Neo Yokio: Pink Christmas – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Neo Yokio has made a return for Christmas and, well it is a little less weird than what we’re used to – but not by much.

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Neo Yokio has made a return for Christmas and, well it is a little less weird than what we’re used to – but not by much.

Director(s) Anthony Chun
Date Released 12/7/2018
Genre(s) Animation
Noted Cast
Kaz Jaden Smith
Charles Jude Law
Arcangelo Jason Schwartzman
Aunt Agatha Susan Sarandon
Herbert Richard Ayoade

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Neo Yokio: Pink Christmas‘ Plot (Ending on 2nd Page)

Just to be clear, this whole special is a fictional story. It doesn’t hint to a second season or present anything we can say is definitely additional information. It is just, as Kaz is dealing with a cold, Charles reading him a story. One about a sales clerk, Herbert, who lives and dies to serve the elite being tossed away because Arcangelo decides to boycott the materialism of Christmas. Not for noble reasons, heaven forbid he’d do that. It is because he wants everyone to live for experiences – like him having a show at Radio City Music Hall.

With him doing that, and Herbert being laid off due to lack of sales, Herbert kills himself. Leading to a demon possessing him and, long story short, us learning quite a few things about Kaz’s family. That is, if any of this story is the truth and not just something Charles came up with. Which, honestly, does get hard to tell until you are reminded most of this likely wasn’t canon.

On The Fence

This Could Have Been an Interesting Tease For A Second Season

Herbert (Richard Ayoade) confirming that Kaz is a demon.
Herbert (Richard Ayoade): The very thing you’ve been battling your whole life.

It has been more than a year since Neo Yokio ended its first season and, unlike most Netflix shows, we didn’t get our usual update about 3 to 4 months after the finale. Instead, this show has been in limbo. Making this surprise Christmas special seem like an opportunity to gauge interest. Especially considering a part of the plot which deals with the origins of Kaz’s family having powers and what that could mean. For, don’t get me wrong, Kaz being a bougie elite is fine and all but is also where a lot of people get tripped up with this show.

Yet, bringing in the idea that Kaz’s family descend from demons, and trying to reconcile Kaz is what he fights against, what made him rich, is interesting. Also, it allows the show to have its usual existential crises. But, instead, we get what seems like a season 2 idea, either an episode or the concept for a season, thrown out as just a story Charles is telling so Kaz will rest.

Overall: Mixed (Divisive)

Neo Yokio: Pink Christmas seemingly is just about testing if people still have some kind of investment in this franchise. Does the eccentric Kaz still hold a draw for while the animation style isn’t too complex, the schedule and cost of its cast rises by the year. So is this worth Netflix still investing in seems to be the question at hand. That and if stories like the one presented are of interest or has this series long reached the end of its rope?

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