Orphan Black: Season 2/ Episode 2 “Governed by Sound Reason and True Religion” – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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We take a look inside the Prolethean operation, as well as learn about the whereabouts of Kira.

Review (with Spoilers)

As Orphan Black continues to slow feed the complexity of their universe, naturally each episode leads to more questions than answers. What is project Lyda? Is Rachel truly a villain, or perhaps misunderstood? What will come of Art’s investigation into the clones? And a slew of other questions are all presented as the show attempts to provide us with some answers.

Topic 1: The lives of Cosima and Allison

After Sara’s break in, Dr. Leekie is naturally a bit cautious and worried about Cosima’s involvement. But, being that the clones rarely keep each other completely in the loop on things, Cosima claims innocence. However, Sara’s demands about Cosima getting her own lab, last episode, are heard, and seemingly provided. Albeit in an outdated lab, but with an apparent budget which may hold no bounds, and with Delphine to help, Cosima can likely get all the things she can want.

One thing perhaps she didn’t consider was a visit from sister Rachel. Now, despite Cosima’s shade about Rachel getting her butt kicked, they have a calm conversation. Part of it deals with Cosima’s health issues, especially considering Katja’s. But, another part deals with the subject of Sara being able to birth a child. Something both Rachel and the Prolethians seem interested in. And while, naturally, the Dyad Institute are probably interested in it for their research, a part of me wonders if Rachel, despite this hard exterior, may wonder why Sara could have a baby because she wants one? Though maybe this is just my hope that Rachel is more interesting than she seems.

Especially since Rachel’s story, even as the head of the Dyad Institute, is sort of boring to me. But, while Cosima and Rachel try to find a mutually beneficial relationship, Allison seems to be drowning. With Aynsley’s funeral comes a bit of guilt, especially upon learning Donnie is her monitor. And while she has a new friend, in the very friendly Sara of the play, she seemingly needs a real friend, and that person is Felix.

Problem is, as much as Felix loves the odd suburban appeal of Allison, his loyalties lie with Sara first and foremost. And while watching Allison freak out, with Felix unable to help her, you do have to find it a bit sad that after the reveal their lives have become so lonesome. Cosima now only has Delphine, who is a double agent who I still remain unconvinced of her loyalty; Allison lost all her friends due to having sex with Aynsley’s husband, and now all she has is Felix and the other Sara who she doesn’t seem exactly the most fond of; and Rachel seems like she is just a functional version of Helena, though without combat training.

Topic 2: The Prolethians – Helena

Speaking of Helena, in this episode we learn much more about the organization which has raised her since she was 12. Bringing to question whether she was kidnapped from her original home in a convent, or if the convent was already ran by Prolethians? Either way, they take her from the hospital, before Angie can investigate her and dip her nose into clone business, and for a good part of the episode, we learn quite a bit about the Prolethian cult.

For one, they seem split between being modernized, and being fanatics as Tomas’ sect. Pastor Henry and Mark, as well as other members, present a side to the Prolethians which is a bit more forward thinking. One which embraces the religious side of the past, but also the technology of the future. But, while they do seem a bit more forward thinking, and kinder, than Tomas, they are still a bit screwed up. After all, Mark, the guy who chased Sara in the diner in the last episode, was part of a duo which had no problem killing the cook. Plus, being as cultish as they seem, you know that just them killing Tomas in cold blood isn’t likely the only thing they have ever done which could give a person pause. But, with Helena in their possession, and an interest, like the Dyad Institute, on whether Sara maybe the only one who can have children. There is an idea of seeing if Helena can reproduce.

Topic 3: End Goal – Sara

Leaving us with Sara who, with the help of Art, is trying to find Kira. Thing is, despite Art being a decent detective, somehow he loses Sara while investigating a motel and being distracted by Daniel, and Sara gets kidnapped. Luckily for her, though, it is just Benjamin of the Bird Watchers, an organization Mrs. S worked with before to help hide Sara during her younger years, and thankfully Kira is with them.

Thing is, after Amelia’s warning about Mrs. S, and talk of Project Lyda, Sara isn’t fully sure if Mrs. S is on her side, a monitor, or what? It doesn’t get better though as Mrs. S talks about taking Kira with her to London without Sara, setting off all types of alarms in Sara’s head. But, being that seemingly Mrs. S doesn’t know Sara like you’d think she would, Sara finds a way to get away from Mrs. S and the Bird Watchers, and good thing too. You see, we learn that after decades of being on the side of justice, the Bird Watchers seemingly now are under the Prolethians in order to get some money in their pockets. Something which upsets the trigger happy Mrs. S, who may have let Sara leave, but the two Bird watchers we meet, Brenda and Barry, get shot down.

The episode ends with Sara, Felix, and Kira with a truck and off to somewhere. However, with so much going on, will they be able to truly escape? Much less, can Sara really abandon the rest of the clones and leave all that drama behind?

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