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Dominique’s investigation heads to China, Elliot snoops into Ray’s business, and Angela technically joins F-Society.

Trigger Warning(s):
Gun Violence | Needles

Major Characters

Dominique | Darlene | Angela | Elliot

Main Plot (with Commentary)

Topic 1: Surrounded By Incompetence & Fools (Dominique)

Dominique, long ago, had a chance for romance. However, she decided to run from a proposal and work her way up in the FBI instead. A job in which people are constantly messing with evidence and making it inadmissible. But, with a trip to China, to forge a coalition to figure out the culprits behind the 5/9 attack, she finds herself coming face to face with White Rose. Well, White Rose’s alter ego Minister of State Security Zhang.


You have to admit that Minister Zhang being White Rose makes so much sense, in terms of why White Rose was speaking in a masculine tone to Mr. Price. However, what doesn’t necessarily make sense is why both Zhang and Dominique open up to each other? Why does Zhang show Dominique his “sister’s” clothing and her bedroom? Granted, in the last scene we see Dominique her colleagues are massacred, but who is to say with, I’m sure, both Minister Zhang and White Rose desiring discretion, they had an active role?

Then with Dominique confiding in Zhang, again you ask why? Is it she wants someone to know her story? I mean, “the mask” is a consistent theme of this season so it could be as Zhang was revealing her mask Dominique was revealing hers. The one she wore when trying to be the girlfriend, a future wife, and mother, but once it became clear that was a real possibility, she threw that mask off and ran.

Something, I think, she might regret just a little bit.

Topic 2: This Is For Your Own Protection (Darlene and Angela)

Darlene loves her big brother, so if she has to work with Angela to keep him from being targeted by the FBI for the 5/9 attack, she will. Thankfully, though, being that she could go down too and because Ollie is making passive threats, Angela agrees to help. Elliot isn’t happy about it, but with Angela just needing to plant a device on the floor the FBI leases from Evil Corp, it seems like an easy, though potentially dangerous, job.


With every step, Angela’s mask seems to be tightening. Perhaps it was uncomfortable at first, but with her taking it off less and less you can see she is growing used to it. The problem with that is, a simple mask or a change in attitude, can’t really prepare you for F-Society. So even though Angela has been an accessory before, now she is a fully engaged and active participant. Especially with Darlene having her meet some of the core members of F-Society.

Leading to two quick questions: The first being, is Darlene trying to make that guy who took a picture with the Wall Street Bull’s testicles a fall guy or should we take him seriously? Second, realistically could Elliot’s dreams for him and Angela ever really come true?

Topic 3: You Know Far Too Much (Elliot)

As Elliot hacks the FBI on Ray’s computer, he still has the job Ray asked him to do. Something which leads him to ask for Ray’s former guy, RT, to get involved. Someone who shows up with bruises and injuries and this leads to Elliot asking questions and discovering Ray is operating a black market. One which sells drugs, girls, hitman, and weapons.

Ray discovers Elliot knows and with him snooping comes Elliot getting his ass whooped. Likely making it where, like RT, Elliot is now at Ray’s beck and call, unless he figures out a way to get that season 1 type of justice on Ray.


There is always the need for a fall guy. Someone has to be the walls of defense for the hackers when people start snooping around. For a minute it seemed Elliot/ Mr. Robot was going to use Ray as a fall guy. However, that plan went to hell once Elliot met RT and started asking questions. Lest we forget, when we met Elliot he was hacking for justice. But now with this discovery you are left wondering what is Elliot, much less Mr. Robot, to do? If Elliot dies or is forced to work on other things besides these grand schemes Mr. Robot has, that is a problem. So let’s see how Ray ends up disposed of since I don’t think Robinson is due back for season 3.

Things to Note

Ms. Wellick has her formerly paid off liability, Kareem, killed. Also, Tyrell may have sent a gift for the baby. As well as send some sort of sign that he is close by.

Review Summary


Dominique and her FBI team being part of a shootout with a currently unidentified group.

Low Points

Ms. Wellick remaining just someone who reminds us Tyrell is out there somewhere. Doing what, who knows?

On The Fence

Elliot learning Ray is into some black market stuff, and getting beat up for knowing, has me on the fence. Elliot is a hacker and while this show has always had violence, Elliot hasn’t really been the victim. His battles were always with Mr. Robot so I can’t say Ray being his opposition is neither a welcomed or undesirable change. It shakes things up, for sure, but only time will tell if it is for the better or not.

Angela becoming, sort of, part of FSociety is weird to me. That and Darlene introducing her to the crew. I mean, one complaint I had in the past was how separate her story felt early in the season, but now I have grown to like that for it gave some form of normalcy to the season. Now that option is gone and who knows what lies ahead.

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