Queen Sugar: Season 3/ Episode 4 “No Haven in My Shadow” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Ernest and Prosper in a old photograph.

As we come up on a year since we joined the story of the Bordelon family, as much as there is growth there remains secrets to reveal. Network OWN Director(s) Maria Govan Writer(s) Mike Flynn Air Date 6/13/2018 The Outsiders: Davis, Micah, Darla, Blue, Ralph Angel With a bonfire to commemorate Ernest, those who aren’t…

As we come up on a year since we joined the story of the Bordelon family, as much as there is growth there remains secrets to reveal.

Director(s) Maria Govan
Writer(s) Mike Flynn
Air Date 6/13/2018

The Outsiders: Davis, Micah, Darla, Blue, Ralph Angel

With a bonfire to commemorate Ernest, those who aren’t part of the family, but have children in it, kind of get the cold shoulder. For Darla, she takes it in stride since she Ernest knew of her, surely, but they didn’t have a relationship. Plus, coming back into the Bordelon family’s eyes during such a vulnerable moment seems to be in bad taste.

However, it does slip that she is back so Nova surely will spread the word. Not that Darla will likely care though for all she wants to do is spend more time with Blue. She even commits to the statement that if Blue is in St. Jo, that is where she will be.

As for Davis? Well, him missing out on the event is a bit sadder since he did have a relationship with Ernest. Something he elaborates on more than he did in the past by noting her was not just a father figure by outdoing his biological dad in kindness, but he’d show up to games, randomly call, and really made him feel welcome.

Leading to the question of, when Davis had Tia, a child out of wedlock, 13 years ago, did he talk to Ernest about that?


Davis talking about all Ernest did for him as a father figure.
Davis: You know, Ernest meant more to me than most anybody realizes.

With Nova knowing Darla is back and her having time on her hands, oh I just hope she doesn’t start any drama. Let that woman live, redeem herself, and move on. Please don’t have Nova continue to be a hypocrite.

Oh, and this whole, Davis got another kid thing? I so badly want to say this is a desperate move. Primarily because, Davis’ storyline has been wrapped up for so long that he has been hanging by an ellipsis. Since Charley decided she wanted nothing to do with him, his only real claim to relevance was getting Micah out of holding. That and trying to talk Charley down from making the officer part of her next crusade and we see what happened with that.

So, here is hoping, that the whole Blue paternity thing wasn’t just the first of what will become multiple desperate maneuvers to spark new storylines. For, if I may be Frank, I honestly couldn’t give a damn about Davis or his bastard. I’d would have been more interested in him getting Tamar pregnant. Though, who knows, after their breakup, if we may ever see her again.

Learning To Trust Again: Hollywood, Aunt Vi, Remy, Nova

As Nova tries to figure out how to write her book, she and Remy have a bit of flirting going on. Something which picks up right from that kitchen scene they had last season. However, like then, while the situation raises an eyebrow, the teasing and what definitely seems to be flirting doesn’t really go anywhere really. One could even say they just trade compliments. While also Remy helps really solidify the ideas Micah and Aunt Vi give about making the book personal. Perhaps even autobiographical.

Switching to Aunt Vi and Hollywood, the struggle continues to meet the demand posed upon her. If it isn’t her kitchen arrangement being renegotiated it is transporting the pies un-smushed. Something Hollywood is dying to help with but memories of Vi’s ex-husband haunt her. Especially the idea of owing someone and them holding that over her.

Leading to Hollywood, as usual, having to handle Vi’s insecurities to the best of his abilities and proving she doesn’t have to worry about him like that. Which she agrees to do, with some caution, and so it seems she’ll let him buy a truck for her. A used one which will get fixed up, but that’s progress right. Now, about a new kitchen or oven…


Aunt Vi conveying that, while she has some troubles accepting Hollywood's help, she is going to try to accept it wholeheartedly.
Aunt Vi: You okay with that?

This Nova x Remy thing, I swear, is strictly for the point of causing drama down the road. For that’s kind of all Nova is good for. Having relationship, platonic or otherwise, drama. Which I thought was going to change since she is focusing on this book, had a memory about her dad and her fishing, and why it stopped, but then she gets flirty with Remy. And I’m not saying Charley is going to get jealous or flip out, but the show increasingly leans toward unnecessary drama for when some characters begin turning stale. If not things going too good for them.

Yet, thankfully, this hasn’t hit Aunt Vi and Hollywood’s relationship. For while, yes, Aunt Vi still plays into the drama, and can be irritating – like when she pushed Charley to take Prosper to the doctor when all Nova had to do was shopping – her relationship lacks drama. Well, at least the kind like when we learned Hollywood was married. At this point, the only issues there is Aunt Vi allowing Hollywood to help. An issue you understand since it seems she didn’t date much between her ex-husband and Hollywood to heal all of her old wounds.

A Fire That Sends Messages To Heaven: Prosper, Charley, Jacob

Charley’s latest discovery about the Landry family isn’t just how the company is split up, but also they are having EPA issues. Well, the land they lease does and that means folks like Prosper are losing their homes. Which, with Charley now having a small piece of the pie, makes that her problem and so she adds protecting the farmers, in a whole new way, part of her crusade. A promise she sends up to her dad during the bonfire.


Be it referring to Prosper or Sam Landry, Charley puts a note into the fire saying she'll take care of him.
Charley: I’ll take care of him.

While I have no doubt Charley is going to likely complete what she sets out to do, my question is what is going to be that setback that nearly breaks her? Or will it simply be her being distracted by Romero and helping Prosper until his daughter shows up? Because, as noted, increasingly as the show goes on, if things are going too well, something from out of nowhere pops up. So will it be something which makes sense for Charley or be something just out there which leaves not just her bewildered but us as well?

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. How did the press not learn about Tia when they were on Davis’ behind like white on rice? Much less, considering Charley seemed to handle most of the family finances, how could she not pick up him taking care of this kid? It didn’t seem like he just found out about her.
  2. While I get why Darla shouldn’t have gone to the bonfire, would it have been so wrong to let Davis go? Heck, invite him to go and see him maybe decline politely?
  3. So is Darla staying in St. Jo a means to cut costs, for the show, because her reputation as Star still exists in that area. Alongside the issue of Ralph Angel’s family being pricks towards her.

Miscellaneous Commentary


Blue relating to Nova and Ralph Angel missing their mother now that she is gone.
Blue: I missed her every day, too.

Whether it is because Ralph Angel sees himself as not having rights, though him signing Blue’s birth certificate I believe means otherwise, or him maturing, it was nice that he started to work with Darla. For with her really seeming gung-ho on staying, he doesn’t have much of a choice. Especially considering how her absence is something which seriously affects Blue’s mental and emotional well-being.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

Black folks ain’t got no time for writer’s block. Too much to say and not enough time to say it.


  1. Ralph Angel showing some maturity by not only talking to Darla but listening when she voices her needs and concerns. Thus allowing her to chaperone a trip for
  2. Aunt Vi allowing Hollywood to help her.
  3. Blue verbally expressing how he feels when Darla is away. As well as him taking control during the bonfire.

Low Points

  1. Davis having a 13-year-old who just happens to exist now.

On The Fence

  1. Remy and Nova becoming anything to each other besides friends. Particularly because you can see that relationship becoming a bigger focus than Nova’s book.
  2. This whole EPA thing and farmers losing their land. While I get that, with this being Charley’s main storyline in 3a, they have to make it big, there does come the question of how much will they dump on her? Especially considering there isn’t any real asking for help with this.
  3. Charley dating Romero, if only because there is this worry he’d just be a distraction or a boyfriend for the sake of having nearly everyone have a love interest.

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  1. All of the Bordelons are annoying but especially man-child, Ralph Angel. He is very judgemental for someone who is a felon and robbed places at gunpoint. If not for Aunt Vi, Ralph Angel would be back in prison after storing stolen goods in the shed at the farm. I get tired of seeing his whiny face.

    Frankly, Charley talks big but has yet to show she is really a good business woman. Once Charley knew about the shady Landry family and heard their threats against her family upon her return, she as a serious business person should have started a deep investigation of the Landrys. Yet she is constantly being surprised by some new revelation.

    As for Nova, she is another one who just flies by the seat of her pants – quitting her newspaper job without consulting an attorney as to ownership rights to her articles. Nova could have worked out an arrangement to be a freelance writer for the newspaper so she was still on good terms with them and the newspaper would support her writing the book. It is done that way all the time by journalists.

    Nova and Remy is a big NO. That is just wrong and they both know it. Charley is going to feel rejected again by another man – previously her father, then her ex-husband who now has a secret child, and currently her ex-boyfriend moving on to her sister. That is a lot to deal with while trying to save the community farmers.

    My major problem with Queen Sugar (and why I think it is not doing well in the ratings) is that the show tries to cover too many issues in each episode. In one episode I counted eight different socially relevant issues.

  2. Cem here. I agree with you Meagan. She is the least cold person on the show. I said “seemingly” because everyone else says she’s cold. I for one, thinks that she is the least cold and least judgmental out of everyone when it comes down to it. She has her standards, yes, but at the end of the day she’s a people person and works hard to get people to like her– a symptom of never belonging anywhere. She’s proved her self time and time again.we

  3. Honestly? She’ll probably have to do that forever. Nova, even with knowing the truth, has lived with Charley being an outsider and the reason her mom and dad weren’t together for decades. Also, Charley has remained a west coast girl who is adapting to southern culture. Which is still showing some growing pains every now and then, especially since she is trying to navigate southern Black culture, and what is expected, alongside how they do business in the south.

    So no matter the situation, and her best intentions, she is an outsider. One Nova even notes she can understand the good intentions of, but there is something to be said about people who live in the parish but aren’t from the parish. There is a certain arm’s length distance, as shown by all the food people consume at Charley’s parties yet they turned their backs on her as soon as there was a single warning sign.

  4. I feel like Charley is the least cold person on the show besides Aunt Vi, but gets absolutely no credit for it. She works SO HARD to take care of everyone around her, and all people do is ride her about her methods. You HAVE to be calculating to deal with people like the Landrys. You HAVE TO appear cold to warn people off. Remy’s inability to trust her turned me completely off him. How many times does the woman need to prove herself?

  5. I can honestly imagine RA and Darla, if just for Blue’s sake or desires, putting up a front which eventually could come off real to those like RA’s new love interest. Plus, Ra’s new love interest, Trinh, comes from a different culture. So there is also the question of how she’ll take RA’s ex, even if she shares a kid with RA, being around.

    Which, noting that, I gotta admit I’m interested to see what comes with the show not just focusing on Black culture in Louisiana but not bringing in what it means to be Asian in that state.

  6. With Asha and Keke probably just some typical teenage girl ish. I doubt anything that serious really happend.

    Although as much as we love Darla… How could RA’s new girl see Darla as some type of threat? Could you elaborate more on that. Like again we love Darla but uhh… She hasn’t always looked that put together or that confidante since the show started lol

  7. OOOOOOO Or else Asha becomes Micah’s first(?)! Especially since Keke is making them wait and clearly something went down between Asha and Keke in the past. Because they are only cool right now but it seems they used to be closer.

    I wonder what happened…

  8. With you saying that, I realize that Charley probably would have fired her eventually. If just because Darla may not have gone along with the plan.

  9. Talking about mess and drama for the sake of mess and drama… I’m going to say Asha..because why not. The writers could very much use this situation to have Micah talking to some other girl or and it hurts me to type this…use this situation for Micah and Keke to do it and then Keke ends up pregnant. Or they just do it to do it but Keke still ends up pregnant. Teen pregnancy or abortion on QS… why not.

    Sadly this is how I feel about the show right now. Why not. Whatever the writers plan on doing I now feel no reason to get upset or frustrated about it. It will all end up being why not for me lol Nova and Remy….why not.

  10. Who knows this show has done so much already… Its hard to make any predictions lol

    I think we were a bit navie to think we’d get to see Darla in D.C. or at least with her prents lol like the show got a budget and money but I dont think the writers really wanted to explore Darla like that even though they gave us so much. Although we are still early into the season so who knows. But I just hopehope we see more of Darla. From her new hair cut and her being back in St Jo’s its clear she must have some sort of new job away from the mill. Considering what the mill is going through right now its in Darla’s benefit now that she isn’t working there lol

  11. I honestly can’t even imagine Darla with someone at this point and I don’t know if I’d want her with someone anytime soon. Just because, it becomes unfortunate how often on shows there is this weird push to have everyone matched up with someone. All while teasing reconciliation with an old flame.

    And I bet you, RA’s new girl is going to see Darla as a threat even though there is way too much drama for RA to be ready to approach Darla like that. With his avoiding conversations that ain’t even that deep behind.

    Also, I get you. Nova and Charley nearly always got a roster of people who I’m sure would take them back if they said “Boo.” Yet they are increasingly becoming like most who may have their professional life on lock but their personal life? Pure madness.

    Oh, and I forgot to ask, who do you think Micah is going to confide in first: Asha or Kiki?

  12. RA = Man child. Like really dude is almost 30 years old yet he can’t deal with being alone… Yeah C and N have been single for a bit but you know what I mean. Nova kept a married man at arms length for years, once he was out of his marraige she was done.with him. Dr. B was a mess with Nova and her lack of commitment issues. Chanel was basically a booty call relationship if I can be honest. Now the possibility of Remy…..Trash. Charley and Davis were married for years. Remy was lack of communication and Charley being single for the first time and Remy trying fit Charley into a box that HE liked. Now Jacob or Romero for Charley now….sure why not. Aunt Vi and H been kicking it.

    As for Darla…..shes the only one who hasn’t been connected and put with anyone. Girl has been working on herself and her sobriety and her son. Would I like to see her with someone yeah…but in do time. She needs to get her and Blue’s relationship back on track first.

  13. Well, I guess the whole idea might be, “If you can’t beat them, join them.” Especially considering the ratings are steadily going down.

    Making me wonder, what would end game be for this show? Once Charley takes down the Landry family? Because, after that, what would be next?

  14. I wouldn’t say the family jumps from relationship to relationship. Charley and Nova have been single for a little bit… couple of weeks or months. As for RA? I think we got to remember he isn’t used to being alone. Whether it is his dad, Blue, Darla, or someone else, the man probably doesn’t remember a day in his life he didn’t have someone paying attention to him or wanting his time.

  15. Can’t believe Charley done messed up the mill…. Like wow. Also Davis and this kid. Who is 13!!!!! 3 years younger than Micah… What are the writers doing. You already had Blue and his storyline. Now you gotta add Davis in there too… Trash. Mess just have mess and drama.

  16. Yes you are wrong lol Homegirl could’ve had her shot lol but she didn’t take it. Also looking at where RA is now that woman don’t need all of that. Nor does the other woman RA plans on talking to next episode either.
    What is with the B family and jumping from relationships to relationships. Everything RA going through, smashing all of these random chicks, now he gonna start something with that chick from his job lol Sir sit down!!!

  17. “friend” is the perfect way to put it since we know no one on this show really has friends. If you aren’t having sex or family, they will rarely speak to you XD

  18. Yeah. Considering the mill is more or less down for the count after Charley sold it. Charley could use a friend to talk too. Although it is going to take a minute for me to not give Charley the side eye. Homegirl girl firing Darla still makes me eyes water just thinking about it.

    Now Darla should extend her hand in giving Charley support when Charley herself didnt do the same…I guess but then again we have seen Darla trying to better herself. So maybe she doesnt feel like being petty and heartless likeb
    Charley was to her. So Darla could very well accept Charley as a “friend” again.

  19. I honestly just want a Charley and Darla moment. Never mind the rest since Darla barely got close to them and Aunt Vi flip more often than meat at a BBQ. That Charley and Darla relationship was just too real.

  20. Yo Amari, you good? We have a few more things to discuss about QS. lol Check out my comment.

  21. Yeah. Like I said Darla wasn’t going to come back to Saint Jo’s with nothing. She came back ready to be a mother again. No more ashamed little meek little lamb Darla anymore. She made a mistake took her licks and now she is ready to be more than all of that.

    Now I need for Charley RA and all of the B family to see Darla at her job doing her thang. The B family know they was wrong, Charley firing Darla, Nova having the gall to dare raise her nose up at Darla, I need them to see that Darla is stronger than ever. She didn’t let them casting her out break her. Considering everything else their asses will be dealing with, Darla will be the last thought on everyone’s mind.

    Darla and Blue need space to reconnect and be together.

  22. Micah is definitely going to act out. Either that or internalize everything. Blue needs his mother and I’m so glad that RA is willing to work together. They both have matured and it’s great to see. Davis has lost all of Micah’s respect, but I’m sure Tia’s arrival will begin Davis’ redemption arc #2.

  23. I need to see what she is going to be doing for work and where she will be living at. It’s nice that she is back in town and has recommitted to her son, but I don’t want her story to strictly revolve around being a mom and RA’s ex.

  24. I agree Davis with another kid!!!! Wasn’t Blue’s storyline enough.They completely destroyed Davis and Micah’s relationship he ain’t never gonna respect him now.

    Glad Darla is back as well. She is still his mother and Blue clearly still wants to be with her as well. He loves her. RA can get with that other girl if he wants as long as he gives Darla and Blue their space so that they can reconnect. Spend more time together..

  25. Great review. I’m here for Darla coming back strong and unapologetic. I need them to stop putting everything on Charley. Everything that we saw and learned in this episode will affect her if she lets it. It’s too much. Especially the Tia thing– because it’s clear that that little girl is coming to live with Davis. She’s going to have to be doing some kind of coparent (for lack of a better word) thing of her own. Micah is going to want to know his sister. I think Charley is mature enough to deal with the child for Micah’s sake (and honestly for the Tia’s sake; while seemingly cold she has her moments of compassion; especially when it comes to the kids), but she’ll cut Davis off completely now.

    They are trying so hard to hang on to Remy, Davis, and even Nova. Just let them go somehow. All this unnecessary drama is agitating. Jesus I just realized we’re not even at the halfway mark with this season. This is a lot. The previews are looking extra messy.

  26. Great review. Did Darla come back looking refreshed or what. Were her eyes a bit wet yeah… But considering we are on episode 4 and we have yet to see a completely broken and down trotted Darla yet I think the writers maybe giving Darla a bit of a break. Although we still have the rest of the season lol Thoughts?

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