Overview Helena takes the week off as Allison comes back to center stage. Review (with Spoilers) The stakes are upped quite a bit this week. Mrs. S and Sara team up to put a major crack in the Dyad Institute; Cal continues to show how attached he is to Kira, as well as Sara in…

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Helena takes the week off as Allison comes back to center stage.

Review (with Spoilers)

The stakes are upped quite a bit this week. Mrs. S and Sara team up to put a major crack in the Dyad Institute; Cal continues to show how attached he is to Kira, as well as Sara in extension; and Vic tries his best to prove his worth, but can’t stand up to Clone Club. Add in Donnie and Ethan creating quite a chain reaction of events and you got one hell of an episode.

Topic 1: Running out of Time – Cosima

With each passing episode, it seems Cosima’s time with us becomes more limited. For even with the reveal that Kira is the source of Cosima’s stem cells comes the issue that Delphine tried to keep her from this information. Thus forcing Cosima, once more, out of this complacency in thinking Delphine was 100% on her side. But, with Kira possibly holding the cure in her little hands, one that the others may one day need, Cosima is in a bit of a pickle. For while she probably has had the least amount of time around Kira, and probably can’t trust Delphine or the Dyad Institute around her, she knows that she can be the catalyst for great things, leading her to ask Sara to help.

Topic 2: Family Day – Allison, Felix, and Sara

Though, at this point, as Cal gets more and more involved with his assumed daughter, Cosima may have to ask him for permission as well. For, after who knows how many days or weeks, Cal seems quite taken by Kira and is ready to defend her as much as Felix and the rest. But with Sara cagey about information, it makes him trying to be one of her champions immensely difficult. Even with him knowing the Dyad Institute is involved in Sara being on the run, much less Kira’s aunts being part of the reason the three of them can’t just disappear in Iceland somewhere, Sara seems unwilling to get him fully involved.

Sara isn’t the only one having issues with her family, though. With “Family Day” at the rehab center, Donnie is back around. Something which is only good for Allison since she dearly misses her kids, but unfortunately on the eve of Family Day Allison confides in Vic about her letting Aynsley die. With this, Vic has what he needs to get a new start, but Allison overhears him trying to snitch, so she calls in the one person she can count on: Felix.

Upon arrival, Felix tries to make terms with Vic, but he seems too ready to turn in Allison for freedom, at least until the mention of Sara. You see, despite it all, Vic still has a thing for Sara and seeing her seems to be all he wants, and when she arrives he tries to make a case for them to reconcile and get back together. Luckily for Sara though, Felix handles the matter by having Vic’s tea drugged. But, there still remains the issue of Angie roaming the halls, and Allison and Sara being forced to swap places. But, all of it ends well, mostly.

Topic 3: Family Day (Part 2): The Toll of Keeping Secrets – Donnie, Rachel, and Mrs. S

If just because we have yet to factor Donnie into the drama of “Family Day.” You see, we learn that Donnie isn’t “self-aware,” in the sense that he didn’t know he was a monitor nor that there were clones. He, at best, was a stooge for Leekie and with Allison really laying it into him, this upsets him quite a bit. But, Donnie isn’t the only one upset with Leekie. With Mrs. S having Ethan and working out a plan with Sara, they decide to attempt to divide and conquer. A good plan since a new character named Mirian has revealed herself and she seems either on, or above, Rachel’s level, and seems to be the deciding factor in who wins between Leekie and Rachel.

And Mrs. S covers herself on both sides by making a deal with Leekie to protect Kira, and then arranging a meet between Rachel and Ethan, with Paul as a chaperone. This reunion leads to Rachel becoming more complex for while she maintains her composure, she does soften upon seeing her dad, and despite Leekie raising her, and not seeing Ethan 20 some odd years, she seems to slowly revert to being his little girl once more.

However, with Rachel seeing her dad, and learning his truth, comes the question if she will betray her father or Leekie? A question which lingers in the air until Rachel contacts Mirian and their conversation hints that Leekie is to be taken out. Rachel though, like due to Leekie raising her, decides to bestow a goodbye gift on Leekie by providing him a warning as he is dismissed. One in which he is allowed to know he is to be setup to die, and with this Rachel cleans herself of him.

Donnie on the other hand, well he doesn’t get closure. I mean, he does stalk and eventually gets to talk to Leekie after threatening him with a gun, since Leekie tries to dismiss Donnie, but their conversation goes nowhere. For one, Leekie openly insults Donnie as Donnie goes on about how Leekie ruined his life, and then there is the gun. Donnie, to our knowledge, isn’t a trained soldier like Paul, nor Daniel. In fact, he is probably not the type of person who should have a gun, and the ending of the episode shows why. With him erratic, readying to quit, he bumps his hand against steering wheel and then Dr. Leekie ends up losing his head, well more so a good chunk of his brains. For Donnie accidently shoots Leekie in the head. Probably not what Dyad had planned, but the job is done.

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