Overview With us learning the Castor clones share some of the genetic issues of the Lydia clones, and handler issues, we begin to see what is pushing those like Rudy and Mark to try to venture out for themselves and survive by any means possible. Review (with Spoilers) – Below Characters & Story (with Commentary)…

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With us learning the Castor clones share some of the genetic issues of the Lydia clones, and handler issues, we begin to see what is pushing those like Rudy and Mark to try to venture out for themselves and survive by any means possible.

Review (with Spoilers) – Below

Characters & Story (with Commentary)

Topic 1: Detective Bell Returns (Art & Sara)

Rudy brings another girl to his room, not a Lydia clone this time and, as they begin to pursue hanky panky, Seth tries to join and is rejected. This leads to an odd moment of hair collection and taking note of all her information, and then a dismissal. Something she reports to the police and being that Art knows Sara is into weird stuff, he calls her up. Leading to her trying to get into his case, as Beth, and threatening his reinstatement as a detective.

Ultimately, though, we are left unsure why they took the hair, much less the girl’s information. Well, unless they are planning to mate the Castor clones and want a good host. But, then again, that may end up being why they have Helena.

Topic 2: This Was Not Part of The Deal (Paul, Mrs. S, Sara)

Like Cosima, it seems the Castor clones have genetic issues which they seemingly are unable to fix. Thus leading to Rudy, their Sara, to try to handle things. Unfortunately, though, his method of handling things involve trying to push Sara into revealing if Duncan left any clues. Which, naturally, means Kira being used as bait.

Though, especially if you ask Paul, it isn’t like Sara didn’t bring this onto herself. For while Mrs. S has a strong part in this, since she sold out Helena to the Castor Black-Ops group, it isn’t like Sara is capable of leaving the situation alone. For one, she sees her sisters as just that, so whether it is Helena, Cosima, Allison, or someone new, she is going to be the big sister she acts like. However, when it comes to Paul’s point of view, her looking into Castor, interacting with them, and perhaps going against their training, it seems he may think of it as a bad influence. Which, considering how the majority of them are so alike, perhaps it is.

Especially for Paul since, as revealed during his conversation with Cal [1], among other scenes, he seemingly is #2 when it comes to the Castors, and likely trained a good portion of them. For whether it was weapons; infiltration, like he did with Dyad; or many other things a soldier needs to know; it is hard to argue that Paul isn’t good at what he does. I mean, he does slip every now and then, but he is only human.

Topic 3: While Sara is Away, The Other Sisters Will Play (Helena, Cosima, and Allison)

Beginning with Cosima, Scott convinces her to meet with Dr. Neilly, the man who replaced Leiky, about her health progress; and during that time it is revealed that they, Dyad, are unaware that the original genome information does exist. If only because they assume the Duncan family took it to their graves.

As for Allison, being that Donny is out of work, and Allison is committed to being a housewife, money is beginning to become tight. So to fix that problem, and help Allison with her campaign to become school trustee, in comes Ramon – the suburban drug dealer. Someone who Allison convinces to sell his business to, as well as his contacts, to kill two birds with one, or a handful, of pills. A storyline which likely will give Allison something to do as her sisters pursue more interesting, and less mundane, subject matters. Though, being that it is Allison, likely some “out of left field” moments will arrive.

Thus leaving Helena. Currently, she is being held somewhere which looks like it probably is nowhere near the UK and it seems Dr. Cody, aka Momma, who is the head of the Castor soldiers, has a great investment in her. So great that she ends both a stress test done on Helena, which includes waterboarding and this odd exam the Castor clones do. One which includes a lot of comparison questions which are simple, yet sometimes require a moment’s thought. However, as simple as they seem, it seems for some like Seth, it becomes part of what drives them insane.

Luckily, though, Helena has her scorpion to help keep her wits, and bring some comical moments, and while Dr. Cody may be new, she does present herself as interesting. However, with her goal currently being to bring Helena to their side, and have her maybe turn against her family, who knows how long she may last. After all, pregnant or not, Helena is very protective of her family, and speaking ill about them often brings violence.

Things To Note

1: In which it is said Cal was a weapons profiteer who is still a monitored person of interest.

Rudy shoots Seth after he has what sort of looks like a seizure.

We see Mark at the end of the episode and he seemingly plans to remove his Castor tattoo by fire and burning his skin off.

I’m glad Kira is seemingly being taken away from all this madness by Cal. For while Kira isn’t as annoying as many child actors are in shows like this, she is just too much of a liability, both in terms of enemies taking advantage of her, or Mrs. S going against Sara to protect her. Though with her leaving, as well as Cal possibly, comes the question of whether now the show is going to match their departure with more Castor clone arrivals.

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