Overview As the season comes to an end, an old enemy from the 1st season seems to wink at us from the darkness. Letting us know that as the Castor originals, they are ready to step back into the role of the show’s villain. Characters & Story (with Commentary) Topic 1: Where in the World…

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As the season comes to an end, an old enemy from the 1st season seems to wink at us from the darkness. Letting us know that as the Castor originals, they are ready to step back into the role of the show’s villain.

Characters & Story (with Commentary)

Topic 1: Where in the World is Rachel, and Who Is She With? – Rachel & Delphine

For quite sometime it seemed Rachel had made a deal with Nealon, and had found herself the freedom she so desperately wanted. Truth is though, she ended up almost as far down on the totem pole as her sisters, in some ways. I say that because she has become an experiment for Nealon, for now she has a bionic eye and, to make things very interesting, it seems she shall be a mother to Charlotte, the girl Dr. Bowles introduced to us. But here is the real kicker – Rachel’s mother we learn is alive and well.

But that isn’t the sole surprise. Delphine is slightly surprising as well. For between her going toe to toe with Ferdinand, and politely telling him to screw himself, then nearly killing Dr. Nealon, it shows the once meek girl who seemed to be Aldous’ play thing is anything but. She is a boss in her own right, though maybe a tad over her head. For upon learning Dr. Nealon is a neolutionist, and her warning Sara and company, it seems her fate becomes sealed. In a parking lot she finds herself with an unknown adversary, and her final words are “What will happen to her?” Leaving us with the question: out of all the clones we know, which one could her be? Krystal, who Delphine discovered was not Rachel as Nealon hoped; could it be Cosima, and Shay is the shooter; or hell, could it even be Rachel the one she is worrying about? Only next year’s season premiere will tell.

Topic 2: What Are Sestras For? – Helena and Allison

Despite Dr. Nealon being handled, he is just one of many who had to be dealt with for the Neolutionist to rise back to prominence on the show. The other issue comes from the Castor clones. Our current villains who have dragged this show to such depths that what else could the program do but go to the villains who have been in hiding for what feels like forever.

But, cutting to the chase, Dr. Coady tasks Rudy with finding a way to get Kendal, the Castor/ Leda original, by possibly using Allison as he used Kira. Thing is, Helena is close by and, with Donnie bringing her Jesse, arguably she would do anything and everything for Allison and Donnie, as she has come to do for her other sestras. Leading the two, Rudy and Helena that is, to have a prison fight in which, due to Rudy being at the end of his life, Rudy doesn’t provide much in the way of entertainment. In fact, it is a rather sad and disappointing fight.

Still, it leads to another coffin of what was presented in season 3 being closed and hopefully buried deep. Before we end this topic however, it should be noted Allison is now a school trustee. A joy she shares with all her clone family, and with them all at the dinner table, it shows how much Allison has found in them that she couldn’t necessarily find in her mother.

Topic 3: New Deals, and the False Sense of Peace – Sara

But what is a Orphan Black finale without deals and betrayal? Well, for once, Sara is in on the deal. Said deal is between her, Ferdinand, and Mrs. S, in which Kendall’s genes will be shared, but Kendall herself would not. Thus allowing Ferdinand to have something for topside, Sara, though mostly Cosima, to work on a cure, and Kendall remain hidden. This deal seemingly goes swell. Ferdinand gets what he wanted, Cosima has some blood to test on, and outside of Ferdinand’s man being a neolutionist, leading to topside not getting the genes, all is smooth. In fact, even Dr. Coady gets handled. Albeit, we don’t see her die, meaning she could always rise to power once more, but with her taken by topside, there is just a slightly less chance the neolutionist may get a hold of her and the Castor clones, or weaponized clones period, may rise.

Leaving us with a rather happy ending. Kendall is off to be with Kira, in the middle of nowhere, and we get to watch Sara snuggle with her daughter. So ends another season.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned, I’m glad this Castor scenario is done for Ari Millen just made a horrible villain. Be it because he was being compared to Tatiana Maslany, when it came to trying to make multiple characters distinct, the writing, or just his abilities. Either way, In comparison to Rachel, and the Neolutionist of the first season, the quality dipped. To the point, I honestly wonder if bringing the neolutionist can really lead to a bounce back.

Granted, Susan Duncan (Rosemary Dunsmore) could very well be the villain this show needs, and could present an interesting threat to this unending cycle which is Sara’s quest to just have a normal life to safely raise Kira, but this season has just shaken my faith to the point I’m not firm in my belief things can turn around. Though, considering Helena has Jesse; Allison now has to deal with local politics; Cosima has to find a cure; we have to figure out who shot Delphine, much less learn if Shay may stick around; on top of Rachel’s new situation with her mom; combined with the reintroduction of the neolutionist, maybe my worries are unfounded. Only season 4’s premiere episode can prove my feelings wrong or right.

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