With the arrival of his little sisters, Rudy finds himself having to adjust not only to them around but also to how they remind him of himself.

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Plot Recap

Hello Old Friend – Ruijerd, King Badi, Rudy

Namikawa Saisuke as Ruijerd
Namikawa Saisuke as Ruijerd

Ruijerd showing up is a welcomed surprise for Rudy, but sadly, the two only get to spend one day together. Ruijerd plans to leave in the morning as his task has, once again, been completed, and he wishes to move on. Unfortunately, on his way out, he runs into King Badi, who seemingly knows of Ruijerd from the Laplace war.

But, before all that, Ruijerd and Rudy share meals, and the topic of Eris comes up. While happily married, Eris remains a sort topic for Rudy, and while Ruijerd pushed the idea that Rudy has mistaken Eris’ take on her relationship with Rudy being a mismatch, it becomes clear both are overdue for a conversation as closure appears to be needed. So, with that in mind, while Ruijerd doesn’t say he will look for Eris, he does take it upon himself to approach the topic of what happened if he sees her and plans to relay that information to Rudy.

The Easy Sister – Rudy, Norn, Aisha

Things are a bit hectic with Norn and Aisha in Rudy’s home. Norn is still not a fan of Rudy. She hasn’t forgiven him hitting Paul, side eyes him being with a new woman from when she last saw him, and who knows what else Rudy, as the adult of the situation, tries his best with her, and with Paul sending jewels to pay for both of the girls to be educated, he pushes them both to take an entrance exam for Ranoa University.

Aisha passes with flying colors but would rather take care of the house and her family than go to school. As for Norn? While she is a below-average student, she would like to go to school. Perhaps just to live in the dorms away from Rudy. Considering how Aisha and Norn fight and how Norn hates him, Rudy originally thought all parties would be okay with Norn living in the dorms, but Aisha is not.

In her mind, this is favoritism, and she questions if Norn is given what she wants too easily because that is Rudy’s full sister, while she is a bastard via Lilia (her words are the daughter of a concubine). Mind you, on top of feeling like a black sheep, she also sides with Rudy when Norn says something out of line, so alongside feelings of jealousy, there is also a sense of betrayal.

However, let it be noted Rudy isn’t fond of Aisha talking down to their sister, even in defense of him, but with the situation at hand, he doesn’t want her to lose this joy, spirit, and sense of family she has. So, he reassures her, as he stands firm with his decision, and while disappointed Aisha won’t be going to school, he lets her do domestic work since the house is a bit much for Sylphie and him to take on, alongside school.

The One Hard To Win Over – Rudy, Norn, Aisha, Ariel, Sylphie, Luke, Linia, Pursena

A month into the girls’ staying with Rudy and Sylphie, Rudy is a bit burned out. Not because of Aisha butting heads with Sylphie or questioning Rudy, but rather because of Norn. It seems she hasn’t made friends and doesn’t want to even look in Rudy’s direction for too long. What doesn’t help is Linia and Pursena.

While Rudy is aware of Paul’s reputation, and surely Norn to a point, she only sees Paul with rose-colored glasses, and Rudy is the most terrible man in the world. So when Linia and Pursena see their pack leader down for such an extended amount of time, they decide to force girls to give up their underwear, thinking the pervert they have come to admire would kip up.

The problem with this is that Ariel finds out, as do Luke and Sylphie, and there is a worry that Rudy ordered this. Thankfully, they believe him when he says they didn’t, but while that issue is over, the Norm one isn’t. From the possibility of people like Linia and Pursena bullying her when Rudy isn’t around to the episode ending with Norn skipping class to be alone on her bed, it all looks too familiar. Rudy and Norn seem to have more in common than Norn thinks or would admit.

Other Noteworthy Information

  1. It seems to be three years since Rudy last saw Eris.

Cast Guide

Character’s Name Actor’s Name
Ruijerd Namikawa Saisuke
King Badi Kusunoki Taiten
Rudy Yumi Uchiyama
Norn Saya Aizawa
Aisha Yuki Takada
Ariel Rena Ueda
Sylphie Ai Kayano
Luke Kazuyuki Okitsu
Linia Fairouz Ai
Pursena Mikai Tanaka



Aisha’s Pursuit To Feel Like Part Of The Family

Yuki Takada as Aisha
Yuki Takada as Aisha

In some ways, you can see that a lot of what Rudy is going through during this cour is about recognizing his past life and doing what he wished someone did for him. For Nanohoshi, it would have been about reminding him he had a community, and for Aisha and Norn, it’s about further addressing his sense of otherness.

Starting with Aisha, in many ways, you can see she inherently feels like the black sheep of the family. She was told she was the daughter of a concubine, knows her mom was the family maid, and likely also aware of the complicated relationship between her mom and Norn’s. Hence, while she doesn’t make herself small and quiet, she does work hard to earn her place.

But, lest we forget, she is still a child. She works to earn her place but expects rewards. Unlike how Norn can be, she shows herself as mature and expects praise for not being in the way but being an asset. So, to not get that from Rudy, even if she damn near worships the ground he walks on, you can see why that would hurt her.

She is likely aware of Paul and Rudy’s relationship and takes the distance between them as a sign he maybe gets it? He might be Zenith and Paul’s son, the firstborn, but he doesn’t feel welcomed and like he is truly part of the family. She relates to that, and so having him on her side likely meant everything. And maybe Rudy gets that? Why else would someone of her age and intelligence resign themselves to being a maid for their older brother?

Which isn’t to say there is anything wrong with what she prefers, as there is always cleaning to be done, and not everyone prioritizes it, but as shown through Rudy and Sylphie’s conversation on the matter, it is odd that someone who is privileged to take on a subservient role in a household willingly.

Norn Potentially Being Like Old Rudy

Saya Aizawa as Norn
Saya Aizawa as Norn

Sometimes, the reason we don’t like people is because we see something in them that is buried within ourselves. I’m starting to think that Norn doesn’t like Rudy, not just because of his relationship with Paul, but also because she can see beyond what we think she might be privy to. Alongside maybe acknowledging the worst of her father and thinking Rudy inherited that, maybe she hates this sense of loneliness and self-hatred that Rudy may have buried but still exists within him?

Hence, Norn’s repulsion, attitude, and, even when they are on decent terms, the air of indifference towards Rudy. For while we don’t know much about who Norn is as an individual versus as a daughter or sister, it increasingly is being pushed that even as the show moves forward, it constantly wants us to look back to remind us how far Rudy has come. So, retracing Rudy’s darkest hours through another character seems to be on track for what this show has offered.

A Tease Of Eris In The Future?

Like Zenith, Eris is a character whose existence is confirmed, but reappearance has been long awaited. Could she arrive to see Cliff, maybe be curious enough to see who Rudy married and test if they are good enough for him? It’s hard to say. However, suppose the first cour of season two has been about Rudy learning how to process his trauma. In that case, the second has been about healing from it and learning how to help others in ways Rudy didn’t have access to.

So, with that in mind, Eris showing up may not feel necessary, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was something the season ended on to make us clamor for season 3.

Background Information

Episode Title Norn and Aisha
Release Date April 28, 2024
Network Crunchyroll
Director(s) Tsuji Sayaka
Writer(s) Kohei Urushibara
Previous Episode Season 2/ Episode 15
Series Page Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation
Character Guide Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Cast & Character Guide


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