Mr. Robot: Season 2/ Episode 6 "eps2.4_m4ster-s1ave.aes" – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers) Recap With Ray now taking over Elliot’s life, he is out of the picture so Darlene, once more, has to take command. Thankfully, Angela is more capable than she appears. Though with Dominique surviving that Chinese onslaught, everyone still has so much to worry about. Trigger Warning(s): Blood | Needle Injection Major Characters Elliot…


With Ray now taking over Elliot’s life, he is out of the picture so Darlene, once more, has to take command. Thankfully, Angela is more capable than she appears. Though with Dominique surviving that Chinese onslaught, everyone still has so much to worry about.

Trigger Warning(s):
Blood | Needle Injection

Major Characters

Elliot | Darlene | Angela | Dominique | Mr. Robot

Main Plot (with Commentary)

Topic 1: I’m Still Your Father Elliot (Elliot & Mr. Robot)

For almost a quarter of the episode, we are treated to a very strange and warped 90s sitcom version of Mr. Robot. One filled with canned laughter, Mr. Robot and his wife together, as some sort of petty criminals, and the mom knocks Darlene out a few times. This whole scenario though is just Mr. Robot trying his best to distract Elliot. Not just from Tyrell and that situation, but from the pain which is coming from him getting his behind whooped by Ray’s thugs. Who, at this point, seem like they will drag Elliot from wherever he is at Ray’s beck and call. Just like RT.


The war between Mr. Robot and Elliot has gone on for so long that you sometimes forget this man was his father. The man known as Mr. Robot is the one who got Elliot into computers and while he had his moments, like pushing Elliot out of a window, that wasn’t the sum of their relationship. He is the one who, by means, of course, Elliot sometimes doesn’t understand, is trying to protect Elliot, give him purpose, and not have him whittle away his life in meaningless tasks. Granted, you could argue Mr. Robot is just the true Elliot and he is projecting this being in his father’s image, but on the other hand who is to say Elliot doesn’t see dead people, gets possessed every now and again, and this ghost, which maybe his dad or just impersonating him, isn’t trying to just live vicariously through Elliot?

Focusing on the Ray situation, I must admit that I’m starting to see Ray as more of a means to slow down the season and fill its episode count vs. him being a compelling villain. It began with him coming off too nice, a tad bit crazy, and then an attempt to have him say the type of things only Rami Malek can say and make it sound quote worthy. Now with him being some black market tech gangster, as much as I want to take him seriously I just feel like rolling my eyes half the time.

Topic 2: Breaking Into the FBI (Darlene, Angela, and Dominique)

Angela, unofficially, is now working for or with F-Society. She goes into the FBI floor at E-Corp, which is being packed up because that Chinese assault has left them feeling vulnerable, and she does as Darlene asks her to. Only problem being, the wifi goes down right before Angela can do a victory lap and at her desk, trying to finish what she started, Dominique shows up. Someone who, after what happened in China, is recommended she take off a month. But due to the way her peers have handled this investigation, she doesn’t make that even seem like an option. Especially since she believes the hit was orchestrated by the dark army and not some Chinese separatist group named Uighur.


All eyes are on Dominique. Despite being the opposition to F-Society, she perhaps is one of the few characters, outside of Elliot, and sometimes Darlene, who you can’t wait till things are focused on her. Like her mother and sister, Grace Gummer, even without the meaningful dialog which is what attracts me to this show, there is this something about her which puts a jolt into the scene. Not to downplay Angela, for I really do love watching her transition from a mouse to a lioness, like when she was trying to remember the codes necessary so Darlene could do what she had to do. It is just, a part of me feels Angela will always be tied down to being the person Elliot wants but can’t have. Dominique doesn’t have that rope on her leg and with us getting to see this lonely person who is married to her work, despite all the other depictions of this, the tone and vibe of Mr. Robot brings something new to it and Gummer flourishes.


Things to Note

No signs of Tyrell’s wife this week, but Mr. Price does take up a bit of what would have been her screen time to allow us to know the government isn’t that keen on his bailout. For nevermind the amount of money he is asking, but being that they would have to borrow money from the Chinese, who they question may have been involved in the killing of their FBI agents, needless to say, they don’t want any type of association.

Review Summary


Gummer is really making a case for her to be more than just an adversary who pops up one season and is gone the next. Unlike Ray, there are layers, layers of complexity, that you want explored even as she is on the journey to take down your favorite character on the show.

I continue to enjoy Angela’s fight to become tougher, more assertive, and adaptable to unfavorable situations. An article I read, somewhere online, spoke on how great the women are written on this show, and considering the different depictions which range from Angela, Darlene, Dominique, and even Trenton (Sunita Mani), it is hard to disagree.

Low Points

I just hope this Ray thing doesn’t drag out too long. While Ray was interesting at first, it is starting to feel like he is creating filler more so than creating a means toward progress. Even if he is, arguably, helping to bring Mr. Robot and Elliot together and on the same team.

On The Fence

While, for the most part, I enjoyed the 90s sitcom opening and the comedic bits of it, I must admit sometimes I was as bewildered about it as Elliot was. Especially when it came to Elliot’s mom knocking out Darlene, Mr. Robot and Elliot’s mom robbing a store, and the comical violence part of the dream in general.

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