Overview We discover Ethan Duncan and watch many bonds are formed or strengthened. Review (with Spoilers) With the discovery of Ethan comes a turning point. He is one of the leads of Project Lyda and gives us quite a bit of information. But, with his confession comes the need to reevaluate who truly is…

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We discover Ethan Duncan and watch many bonds are formed or strengthened.

Review (with Spoilers)

With the discovery of Ethan comes a turning point. He is one of the leads of Project Lyda and gives us quite a bit of information. But, with his confession comes the need to reevaluate who truly is the good guy, bad guy, and the possible indifferent. And while the main mystery evolves so do the relationship between characters. Vic returns to the show and befriends Allison; Sara and Helena bond as they venture to Cold River; and Mrs. S shows up and lets us know whose side she is really on. Making for quite an episode.

Topic 1: Fake Bonds – Allison and Vic; Delphine and Cosima

With Allison in rehab, she is naturally without access to her sisters and only has Donnie. Someone who she despises so much, especially when he threatens to not let her see her kids. But, with Vic’s arrival comes a familiar face, which strangely becomes a friendly one. For despite Allison knowing Vic was abusive to Sara, and her own personal experience with him, his personality has seemed to have changed since we last saw him. Though in reality, while maybe he has changed, he still has no love for Clone Club, and we find out he is working with Angie to get charges against him dropped.

As for Delphine and Cosima, while Delphine still seems very much like someone Cosima trusts, perhaps too much, with Cosima’s friend/ peer Scott joining the team, she, Delphine, has a moment which leads to me questioning if she has really distanced herself from Leekie all that much. After all, when we first met Delphine she seemingly had an intimate relationship with the man, and yet now she seems to put on a performance when he is around. So, perhaps to keep up the ruse, they don’t show us viewers what the two maybe up to, but as Scott finds out that the stem cell donor maybe close in some way to the clones, Delphine looks about like she knows something; then, promptly after, she tells Scott to never bring up what he said, or this bit of research, to Cosima. Something a girlfriend, or whatever she is, wouldn’t do if she really cared now would she?

Topic 2: Strengthening Bonds – Sara & Helena

With Sara and Helena’s road trip to Cold River comes them bonding and acting like true sisters. They talk about having kids, and what it is like to be a mother; have moments when Helena annoys Sara and yet she finds it tolerable since seeing Helena genuinely happy seems rare; and you can see that while Helena is still a bit cautious in fully trusting Sara, as Sara is Helena, there is something between them.

But, this time of bliss sadly doesn’t last. For while Sara digs in Cold River’s archives and discovers what work was done there, Helena goes drinking at a bar. Which allows us to see her experience, not just the joys of sisterhood, but also boys. One boy in particular, Jesse, she has quite the time with and they drink, talk, arm wrestle, dance, and even kiss. Unfortunately, though, one jackass ruins all Helena’s fun and Helena, in retribution, brutalizes him and his friends. Leading to Helena getting arrested just as Sara walks out of Cold River.

Leading to a quite odd moment in which Sara doesn’t end up being the one to pick up Helena from the police, but instead Gracie and Mark. Then, to make matters even stranger, Helena goes with them. The reason? Well, with Helena knowing that they took an egg from her, and Gracie talking about how they are to make a baby, it seems Helena’s envy of Sara having a child makes it so that even if it must be a Prolethian baby, at least it will be her baby.

Topic 3: The Curse of Being Ethan Duncan – Sara and Mrs. S

As noted, Ethan Duncan, going by the name of Andrew, is, in fact, alive. The Bird Watchers seem to be protecting him. But, with Paul following Sara for most of the episode, it seems his safety maybe threatened. But, Mrs. S tries to fix this potential issue. For, since she is a bit more astute than Sara, she sees Paul being the stalker he is and decides the two need to have a chat. During this little chat, Mrs. S reveals she somehow knows about whatever happened in Afghanistan and mentions that Paul could use some friends. But, let it be known, though she is trying to make friends, Mrs. S seems team clone club and vows to kill Paul if he gets in her and Sara’s way. And perhaps her needing to get to Ethan before Sara was just so that whole bargaining chip thing couldn’t be done.

Focusing on the Ethan and Sara conversation, which happens as Mrs. S and Paul talk, we learn quite a bit. For one, Ethan wasn’t the brains of project leader, Susan was. But don’t let this imply he is stupid, if anything he was the conscience of the project. Which can be derived from how much guilt he seems to have, as well as how he speaks of his Rachel. But, as you listen to him talk, and see his environment, you have to wonder why is he with The Bird Watchers in the first place? Said answer? Dr. Leekie. We learn Leekie is the one who caused the fire and killed Susan, and seemingly Ethan, for they wanted to expose everything. Not to mention, Leekie wanted Rachel. Showing how that sweet girl in the video became this cold and calculated woman.

Leaving us unsure of what Sara and Mrs. S’ next move maybe, outside of maybe trying to find a cure for Cosima maybe?

Things To Note

I found it odd Helena didn’t pick up, or act, on Paul following them. It is so unlike her.

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