Overview For the safety of Kira, and Sara, a lot of deals are made. But one deal allows access into information which will make you say: “Oh Sh..!” Review (with Spoilers) I don’t think I have genuinely been left anxious and giddy by a season finale in a while. The shows I cover from fall to…

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For the safety of Kira, and Sara, a lot of deals are made. But one deal allows access into information which will make you say: “Oh Sh..!”

Review (with Spoilers)

I don’t think I have genuinely been left anxious and giddy by a season finale in a while. The shows I cover from fall to spring didn’t leave me excited, nor the shows which come in late winter and end mid-spring, but damn if Orphan Black finally reminded me how a proper season finale is done. For one, you are left almost wanting to bite your nails as you think one of the sisters are going to die, then there is the issue of a possible traitor, and then final scene when you discover Project Castor which, I won’t say is mind blowing, but just the potential for season 3 makes me giddy due to possibilities.

Topic 1: Backroom Deals – Mrs. S, Paul, Marion, and Cosima

With Kira captured, Sara decides to give herself up to Dyad. Though it seems there is a plan. Well, one made expeditiously. It begins with Kira showing she is her mother’s daughter by stealing a nurse’s phone and calling Cal. Then with Cal and Mrs. S joining forces, and us discovering what Paul has been up to. Apparently, he has rejoined the military but still has a soft spot for Sara. But, for anything to be done the final ally has to arrive. Said person: Marion (Michelle Forbes), who thus far simply seemed like one of Rachel’s superiors. The truth is, though, Marion maybe working for one of Dyad’s competitors when it comes to the clone market, and with Mrs. S promising something, and a trade between Paul and Marion, it seems a deal is made dealing with “Project Castor” at the center of it all.

But while Mrs. S works her magic Cosima helps from the inside, with Scott assisting her. You can see though that Cosima’s days are certainly numbered, especially with Delphine being relieved and no sign of Kira’s bone marrow being used. However, being that Cosima dragged Sara and Kira into this, it is only right she tries to get them out.

Topic 2: Time To Say Goodbye – Sara & Rachel

As we have come to know, Rachel is hell-bent on having kids. Be it through her dad revealing the sequence to fix her or even taking one of Sara’s ovaries. Thing is, neither Ethan nor Sara seem to want to cooperate until Cosima is better. In fact, Ethan commits suicide to stop Rachel’s ambitions and, thanks to Cosima and Scott’s device which is a combination of a metal hose, a fire extinguisher, and a pencil, Sara finds a way to not only escape, but shoot Rachel in her left eye! Mind you, though, she is still alive.

But even with Rachel down, how is Sara to escape Dyad? Much less with Kira? Well, that is when Marion comes in. This woman, who I still associate with perhaps being one of the best villains on True Blood, I naturally don’t trust. For one, I see her as Delphine’s replacement in the whole 2x agent business, much less I don’t believe anyone with her kind of power would let Sara go free. But, alas, she does. However! Before Sara leaves, Marion mentions the two meeting privately so Marion can uncover the truth and after all we have seen thus far, you are left wondering what is left to really discover?

Topic 3: Meet Your Family – Sara, Helena, and Marion

That mystery though waits until the next day for that night all the known sisters, and Felix, get together. Oh, and Tony is thankfully nowhere to be seen and not invited, much less mentioned. But even without him, this get-together is a bit strange. For one, after Mrs. S seemingly wanted Helena nowhere near Sara, Helena finds herself invited to the party. With this, she not only gets to meet Cosima and Allison but also has a tear-inducing moment with Kira. And the rest of the night is just everyone dancing to reggae music with very little rhythm.

But once the fun was over, things get real for a moment and a second moment of tearing up occurs. For, as we increasingly see, Cosima is on her last leg and her conversation with Sara almost seems like a goodbye. Especially when Kira tries to wake her up and she doesn’t respond. What really makes Cosima seem like she is to bid farewell is her seeing an angelic version of Delphine, which made me think Delphine not only died but is ready to guide Cosima to the light. Thankfully, though, Cosima wakes up and spends some time with her favorite niece reading books and soon discovering the book Ethan left Kira, the one with the clones’ genetic sequence.

The real kicker though comes from Sara visiting Marion, as well as us seeing Helena sneaking out and getting kidnapped. Focusing on Sara first, though, Marion introduces a young girl named Charlotte who I was going to quickly write off as Marion’s kid until Marion revealed that Charlotte is Sara’s little sister. Someone who, after 400 others, survived the cloning process. The fun doesn’t end there, though! With one new mystery comes another as Project Castor is revealed, leading us to talk about Helena.

While Helena is getting kidnapped, Mark and Gracie get married. Then, as we see military men all over, as well as Paul and Mrs. S., we see Mark’s face again. Then once more when Marion reveals a 3rd Mark in a glass, Magneto style, prison. Leading to the reveal that while Dyad got Project Leda and the girls, the military got Project Castor and the boys. Leaving us not only wondering what the military wants with Helena, but what is the story behind Project Castor? As well as so many questions which sadly we’ll have to wait a whole year for any semblance of answers.

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