Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation: Season 2 Episode 23 – Review/ Recap

Paul's Sword, Mushoku Tensei Jobless Reincarnation Season 2 Episode 23, directed by Tsunegoro Oreki, 2024, (Crunchyroll)

In this travel episode, Rudy and Roxy focus more on each other than trying to figure out what’s going on with Zenith.

Plot Recap

Same Old Mistakes – Rudy

Rudy realizes he didn’t appreciate his parents in his old life and new life. He barely knew his original parents, didn’t even go to their funerals, and in this new life, Zenith is a stranger, he spent most of his life estranged from Paul, and it’s the one thing he hasn’t improved on.

In this life, he has friends and better relationships with his siblings. He is stronger, smarter, and even married with a child. However, the first thing that came to him, what should have been the easiest, just bonding with his mom and dad? He never did, and it seems with Zenith’s memory loss, he may not even get much of a last-minute opportunity to do right by her.

We Know How You Are When You Get Into A Rut – Elianlise, Roxy, Rudy

As we’ve seen before, Rudy gets quiet and digs a nice hole to recover in. He caused his dad to die, and in sacrificing himself for Rudy, he left behind two kids, Zenith and Lilia. This weighs on Rudy, and for the most part, it seems everyone will just leave him alone with his grief.

Thankfully, Roxy isn’t as heartless. Unbeknownst to Paul’s crew, Rudy hasn’t experienced death to the levels they have, and even if he and Paul had their issues, it was still his father. Now, originally, Roxy tries to just get Rudy out of his room, walk around a bit, and have a day trip. Rudy rejects this.

So, despite knowing Rudy has a wife and a child on the way, via Elinalise of all people, Roxy decides sex is the best way to make Rudy cheer up, and with her taking the lead, it’s a bit awkward. Mind you, Rudy seemingly put it down and put Roxy to sleep, but now his mind has shifted from his dead dad to becoming just like his dad and cheating on his wife.

What Comes Next – Elinalise, Roxy, Rudy, Lilia, Zenith

Elinalise is a strange grandmother. Not only is she potentially aware that her granddaughter was cheated on, but she helps justify it by noting Sylphie isn’t religious or at least doesn’t follow a religion that is based in monogamy. Then, to raise an eyebrow to The Rock levels, she advocates for Rudy to marry Roxy.

This is all very perplexing to Rudy and makes things more complicated, not easier. Does he love Roxy? Yes. But the idea of being with both women? It leads to the fear that they may reject him for asking. Naturally, this leads to the situation with Lilia and Zenith, and while things worked out in the end, with Lilia even dedicating her life to taking care of Zenith, Rudy doesn’t skip over how Zenith initially felt.

But, honoring Paul’s spirit, Rudy asks Roxy the question, and it seems that if Sylphie goes for it, she might be down. Though considering protection isn’t something we’ve heard of or seen yet, even if Roxy doesn’t get married to Rudy, she may end up having his second child because Rudy doesn’t seem like the pull-out type.

Additional Information

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Cast and Characters

Character’s NameActor’s Name
RudyYumi Uchiyama, Tomokazu Sugita
ElianliseRie Tanaka
RoxyYoshimi Ohara



Rudy’s Grief

With little time left, since the finale should be the next episode, you have to appreciate Rudy touching upon the one area he didn’t progress in from his past life to this one. His original parents were strangers, and he repeated his mistake of rejecting Paul and having a certain level of indifference regarding Zenith.

Now, could the show have taken this further? Yes. However, even setting aside the time crunch the show is on for an impactful finale, it isn’t like we haven’t seen Rudy down in the dumps before. Never mind, we get it, and through being a good father, he has his chance to break the cycle. Rudy having a close bond with his kids, is how he can atone for not having one with now two sets of parents.

Well, assuming Zenith never recovers.

On The Fence

Roxy Taking Advantage Of Rudy and Elinalise’s Co-Sign

I know what Roxy did ultimately did make Rudy feel better, but her outright saying she took advantage of him, right after his dad died, because she wouldn’t get another chance, was so creepy. It’s that unfortunate reminder that “Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation” lives in this gray area where many things we’d consider inappropriate do not apply.

But, I must admit, there is something about presenting something different about a world’s culture, in a negative sense, that is different from ours and makes me feel so torn. Roxy is trash for what she did, but Rudy seemingly consented to it. Yes, Sylphie never presented the idea of an open relationship. Still, if we go by Elinalise’s example, even Paul’s, having multiple wives or partners is a thing in their world. It isn’t 100% clear how promiscuity is seen, especially since sex work is legal in certain areas.

Now, whether it is like in some cultures where it is okay as long as all wives are provided the same lifestyle or not? That’s hard to say. But the positive spin on this is that we’ve seen a lot of the world and met a lot of people. However, in terms of cultures, especially regarding dating and families, while the show has touched upon how some beasts cultures operate, humans? Not so much. So, take this as “Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation,” exploring something that has thus far gone untapped.

General Information

Episode TitleLet’s Go Home
Release DateJune 23, 2024
Director(s)Tsunegoro Oreki
Writer(s)Kohei Urushihara

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Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation: Season 2 Episode 23 - Review/


“Jobless Reincarnation” enters another murky area where you aren’t sure how to feel about what is going on, but as Elinalise tries to drive home, you see that there are different faiths in their world and cultures as well. So, what we may consider creepy or messed up may not be the same there.

  • Roxy Taking Advantage Of Rudy and Elinalise’s Co-Sign - 75%
  • Rudy’s Grief - 83%
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  • Rudy’s Grief


  • Roxy Taking Advantage Of Rudy and Elinalise’s Co-Sign

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