Overview With Helena taking a more prominent role comes access to some of the information she has gathered over the years. Review (with Spoilers) I’m not sure about the rest of you, but pretty much my favorite clone is Helena. She is the most drastically different of the clones, and I must admit I find…

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With Helena taking a more prominent role comes access to some of the information she has gathered over the years.

Review (with Spoilers)

I’m not sure about the rest of you, but pretty much my favorite clone is Helena. She is the most drastically different of the clones, and I must admit I find her manner of talking, and what she says, to be a bit odd and comical. But, with her personality also comes a lot of intrigue since she is the least predictable and probably has more secrets locked up in her kooky head than we may ever know. Still, what matters most is that she is with Sara, and be it Helena is getting used or Sara does see her seester in the way she conveys to Helena, only time will tell.

Topic 1: Double-Crossed – Rachel & Cosima

With Daniel dead, someone new has to take his place as Rachel’s monitor, and she nominates Paul. Someone who, she notes, has had a thing for Sara, but seemingly either that is in the past, or he is deeply imbedding himself in the Dyad to maybe one day come out #TeamCloneClub. It is hard to say, but what is known is that being self-aware has allowed Rachel quite a few privileges, including outranking Dr. Leekie, who she notes has acted as a guardian to her after her parents’ death.

But, Leekie isn’t to be fully trusted, though. But, to explain why, there is a need to bring up everyone’s favorite guy: Felix. You see, as one of Paul’s first assignments being directly under Rachel, she wants him to coerce Sara to step in line. To do so, naturally, Paul goes to her weakest link – Brother Felix. At the worst time possible mind you. For, just as Felix is about to get some vitamin D, the Dyad’s men bust in and Paul forces Felix to touch the gun which killed the officer who was at Cal’s place. Thus making him a murder suspect.

Then a message is relayed to Sara about this, and this is when Leekie not being trustable comes into play. Now, we already know he is a bit two face when it comes to his dealings with Cosima, but with her being sick, and him finding a possible stem cell cure, deals are made. For the stem cells Cosima sets up a meet with Sara, in which it is negotiated that for Felix, Sara will deliver the Swan Man, and for this, Leekie says he will help free Felix. All the while Paul watches and makes you wonder if Leekie will be a man of his word, or is just a lackey playing his position and saying what is needed to get the results he wants.

Topic 2: Swan Man – Helena & Sara

But, back to the Swan Man, with Helena free, though under the watchful eye of Sara and her allies, she begins revealing little stuff about herself, as well as directing Sara toward information she may require. And while this happens, we see little Gracie locked in isolation for what she tried to do to Helena, and while originally she vows not to speak, and has stitching over her mouth to prevent her from eating, she eventually confesses. Then she is told, if the Prolethians can’t get Helena back, that baby they have made will be put in Gracie. An idea I’m sure she isn’t fond of.

Going back to this Swan Man thing, though, after Helena is given clothes by Felix, she becomes Art’s captive. During this time, Art tries to investigate her and doesn’t learn much besides how the nuns abused her at 7, and her involvement with Maggie Chen. This name brings quite a bit of intrigue to Art, especially upon mentioning a locker of some kind. But, with his back turned for a minute, we see Helena without her handcuffs and Art in some type of hold. Making it so when Sara leaves Felix’s to go to Art for help, he is handcuffed to a support beam.

Luckily for him, though, it seems Helena just wanted to slow them down, not do any serious damage. So, she leaves them a puzzle, leading them to Maggie Chen’s locker, and with their arrival comes a discovery of Helena’s hideout. Perhaps showing, despite all that has happened, Helena is increasingly trusting them, even if with some hesitation. And during their time investigating the locker, they find a picture of the Swan Man aka Ethan Duncan, Rachel’s dad.

Now, this is big because, per Leekie, the original genome used to make the clones is gone, seemingly dead with its creators. But if Ethan is alive, and somewhere around 70, there is a chance to discover the genome and this could not only do wonders for Cosima’s sickness but the Dyad Institute. Thing is, though, another thing discovered in Helena’s hideout is a sniper rifle case, missing the actual rifle. Leading on another chase in which they find Helena ready to pop Rachel and interrupt her sexy time as she did Felix’s. As for who is her partner? Well, it seems her monitor doesn’t just report information to Leekie but also is obliged to have sex with her. And, from what we see, Rachel is a bit of a dominate one when it comes to sex. Perhaps explaining why Daniel always looked so drained and tired, that woman probably ran him ragged.

Sexy time aside, what matters most in those moments is that Sara convinces Helena not to kill Rachel, and either through manipulation, or speaking from the heart, gets Helena emotional enough to seemingly feel like Sara maybe her sister, and not just another person trying to use her. In fact, Sara even gives Helena a nickname, meathead, which she hates, but perhaps this is showing that the two truly maybe sisters in the traditional sense, and not just for the sake of survival/ investigations.

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