018

Recognizing When You Need Help: Aunt Vi, Mr. Rollins

As Aunt Vi preps for proposing to Mr. Rollins to invest in a pie shop, her lupus flares up. It flares up bad. Making it where Vi can barely stand and despite how proud she is, when Mr. Rollins offers to help her she has no choice. On top of that, while she has kept her lupus diagnosis close to the chest, she decides to be upfront and reveal it to him. Something which seems to lead to him taking two steps back and surely may make Aunt Vi cautious about who else she tells in the future.


Aunt Vi accepting help from Mr. Rollins.
Mr. Rollins: I’m gonna take you home, okay?
Aunt Vi: Okay.

Has Aunt Vi told Charley and Ralph Angel she has lupus yet? Nova knows and Hollywood, but what about the rest of the family? Also, how strange Aunt Vi opened up to this man she only really has a business relationship with but doesn’t her own niece and nephew. I get this family strongly believes in taking on other people’s burdens than asking for help with their own, but it is still kind of weird. Especially since she didn’t play it off as a hot flash, which is what I thought it was at first, but revealed it was the effects of lupus.

Advocating For Our Elders: Micah, Charley, Prosper, Nova

It’s starting to become clear why Keke may not be chummy with Micah’s friends anymore. While she may support their message, their methods are the type where someone has to play lookout or post bail. Both of which can be taxing if you are woke but also aware there is more to life than social justice through getting reactions.

Yet, Micah’s mind isn’t solely wrapped up in his social activism but also Prosper. For while there isn’t much communication about what Charley is doing for locals, she does decide, with Prosper forced to leave his home, and too proud to let his daughter help, to bring him home. Thus giving Micah a bit of a chance to have that grandpa experience. Something he missed out on since Ernest was halfway across the country most of his life and as for Davis’ parents? Well, he has made it clear they paled in comparison to Ernest.

But this also means a lot for Charley too. At this point, Prosper maybe one of the few people who hasn’t turned their back on Charley or done her wrong in a way which made her reevaluate their relationship. Pushing the idea he may learn the truth and probably break this poor girl’s heart. Though, considering Nova found out Sam’s son Colton has a friend named Thomas Rhodes at the EPA, maybe him finding out in the near future wouldn’t be terrible. Because he may just discover the Landry family used their connections to make it seem something is wrong with the soil to scare everybody off. Making him, and the whole community, mad as hell and maybe a bit more apologetic to Charley. Especially after they abandoned her in masse back in season 2.


Nova, between her digging and Charley's thinking and knowing something is up.
Nova: 100 Bucks says there’s nothing wrong with our soil.

I think there is a serious need to note Micah being triggered by his new friends’ plans to make a statement. Mostly because, it pushes this idea that he is likely going to run or do something which he is going to regret. For already, based off the summary for episode 10 “Here Beside the River,” it notes Micah confesses something to Keke. Which, considering this act of vandalism upcoming and the weirdness he has with ole girl in the group, it seems he may repeat his father’s mistakes. Just hopefully minus getting someone pregnant.

But, teenage rebellion, even if for a good cause, and pending stupidity, aside, you gotta love Prosper being around. Though he doesn’t say all that much, he has a calming presence. One you can see Aunt Vi and Charley both love. Perhaps because he reminds them both so much of Ernest that it is like still having him in the flesh. Hence why Charley goes so hard for him since she wasn’t around when her dad needed her most and this is not her repentance, but more so her not repeating her past mistakes.

Leaving this EPA/Landry thing. I really do wonder, if the Landry family gets taken down, who is going to become big evil in season 4? Though the show doesn’t need one, because everyone has enough struggles just with their everyday relationships, you have to wonder if their role may be filled. For I just can’t imagine Charley going from the work of starting up a mill and taking on the Landry family to focusing on maintaining her spoils and dating. The ambition we have seen would lead me to believe she’d get into politics or something like that.

Think about it. She has been building up a network and has the money. Also, it presents a good conflict with Nova. Her trying to work the machine, once again, from the inside, while people at Nova protest and shout from the outside. Two people with the same goal but different methods to get the results.

You Can Lay Your Struggles Down: Darla, Nova, Ralph Angel, Trinh

Things are a little odd between Trinh and Ralph Angel. It’s clear he is starting to become distant but with Trinh knowing his history, she seemingly is giving him time. He has a lot going on and she seems to get it so she doesn’t push him to talk, change, or nothing like that. Ralph Angel comes to her, engages her, and might be quiet about what she knows is happening but she is patient. As is love.

Which might be the only thing keeping the peace between Darla and Ralph Angel. Not love for each other but Blue. However, as Darla feels more stable and capable, she ramps up trying to make up for lost time with her son. She wants more than weekends but essentially shared custody. Something which makes Ralph Angel uneasy for just as much as Blue, for Darla, is what drives her, the same goes for Ralph Angel. To put it simply, that child is kind of a crutch. Without him, who knows if Darla would have ever really recovered or Ralph Angel would have really gotten his act together. Well, even gone to jail really.

That thought aside, taking note of what Darla has and comparing it to what he, Ralph Angel, has to offer Blue, it is bringing him down. Making him think he has to work twice as hard and even damns Darla for her parents helping her. Leading to her clapping back by reminding Ralph Angel he is living in the house his father left him and is making a decent income from the land his father also left. Which shuts him up but also makes him go more into his shell.

Something that Nova notices when she checks on him and this leads to her revealing Ernest had suicidal thoughts. Because, alongside people asking for her, and checking if people need it, there is also a lot of people being called out for being stubborn. Which didn’t take much in the past but it seems with everyone becoming worn down, they’re giving in. Let’s see if Ralph Angel does with Darla.


Darla proposing for shared custody to be more 50/50.
Darla: I was thinking that maybe I could keep Blue more often.

I personally love Trinh and Ralph Angel together so I hope nothing bad happens with that. It is unfortunate how dependent on women Ralph Angel is, to coddle him and make him feel safe and that he has a purpose, but the man is emotional. It’s kind of a catch-22. Either he is going to be the type who can’t deal with being alone and getting validation or he is going to be all bottled up and angry. Just waiting to let one off. Neither sound like the best way to live life but between his rearing and what works for him, this is where he is. Plus, while not the best way to cope with life, at least he isn’t a dog.

Though I do expect him to nip and bark at Darla over custody of Blue. As said, that is both of their lifelines and while they don’t mind sharing the boy, it is clear Ralph Angel likes being in the power position. Which I do understand yet I also don’t. On one hand, there is the fact he is very used to Blue being around, in his home, and that is how he remains stable and sane. Thinking about this kid waiting on him. Yet, at the same time, Ralph Angel has been burdened with responsibility for so long arguably he kind of lost his youth.

Let me explain, though we know he wasn’t the most serious student in high school, I’d argue part of his arrested development is because he went from a dumb kid in high school, to dating an addict, going to jail, and then fatherhood. He hasn’t really gotten to enjoy being a young adult. This is in comparison to Darla who, while she struggled, it is at least noted there might have been years she got to be young, have fun, and get to know herself. Making it where she is ready to take on this mom role without reservations.

Which, unfortunately for Ralph Angel means her wanting to step up and, like the rest of his family is learning to do, accept that getting help doesn’t mean you are inept or weak. Just that you need to learn how to delegate and prioritize. And at this point, Ralph Angel needs to keep Blue in mind but prioritize his growth. Otherwise, when Blue gets older, he may not have the tools he needs to guide him through the later years.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Blue sleeps in what used to be Nova’s room.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. While Prosper notes how he loved his wife, anyone else ever wonder if he pondered about Aunt Vi? Romantically.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

If they can’t respect our history. They can’t have our history.


  1. How people who are usually too proud to ask for help, or wait until they are having an utter meltdown, let people help them.
  2. Though he is having a difficult time in doing so, Ralph Angel slowly loosening his grip on Blue and allowing Darla to be there for him and raise him full-time.
  3. Vi opening up about her Lupus.
  4. Trinh and Ralph Angel really coming off like a cute couple.
  5. This Landry thing getting deeper and deeper yet still remaining compelling and somehow realistic.

On The Fence

  1. Where Micah’s storyline is going.

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  1. And you know that fight will get messy if it goes to the courts. Especially if the Landry family gets involved. Because I could see them using a judge to threaten Blue being taken if Ralph Angel, and his siblings, don’t give up the land.

  2. Ralph Angel speaks as if he’s kept Blue all of his life. He hasn’t. Vi kept Blue all those years. You’d think the way he’d fought with her to get custody he’d be more sympathetic to Darla. Ralph had just gotten out of jail start of S1. When the show began, it was no more than a year ago because I’m not sure they’ve even started the hard seasonal prep of the fields again. Darla being around Blue 24/7 while they were together was not an issue, but suddenly now Blue needs more “time”? I want to see Ralph Angel grow and succeed but in so many ways he’s still the man-boy he always was. He’s being difficult not for Blue’s sake but his own. I fear he will push Darla to seek fair time with Blue by legal means if he doesn’t get his ego in check and knock off the petty foolishness.

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