Orphan Black: Season 3/ Episode 9 “Insolvent Phantom of Tomorrow” – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

Introduction We are finally introduced to the Castor Original, and the person who is the original is probably the last person you’d expect. Unfortunately though, one of the characters already know the original pretty well. Characters & Story (with Commentary) Topic 1: Trust Issues – Cosima With Delphine handing over a file on Shay, and…

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We are finally introduced to the Castor Original, and the person who is the original is probably the last person you’d expect. Unfortunately though, one of the characters already know the original pretty well.

Characters & Story (with Commentary)

Topic 1: Trust Issues – Cosima

With Delphine handing over a file on Shay, and Cosima looking through it and becoming paranoid, she convinces herself Shay might be the snitch which led to Duncan’s book, as well as Rachel, being snatched. However, the truth of the matter is that Gracie, in order to save her beloved Mark, is actually the one who took the book and has been snitching. Leading to the issue of where this may leave Cosima and Shay? After all, in many ways, she did pretty much set up Shay to be tortured by Delphine, and with it being clear from the get go that Cosima was still recovering, and Delphine surely not seeming over Cosima, you have to wonder if Shay is the type which will forgive and forget, or will that chain on her door stay on.

Topic 2: You Threaten The Babies? – Helena & Donnie

While Allison is away campaigning, Donnie is trying to fix the mess he made by having a fight with Jason. Something which has led to not only his face looking like a UFC fighter, after he lost, but also we learn Jason has rescinded vouching for Donnie and Allison with Pouchy, the local drug distributor. Leading to Puchy’s henchmen coming in, looking for the pills, and unfortunately taking Helena’s frozen eggs.

But before we get to Helena’s revenge, let’s just speak on how happy she seems. For, as we have saw, Helena has quite a soft spot for children, almost in a Michael Jackson kind of way. She seems amused by them, wants to teach them, and perhaps live through them vicariously since her own childhood pretty much was filled with abuse. Such can be seen with how she interacts with Gemma, Allison’s daughter, who is taking karate and, of course, Helena watches and while she begins well by encouraging the girl to continue despite her size, her lessons in fighting go beyond that of the level Gemma is at. Thus leading a then loyal Gracie to remind Helena that their lives aren’t like that anymore.

A kind reminder for you can see that while Helena likes this life Allison has setup, which includes her making soaps, there is still that itch. One which she gets to furiously scratch for when she sees Donnie’s face, a anger builds in her. For while I had thoughts that maybe Helena may fall for the often belittled Donnie, the truth of the matter is that whatever love I saw in her eyes is part of her admiration. After all, from what we have seen thus far, while those of project Leda have all had mother figures, father figures are in short supply. And while Helena had a Prolethian father figure for a bit, he was as bad as the nuns. With Donnie though, while he may be weak, I think she likes the idea of a man supportive of his wife, and still mentally capable of commanding over his family. Consider it perhaps the old fashioned side of her.

Anyway, way alongside seeing Donnie beat up she learns her babies were taken. Which, naturally, leads to Helena making it obligatory for her to come along to see Pouchy. A meeting which, originally, Donnie does alone but, after too much time passes, Helena comes in disguised as Allison – which is a bit hilarious since she looks so dopey in the process. This, as you would expect, doesn’t end well. For while Donnie negotiates to get Helena’s babies back, Pouchy seems to think now he has Donnie and Allison by their genitals. Which isn’t what sets things off, but Pouchy’s niece threatening Gemma and Oscar. With that, Donnie gets pushed out the warehouse and, unfortunately, off-screen Helena butchers everyone in that warehouse and takes their money for her time and trouble.

Topic 3: Oh Mother, Oh Mother Of Mine – Sarah, Felix, and Mrs. S

In London town we find our main heroes and a lot of this storyline is spent walking down memory lane with Mrs. S. We meet her old friends, like Terry, see her perform with her old band, and hear a bit about her time shagging with Carlton back in the day. But, while the reunion begins happy, with us learning Ferdinand is close on their trail, and pretty much has most of Mrs. S’ friends, in some form or fashion, placed in a position where they are expected to tell him all of her movements, things don’t end well for most of her acquaintances. Terry dies, as well as this driver who Terry was speaking with about someone named Kendall Malone. Someone who, despite Mrs. S ready to bail on London, especially after Terry died, Sara decides to go after, with Felix following for support.

Leading to the odd moments in which we see Sarah channel her inner Beth, with gun in hand, and invading the home of Kendall. Someone who meets Sarah with a knife, and then Mrs. S arrives. With her arrival comes a bit suspicion, since we know Mrs. S isn’t against deals happening off screen, and with her telling Sarah to lower the gun, you know something is up. Low and behold though, half of the reason the gun has to be lowered is that Kendall is Mrs. S’ mum, and the other half is that not only is she the Castor original, but the Leda original. As for how? Well, back in the day Duncan was at a prison looking for subjects to test cancer drugs, and Kendall was in jail for killing Mrs. S’ husband. So, with her absorbing her brother in the womb, she apparently gained the ability to produce male clones. A shoddy explanation if I ever heard one, combined with the sadness which comes with the Castor original being related to an established character, but with knowing where next season is heading, I have already written off much of the nonsense of this season.

Things To Note

I’ve already watched the episodes, and remember most of what happens, but for the sake of making this review seem like any others, I’m still writing in a speculative manner.

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