Introduction While there is very little, but still significant, activity being done by Castor, the main focus is Rachel in this episode. She wants to break out and, in exchange, she will begin translating her father’s book. Issue is, she needs a new identity and trusting Rachel is a foolish endeavor. Though, in general, trust…

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While there is very little, but still significant, activity being done by Castor, the main focus is Rachel in this episode. She wants to break out and, in exchange, she will begin translating her father’s book. Issue is, she needs a new identity and trusting Rachel is a foolish endeavor. Though, in general, trust is in short supply. For whether it is Cosima trusting Delphine; Donnie trusting Allison; or anyone trusting Rachel, it does seem many relationships which already were strained get heavily tested. For more on the episode, look below.

Review (with Spoilers) – Below

Characters & Story (with Commentary)

The main focus of the episode is getting Rachel to translate Dr. Duncan’s book in order for everyone to finally move ahead in life. For between Cosima sick of her almost routine health issues, which are getting to the point she may need more stem cells from Kira, to Sara getting sick of all the nonsense which comes from Leda, Castor, and etc, everyone just wants the drama to be over. However, being that Rachel has never been for, or a part of, Clone Club, her help comes with strings attached. Said strings are busting her out of Dyad, since Delphine continues to threaten her life, and stealing the identity of a newly revealed clone named Crystal.

Now, neither Sara, or Felix who does the stealing, are fully comfortable with doing the act, but even with Crystal being a sweet valley girl type, who is smarter than she seems [1], their actions are a ends to a means. Unfortunately though, while they get a little more than a page translated, Dr. Nealon swoops in before more can be done and we learn he likely was working with Rachel to escape this whole time. Though, to add insult to injury, not only have Sara and Felix given Rachel and Nealon Crystal’s information, but essentially it seems they played a part in the two swapping lives. For, as of the end of the episode, Rachel is off toward freedom as Crystal takes her place in a coma so that Delphine is non-suspecting.

That isn’t the only problem for Clone Club though. Scott, being someone who can’t really defend himself, becomes the perfect liability for Rudy to use in order to retrieve “The Island of Doctor Moreau.” Thus leading to that book being gone and, during the time Dr. Nealon came to retrieve Rachel, he takes the copy one of Scott’s associated made as well. Leaving only the little Rachel translated bit about perhaps the original Castor being in London as anything to go on.

As for side stories, it seems both Gracie and Helena are in transition towards the Hendrix household with both likely helping in Allison’s drug operation. Gracie, so it seems, would work the counter as Helena makes the soap, and occasionally flirts with Donnie. Something which likely may become an issue for as much as Allison and Donnie seemed happy a few episodes ago, they are now back to arguing. Why? Well that kiss! One which is repeated in this episode and when Donnie confronts Jason, well it ends with Donnie getting his butt whipped. Leading you to wonder if, in revenge, would Donnie cheat on Allison with Helena? Possibly leading to the two crazier clones battling it out?


I’m not sure if Rachel is being written out or not, but either way I’m glad she is gone. If only because she is a shell of her former self and while her working with Dr. Nealon shows she still has tricks up her sleeve, it’s apparent a full recovery to old Rachel wasn’t going to happen. Thus leading me to hope that with Dr. Coady on Helena and Sara’s trail, hopefully she can take up the spot of show villain since even with Dr. Nealon’s actions, he is on so sporadically I doubt he can be fearsome.

The lack of a proper villain aside, I’m so glad Allison’s part in the show isn’t separated anymore, and with Helena, and I think Gracie, living with her, oh you know it is going to be comical. After all, Allison is pretty much the comic relief of the show. For while Cosima is talking about biological stuff, and Sara and Helena are usually sneaking around and trying to avoid being killed, there is Allison in her suburban home acting a fool and using Donnie as a side kick.


With it being episode 8, I must admit that the show doesn’t have the same excitement the first two seasons had. For even with there being a possible leak in clone club, the castor original maybe being around, and new villains, there is a lack of excitement. Part of the reason is because we don’t have a compelling villain, but I feel it mostly deals with this Castor story. For really, in the grand scheme of things, introducing a brother to the LEDA project to me just feels predictable and lazy. Then, what certainly didn’t help is that you have Tatiana Maslany with her established clones which are all quality and so good that sometimes you’d forget they all are played by her, and then you have Ari Millen who thankfully has been cut down to doing one clone. Of which, said clone Rudy isn’t even anywhere near as interesting as Dr. Leland or Rachel. He pretty much is your run of the mill science project gone wrong and the cheapness of his introduction ruined any potential for his build.

Leaving me to wonder, can this show rebound next season? For right now I think it is safe to say this whole Castor arc is a bust and perhaps end game needs to be setup. If only because, like most shows, Orphan Black has reached the point where it can either prep to go out in a blaze of glory or continue to stretch itself to the point where you are left questioning why didn’t someone just admit they ran out of ideas?

Things To Note

[1]: It seems, per Felix going through Crystal’s things, she was investigating the Castor twins who attacked her. Leading to the question of whether she may have had a partner?

Where is Art? Much less, where is Dr. Marian Bowles? Did she die or something?


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