As the House of Abundance falls, a new house rises from the ashes. One which takes advantage of what either could be seen as a mistake or right decision by Blanca. Network FX Director(s) Tina Mabry Writer(s) Our Lady J, Steven Canals Air Date 7/15/2018 Laying Down The Law: Blanca, Lil Papi, Ricky Blanca had…

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As the House of Abundance falls, a new house rises from the ashes. One which takes advantage of what either could be seen as a mistake or right decision by Blanca.

Director(s) Tina Mabry
Writer(s) Our Lady J, Steven Canals
Air Date 7/15/2018

Laying Down The Law: Blanca, Lil Papi, Ricky

Blanca had very simple rules and one of them was not dealing drugs. Which, thanks to Ricky snitching on Lil’ Papi, Blanca ends up kicking him out. Thus sending Lil’ Papi back to the street. That’s even despite him putting out there he has been on his own since he was 13, was in and out of foster homes, and is a 20-year-old with an 8th-grade education. But, taking note of how her mother raised her, Blanca doesn’t do second chances. At least at the time.


Blanca interrogating her children to learn if Lil' Papi is a drug dealer.
Blanca: Lies are a form of disrespect.

Few things, I love how Blanca didn’t equate Angel doing sex work to Lil Papi selling drugs. Mind you, it was just weed, but drugs are drugs. In that, we got reminded of Lil’ Papi’s privilege as a cis man who could do anything because his gender identity, even his sexuality, is never questioned or part of how others identify him. Unlike Angel, even with his 8th-grade education, he has opportunities she may never have and she is relatively fish.

But also, we have to note that, despite her complicated relationship with her biological mother, as well as Elektra, she still used them for templates. Including taking a hard stance despite knowing the consequences for Lil’ Papi. Which went beyond just being homeless, but perhaps pushing him deeper into the drug game and even leading to him being arrested. Thus presenting another mark on him which will make his life hard.

As the Phoenix Dies, New Ones Rise From The Ashes: Elektra, Lulu, Candy, Mr. Ford

It has been two months since Mr. Ford and Elektra saw each other and with her friend downstairs gone, it seems they may never see each other again. Something which is a major problem since Elektra was dependent on that money and doesn’t seem able to find another source of income. Leading to her having to sell her stuff, attempt and fail to find a new sugar daddy, and the House of Abundance being burnt to the ground.

But, from the death of that house comes the rise of the House of Ferocity. A co-mothered house in which Lulu and Candy plan to run it with Cubby, Lamar, Veronica, Aphrodite, Florida and they add one more member later on.


With the two months that passed, you have to wonder what happened to the Elektra who turned over a new leaf? The one who seemingly wanted to be a better mother, win the love of her house without threats and fear? See, her downfall shows why it isn’t money which makes a house but love and mentorship. As Lulu and Candy note, Blanca barely got a damn thing yet she is on her way to being a legendary mother. All because she invests in her children and are kind to them. Maybe, as seen with Lil’ Papi, isn’t the most forgiving, but one bad apple is said to spoil the bunch right?

The End of One Relationship & Start Of Something New: Lil Papi, Angel, Stan, Blanca, Elektra, Lulu, Candy

With Elektra completely cut off from Mr. Ford, her children, and unable to find another sugar daddy, she finds herself becoming a dancer like Angel. Someone who also finds her sugar daddy exiting her life for with him separated from his wife, he finds himself seeing what a real relationship with Angel would be like. Something which works while they are in the world he tried to fight to be in, but when he enters her world, he feels as foreign as ever.

For, in a way, all Stan wants is to seemingly find his people. To not feel like he is constantly walking for a category and can just be who he is. Problem is, he has no means to define himself and with Angel not being the answer he has long for, internally, it seems he is walking away again. Even after DTR’ing their relationship.

Leaving the state of Lil’ Papi. After his arrest and the possibility of being drawn deeper into the drug game, he takes up Lulu and Candy’s offer to join their house. For while, yeah, they make him run errands, it is well established many will do anything to keep off the streets. So getting drinks and chores is probably the most dignified gig you can get. Especially coming from where Lil’ Papi does and knowing what his options are.

Yet, despite her being the one who kicked him out, due to guilt and enhanced by Lulu and Candy being nasty, Blanca says she will get Lil’ Papi back. She swears on it.


Stan noting that he came into Angel's world, tried to live as she does, just for a taste of freedom.
Stan: I just wanted a taste of what you have.

Taking note of the previews, you have to wonder if Blanca may have pity on her mother and let her join her house. For with an eviction notice, and no one to turn to, Elektra is homeless right? Plus, with Lil’ Papi gone, she got an extra bed. Granted, there won’t be glamour and it sure as hell will be humbling, but maybe this kick in the ass is just what Elektra needs. Maybe this will be the thing that makes her more kind and generous side stick. If not bring back that woman who mentored Blanca rather than this Disney Queen who seemed to hate any and all threats to her power.

And speaking of power, it should be interesting to see how Lulu and Candy are as mothers. Will they just be Elektra 2.0 and twice the trouble or take a Blanca approach to motherhood? With their treatment of Lil’ Papi, there are already signs they may be taking an Elektra path. Add in Candy got a hard shell and isn’t much of a softee, and Lulu is an ambitious girl and it don’t look good for the longevity of their house. For while they may rise from the ashes of Abundance, let’s not pretend these two girls aren’t pieces of work.

Leaving Angel. Well, to be honest, with Stan going back and forth so much and the only reason he was with Angel being Patty kicking him out, there was nothing cute going on. Him DTR’ing and saying he was her boyfriend didn’t seem like he made a choice but he settled for what he got. Yet, as he realized he still had his job, he has kids, and her world was no better a fit than the one he lived in, he decided to drop her – again.

Which is more frustrating than heartbreaking because we got pass so many hurdles in their relationship. We got pass the idea of her being a fetish or experience. They made it pass her being a mistress, and just when you think something could really come of this he enters her world and is like “Nah.” Now, granted, the category during that ball made things difficult for him to handle so you can’t blame him for being uncomfortable, but then came that one-two punch.

The punch being, he is only comfortable when she is in his world and not when he is in hers. Also, as much as he may kind of be comfortable with them being public, seemingly there are limits. Of which is the thing which is a major part of his life. And while you may want to give him props for not wanting to take her away from that, considering he follows that by ghosting her? It goes from sort of tragic to being an F*** boy move.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

Lies are a form of disrespect.
— Blanca

You’re upset because you have compassion and integrity. Important qualities to possess as a parent.
— Helena


  1. The fall of the House of Abundance may mean the resurgence of Elektra as a person. One who is less of a queen or diva and is that woman Blanca knew many years ago.
  2. Stan and Lil’ Papi being used to show the privilege of cis men who need not worry about being othered unless they enter spaces which weren’t made for them.
  3. What the House of Ferocity may bring to the show and ballroom scene.

On The Fence

  1. The need to question why Blanca went to Helena, rather than Pray Tell, when questioning what she is doing as a mother. Heck, going to Helena rather than maybe seeing Elektra even.

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