As Nova reminds us how tactless she can sometimes be, Ralph Angel decides to put his son before tryst and Micah adjusts to the changes in his life. Network OWN Director(s) Lauren Wolkstein Writer(s) Erika L. Johnson Air Date 6/6/2018 Actors Introduced Asha Nikko Austen Smith Trinh Vivien Ngo Khanh Tony Aidan Vo Benny Jaren…

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As Nova reminds us how tactless she can sometimes be, Ralph Angel decides to put his son before tryst and Micah adjusts to the changes in his life.

Director(s) Lauren Wolkstein
Writer(s) Erika L. Johnson
Air Date 6/6/2018
Actors Introduced
Asha Nikko Austen Smith
Trinh Vivien Ngo
Khanh Tony Aidan Vo
Benny Jaren Mitchell

The Secret Is Out: Nova, Ralph Angel, Hollywood, Charley, Micah, Aunt Vi

Being that Nova is a journalist and people are taking note of Charley somehow getting the Landry family off local farmers’ back, she is curious. And with Ralph Angel slipping that Charley has a plan, comes Nova deciding to confront Charley at the family table. Because, you know discretion isn’t her thing.

Thus putting Charley on the defensive and having to explain to everyone that the 1% she has in Landry’s family business is just the start of taking down the empire. However, no one but Ralph Angel really has Charley’s back. Even Hollywood chimes in and Charley decides to pull blood on him, which of course upsets Aunt Vi.

But, in the end, Charley gets the Darla treatment in a way. Even Micah leaves her out on a limb. Which gets addressed later on when he spends time with Nova who pushes the idea she approached things the wrong way. Primarily due to her being a storm the gates kind of person while Charley prefers having a seat at the table. They both have the same goal but don’t really understand the other person’s method.


Nova confronting Charley about being in business with the Landrys.
Nova: Are yuo doing business with the Landrys?

Is it wrong I thought everyone ganging up on Charley was a taste of her own medicine? For I’m still not over what she did to Darla by firing her over Blue not being her brother’s kid. Especially without letting her explain her situation or showing any decorum. So good that Nova and the rest ganged up on her.

Which I say recognizing that it continues a pattern of Charley feeling like an outsider and I’m sure Aunt Vi taking Nova’s side surely hurts a bit. Oh, and Micah joining them too? You know that had to be a stabbing in the side. For really, Charley has no consistent allies out in St. Jo. As Ralph Angel said, she is pretty much at the front lines and is alone out there. But again, she made this bed for herself by kicking Darla to the curb so, if she wants to continue the patterns in life which got her here, that’s her decision.

Getting To Belong: Asha, Micah, Keke

Keke and Micah now go to school together and it seems like things might be good, depending on Asha. Not to imply Asha is going to start anything, but considering how this show does drama, you never know. All that is clear is Keke and Asha are friends, were friends, but then something changed. Now they just are cordial. Well, at least until Micah found himself drawn to Asha’s clique. Who, with their mini-militant ways seem to be out of step with Keke and the direction Micah, thanks to Nova’s influence, is increasingly drawn to.


Keke and Micah walking down the hall together.

I’d hate to make everything trace back to Darla but I kind of have to. Not the character specifically, but the way her story was handled. For with the Blue reveal comes the question of what is possible for any and all relationships on this show. Like the one between Micah and Keke. Though they have had many a sweet moment, Micah is growing into admiring militant personalities and while it may sound creepy, it seems like his main influences are having an effect on the girls he likes or admire.

For, sans skin color, Keke and Charley seem similar to me. Just without the privilege Charley’s mom could afford her. Then when it comes to Asha, again sans skin color, we see someone similar to Nova. And I can’t say this is accurate or not, but as Micah evolves and comes into his own, breaking out of the molding Charley made, so comes the question if Keke, as sweet and loving as she is, will continue to be the one for him. Much less, if she isn’t, will a breakup be properly done or will it involve Micah repeating his father’s mistakes? Because patterns are a big thing on this show.

St. Jo’s Most Eligible Bachelor: Ralph Angel, Blue, Darla, Trinh, Khanh

Down at the docks, Ralph Angel has found himself to be quite popular with the family who employs him. His homeboy Khanh likes hanging out; sister Trinh, fresh from university, has some interest it seems; and their mother likes him as well. Heck, we even see another woman coming around all hours of the night because she is trying to lock down Ralph Angel. I’m talking about actual dating and not messing around in his truck or a part of the house Blue may not hear them.

And speaking of Blue, something is going on with that boy. From acting out to now peeing the bed, there is a change in the air and while all signs point to Darla, you got to wonder if there could be something else. Yet, to try to regain some stability, Ralph Angel decides maybe he needs to lay off being a ho for a while. Just because it could be affecting his kid.

Leading to us finally seeing Darla in the flesh and while Blue is over the moon, Ralph Angel is as awkward as ever. For he has been avoiding any sort of conversation with this woman since she left and nothing has changed. But with her physically in his space now, let’s see if he continues to avoid the conversations we know he doesn’t even want to be ready to have.


Darla holding Blue but looking straight at Ralph Angel.

Ralph Angel clearly has closed bits and pieces of himself off to avoid dealing with his emotions. Yes, he made had cried when he learned about Blue and that whole situation. However, it seems he only have himself that one moment and after that built up a dam for all those tears and feelings. Hence him messing around with people who either want to just hook up or might actually want a relationship. He is trying to stay numb and unaffected by life and I’d argue it is affecting Blue. Hence him acting up, having accidents and all that. Darla’s absence plays a role but Darla just got into Blue’s life. While a strong factor, all this didn’t happen before she came about.

So you can only look at the instability of the household. Women popping in all hours of the night, and we don’t even know if it is just the two we’ve seen or if there is more. Also, notice Ralph Angel doesn’t smile much anymore or is playful. Single parenting has hit him hard and while verbal exchanges are done saying he is a good dad, ain’t no physical help anymore.

Making Darla’s return something since you know Ralph Angel needs the help. Even if, like this lady he was seeing, all Darla does is give Ralph Angel some time to put himself first than Blue. For it really does seem that Ralph Angel, on top of everything else, is slowly losing himself to work, parenting, and trying to squeeze in some nookie in some attempts to keep who he is, outside of Blue, alive. So how he decides to co-parent with Darla and the terms of that, well that’ll be interesting.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Ralph Angel hires his first ex-con to his farm. A man named Benny Williams.
  • Hollywood graduated high school in 1993.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. So what is Keke and Asha’s relationship? Considering Keke taught Asha how to ride ATVs, I would like to say they were friends at one time. However, being that Asha just showed up this season, something had to have happened.
  2. With the book deal on pause and Nova quitting her job, how will she make money? Selling weed again? Because, while Micah did provide her an idea for her next book, which hopefully he gets credit for, unless she pours herself fully into that, I’m unsure how she is going to support herself.

Miscellaneous Commentary

Hollywood High School Reunion

With Hollywood doing quite well, of course he wanted to show off his new money and fiancée to his old high school friends. Who, like most friends on this show, we barely, if ever, see. Though with some woman Hollywood dated for like, three months, daring to call Vi the mother of Hollywood? HA, while Vi keeps it dignified, and Hollywood corrects her, you know the pain still hit. Especially as Vi’s physical pain hits her and reminds her of her age and situation.

Though, being the man he is, and showing he can learn, Hollywood doesn’t even bring up the obvious and just keeps it as smooth as peanut butter. Talking about how he tired, ran out of anecdotes and all that. When, in truth, he knows Vi tired and wants to make it so she isn’t uncomfortable anymore.

Ain’t he a good man?

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

The world’s not perfect. You know that. So, I don’t know why we expect our solutions to be.


  1. The complications of Charley’s decisions hitting home and her having to deal with, like many times before, feeling like an outsider with only the best intentions. Sort of like when her father died and she wanted a nice funeral but had to combat Nova on that.
  2. Really taking note of how powerful the influences of Charley and Nova, maybe even Aunt Vi, are on Micah’s life, decisions, and maybe even his romantic choices.
    1. Also, Micah having enough influence on Nova to present the idea for a new book.
  3. Darla has returned to St. Jo!
  4. Ralph Angel putting his son before his son maker.
  5. With the hiring of someone who just got out, Ralph Angel has found a way to provide an opportunity for those like him, and maybe even give them the patience he needed before he fully got himself together.
  6. With the inclusion of Trinh and Khanh, we get a taste of Asian culture and maybe a future love interest. If not, though I doubt it, the idea Ralph Angel has friends.
  7. How Hollywood handled the whole high school reunion trials. Especially in regards to any insecurities Aunt Vi had.
  8. Nova taking note, even after another impetuous dinner table fight, she respects Micah’s mom, as should he, it is just she doesn’t always agree with her methods. Yet, she knows what she does is out of love.

On The Fence

  1. While I like Asha, I do hope Micah doesn’t start or participate in something which could lead to some unnecessary drama with Keke. If he is going to break up with her, please just let it be like in Five Points.

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  1. yes. She’s the center of the show imo. Even without the mill drama– which is her biggest drama right now– she’d still be able to carry her weight in the show because she has a strong, solid built character.

  2. Really thinking about it, I agree. Charley has been the one who has had a bit of everyone’s storyline in her. She had a bit of Nova’s in terms of having relationships which were good for her but ultimately ended because she couldn’t see eye to eye with them. Like Aunt Vi, she found herself in a new act of her life, with new love at the time, and thriving. Yet, also like Ralph Angel, she dealt with a scandal which rocked her sense of family in the form of Davis cheating and how her mom was seen in the family.

    She is a taste of what everyone else focuses on just one bit of.

  3. yes! I think it started that way because she’s the better known actress. She gets top billing. I feel like they did that initially to promote the show. But I’m noticing slowly but surely, (if they don’t go by sibling order) they’re starting to call out Dawn last when introducing the cast at panels and interviews, and she gets the first seat. I recently saw a poster for a tv festival they attended and Dawn was center.

    I know Rutina has been center and gotten top billing, but idk it’s been apparent to me that Charley is the lead since Season 1. I will say the drama was a little more balanced between the siblings in S1, but the first episode and S1 finale cemented Charley as the lead for me, and so on into S2. Rutina has been a supporting character since most of S2 until now. Do you agree? I don’t know how the business works, but I don’t see her being top billing for long. Mostly because I don’t think it’s fair for her to be first if they’re not gonna give her the material that entails. I also think that her storyline lacking has to do with the fact that they don’t know what to do with Nova’s character. They put so many labels on her, they don’t know how to tackle them.

  4. It’s funny that you said Charley is the lead. I’m not sure if you follow the way the show is marketed, but if you do, isn’t it weird how Rutina Wesley (Nova) is usually the one who is front and center when it comes to marketing even though her storyline rarely is the one which seems pushed to the forefront?

  5. Charley, Ra, and Darla storylines have been a series of unfortunate events with all the misfortune and backlash they receive. I get that Charley is the lead, but it’s a bit much. Especially when you compare them to the other characters.

    Absolutely agree with what you said.

  6. I think at this point in the show, I just want it to be where Aunt Vi and Nova receive what they put out and sometimes organize. For Nova has come after Darla, Charley, and Ralph Angel in the most vicious of ways. Aunt Vi was downright nasty to Darla and even Blue is aware she isn’t fond of his momma.

    So considering the wild, sometimes random, things they do to balance characters out, I’m hoping they go full nuclear and get what is the worse thing to happen to people on this show: Feeling isolated and alone while you are already feeling insecure, down, and on unsteady ground.

    If only because, again, my favorite characters on the show keep experiencing so many ups and downs which are like mountain peaks and valleys while the rest may have struggle, but it doesn’t compare. At least the way I look at it.

  7. I don’t think almost counts. Vi was the only one who was cold towards Hollywood after that incident while the rest of the family was happily playing spades with him at the table. I was addressing the family ganging up on her from day one. And yes, Charley attacking Melina was horrible, but she’s the only person I can recall. While that was bad, she apologized for her mistake, something the family never does when they come after her.
    & the family learned about Nova’s affair in the storm episode– Aunt Vi scolded her, but that was it. I’m talking about the family yelling at, walking away or shunning Charley after everything they deem she’s made a mistake.

    Good point on Charley being envious of Hollywood’s relationship! He has been there. At this point though I don’t know what amount of time or good deeds she can do to feel like and to make them feel like she’s one of them. You’re right she’s on her own, and Micah not siding with her in front of the fam was brutal because he’s all she has.

  8. But it did almost happen to Hollywood when they found out about his now ex-wife and Nova? When she reveals one of her secrets, watch them all turn on her. If I recall right, everyone else doesn’t know about the Lupus so let that slip and I’m sure there will be anger there.

    And let’s not forget how Charley treated that girl who accused Davis of raping her. She was ready to destroy her life. Just because she couldn’t imagine Davis doing her like that.

    I think Charley probably envies how close Hollywood is to everyone while most of her relationships with them seem only good one on one but in a group, she is usually on her own. Struggling for attention and support.

  9. Been lurking for recaps and found yours- I love them!

    The family has been ganging up on Charley since Season 1, I felt like this scene was unfair. I don’t think her firing Darla for her brother, warrants the entire family to gang up on her as some kind of karma. That would mean that Nova or even Hollywood would get that treatment as well, since they both turned their back to Darla. I don’t ever remember Charley ganging up on anyone else, even when RA revealed the will she was angry, but trying to work it out with him. Nova was the one that was all in his face. Nova lacks tack. If she wanted answers, she didn’t need any backup from the family. She also didn’t need to stress Vi out. And while Hollywood may be just as much family to everyone else, he isn’t to Charley, who just showed up less than a year ago and didn’t take many visits back home.

    I feel like that scene highlighted that Charley is still an outsider and the family still doesn’t trust her. I know it hurt her that Micah didn’t leave with her, and Aunt Vi took Nova’s side. Vi taking Nova’s side is something she should have expected though. She usually does.

    I do agree with you about Micah. Keke/Charley + Nova/Asha is clear and I hate to say it, but I don’t see Micah and Keke lasting because of this parallel. It seems like the two girls have some kind of history, which would make for some good drama.

    I hope Ralph Angel and Darla are able to co-parent for Blue’s sake. I’m glad to see her return.

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