Queen Sugar: Season 3/ Episode 4 “No Haven in My Shadow” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Ernest and Prosper in a old photograph.

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As we come up on a year since we joined the story of the Bordelon family, as much as there is growth there remains secrets to reveal.

Director(s) Maria Govan
Writer(s) Mike Flynn
Air Date 6/13/2018

The Outsiders: Davis, Micah, Darla, Blue, Ralph Angel

With a bonfire to commemorate Ernest, those who aren’t part of the family, but have children in it, kind of get the cold shoulder. For Darla, she takes it in stride since she Ernest knew of her, surely, but they didn’t have a relationship. Plus, coming back into the Bordelon family’s eyes during such a vulnerable moment seems to be in bad taste.

However, it does slip that she is back so Nova surely will spread the word. Not that Darla will likely care though for all she wants to do is spend more time with Blue. She even commits to the statement that if Blue is in St. Jo, that is where she will be.

As for Davis? Well, him missing out on the event is a bit sadder since he did have a relationship with Ernest. Something he elaborates on more than he did in the past by noting her was not just a father figure by outdoing his biological dad in kindness, but he’d show up to games, randomly call, and really made him feel welcome.

Leading to the question of, when Davis had Tia, a child out of wedlock, 13 years ago, did he talk to Ernest about that?


Davis talking about all Ernest did for him as a father figure.
Davis: You know, Ernest meant more to me than most anybody realizes.

With Nova knowing Darla is back and her having time on her hands, oh I just hope she doesn’t start any drama. Let that woman live, redeem herself, and move on. Please don’t have Nova continue to be a hypocrite.

Oh, and this whole, Davis got another kid thing? I so badly want to say this is a desperate move. Primarily because, Davis’ storyline has been wrapped up for so long that he has been hanging by an ellipsis. Since Charley decided she wanted nothing to do with him, his only real claim to relevance was getting Micah out of holding. That and trying to talk Charley down from making the officer part of her next crusade and we see what happened with that.

So, here is hoping, that the whole Blue paternity thing wasn’t just the first of what will become multiple desperate maneuvers to spark new storylines. For, if I may be Frank, I honestly couldn’t give a damn about Davis or his bastard. I’d would have been more interested in him getting Tamar pregnant. Though, who knows, after their breakup, if we may ever see her again.

Learning To Trust Again: Hollywood, Aunt Vi, Remy, Nova

As Nova tries to figure out how to write her book, she and Remy have a bit of flirting going on. Something which picks up right from that kitchen scene they had last season. However, like then, while the situation raises an eyebrow, the teasing and what definitely seems to be flirting doesn’t really go anywhere really. One could even say they just trade compliments. While also Remy helps really solidify the ideas Micah and Aunt Vi give about making the book personal. Perhaps even autobiographical.

Switching to Aunt Vi and Hollywood, the struggle continues to meet the demand posed upon her. If it isn’t her kitchen arrangement being renegotiated it is transporting the pies un-smushed. Something Hollywood is dying to help with but memories of Vi’s ex-husband haunt her. Especially the idea of owing someone and them holding that over her.

Leading to Hollywood, as usual, having to handle Vi’s insecurities to the best of his abilities and proving she doesn’t have to worry about him like that. Which she agrees to do, with some caution, and so it seems she’ll let him buy a truck for her. A used one which will get fixed up, but that’s progress right. Now, about a new kitchen or oven…


Aunt Vi conveying that, while she has some troubles accepting Hollywood's help, she is going to try to accept it wholeheartedly.
Aunt Vi: You okay with that?

This Nova x Remy thing, I swear, is strictly for the point of causing drama down the road. For that’s kind of all Nova is good for. Having relationship, platonic or otherwise, drama. Which I thought was going to change since she is focusing on this book, had a memory about her dad and her fishing, and why it stopped, but then she gets flirty with Remy. And I’m not saying Charley is going to get jealous or flip out, but the show increasingly leans toward unnecessary drama for when some characters begin turning stale. If not things going too good for them.

Yet, thankfully, this hasn’t hit Aunt Vi and Hollywood’s relationship. For while, yes, Aunt Vi still plays into the drama, and can be irritating – like when she pushed Charley to take Prosper to the doctor when all Nova had to do was shopping – her relationship lacks drama. Well, at least the kind like when we learned Hollywood was married. At this point, the only issues there is Aunt Vi allowing Hollywood to help. An issue you understand since it seems she didn’t date much between her ex-husband and Hollywood to heal all of her old wounds.

A Fire That Sends Messages To Heaven: Prosper, Charley, Jacob

Charley’s latest discovery about the Landry family isn’t just how the company is split up, but also they are having EPA issues. Well, the land they lease does and that means folks like Prosper are losing their homes. Which, with Charley now having a small piece of the pie, makes that her problem and so she adds protecting the farmers, in a whole new way, part of her crusade. A promise she sends up to her dad during the bonfire.


Be it referring to Prosper or Sam Landry, Charley puts a note into the fire saying she'll take care of him.
Charley: I’ll take care of him.

While I have no doubt Charley is going to likely complete what she sets out to do, my question is what is going to be that setback that nearly breaks her? Or will it simply be her being distracted by Romero and helping Prosper until his daughter shows up? Because, as noted, increasingly as the show goes on, if things are going too well, something from out of nowhere pops up. So will it be something which makes sense for Charley or be something just out there which leaves not just her bewildered but us as well?

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. How did the press not learn about Tia when they were on Davis’ behind like white on rice? Much less, considering Charley seemed to handle most of the family finances, how could she not pick up him taking care of this kid? It didn’t seem like he just found out about her.
  2. While I get why Darla shouldn’t have gone to the bonfire, would it have been so wrong to let Davis go? Heck, invite him to go and see him maybe decline politely?
  3. So is Darla staying in St. Jo a means to cut costs, for the show, because her reputation as Star still exists in that area. Alongside the issue of Ralph Angel’s family being pricks towards her.

Miscellaneous Commentary


Blue relating to Nova and Ralph Angel missing their mother now that she is gone.
Blue: I missed her every day, too.

Whether it is because Ralph Angel sees himself as not having rights, though him signing Blue’s birth certificate I believe means otherwise, or him maturing, it was nice that he started to work with Darla. For with her really seeming gung-ho on staying, he doesn’t have much of a choice. Especially considering how her absence is something which seriously affects Blue’s mental and emotional well-being.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

Black folks ain’t got no time for writer’s block. Too much to say and not enough time to say it.


  1. Ralph Angel showing some maturity by not only talking to Darla but listening when she voices her needs and concerns. Thus allowing her to chaperone a trip for
  2. Aunt Vi allowing Hollywood to help her.
  3. Blue verbally expressing how he feels when Darla is away. As well as him taking control during the bonfire.

Low Points

  1. Davis having a 13-year-old who just happens to exist now.

On The Fence

  1. Remy and Nova becoming anything to each other besides friends. Particularly because you can see that relationship becoming a bigger focus than Nova’s book.
  2. This whole EPA thing and farmers losing their land. While I get that, with this being Charley’s main storyline in 3a, they have to make it big, there does come the question of how much will they dump on her? Especially considering there isn’t any real asking for help with this.
  3. Charley dating Romero, if only because there is this worry he’d just be a distraction or a boyfriend for the sake of having nearly everyone have a love interest.

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