Mr. Robot: Season 2/ Episode 12 "eps2.9_pyth0n-pt2.p7z" [Season Finale] – Overview/ Review (with SpoilerS)

Trigger Warning(s):

Violence Against a Woman

Main Plot (with Commentary)

Topic 1: Happiness Makes Up In Height For What It Lacks in Length (Joanna)

Scott Knowles (CTO of E-Corp) wanted revenge. So he impersonated Tyrell hoping to force Joanna to feel his pain. Problem is, she isn’t impressed and, unlike him, she isn’t made weak by her disappointment. No, it makes her vicious and she notes how his wife was going to have an affair, that his unborn baby is better off dead than having him as a father, and it leads to Scott snapping. He nearly kills her but stops. Something he may wished he had done for Joanna, it seems, is going to use Derek to frame Scott for his wife’s death.


Is it wrong I was hoping Joanna was going to be killed off? Her scene with Scott seemed like the perfect sendoff but, alas, it seems season 3 she shall return for her revenge. All the while remaining in the shadow of being Tyrell’s wife, even after a full season without him.

Topic 2: Let’s Be Friends (Dominique & Darlene)

It’s a stalemate. Dominque doesn’t have the evidence she needs to manipulate Darlene and Darlene feels confident enough about her chances in prison to keep a tight lip. Thus leaving

Dominique to hope her “Good Cop” or “let’s be friends” tactic actually works on someone. For, as of now, while Dominique has evidence, and pretty much knows most of the F-Society’s connections, without Darlene all she has are dead bodies and missing persons.


With Cisco dead, that leaves Elliot as the one person who Darlene not only trusts but loves. So comes the question if she may sacrifice herself, thinking Elliot will clear her record eventually, or if she’ll work with Dom solely to protect her brother. Two scenarios which seem as unlikely as they could be options. For where else could they go with this storyline? Besides the Dark Army swooping in and trying to kill everyone in that FBI location. Which, while mind blowing, honestly would feel like a Jumping the Shark type moment.

Topic 3: Can You Trust Yourself (Elliot, Mr. Robot, and Tyrell)

Stage 2 deals with killing the hope of Mr. Price rebuilding the database by destroying all the physical records of E-Corp. All of which, from across the country, are being shipped to one central location. All that has to be done is use the backdoor Elliot created, use the femcell he also made, then overload the UPS systems to release a gas which, when they explode, will cause a fire and level the building and everyone in it.

Which is the problem for Elliot – the death of people. Making it so as he realizes what Mr. Robot has planned with multiple parties, including what he believes is a fake Tyrell, he tries to stop them both. Leading to the truth being revealed: Tyrell is alive. He shoots Elliot with the gun Mr. Robot gave him for no one is supposed to be allowed to stop the project, even himself (Elliot/Mr. Robot).

So, as Elliot lies on the ground, bleeding out, Tyrell calls Angela and with that she calmly reassures Tyrell and we begin to realize that Mr. Robot has planned farther ahead than given credit for. He has made use of Elliot’s body in ways we can’t truly fathom and he somehow has even got Angela wrapped around his finger.


As interesting as Stage 2 seems you know it isn’t going to happen, leading to the only interesting thing here being Angela’s role in all this. Who prepped her, why did she accept, and could it just be she has become a Dark Army soldier for protection? Outside of that, you have to wonder if that bullet maybe all Elliot needed to get rid of Mr. Robot. Someone who flickers like a glitch, post-gunshot, until he eventually disappears.

But if he isn’t gone, you have to wonder if that means we basically are just going to see the same thing we saw this season? Is Elliot going to OD on Adderall to combat Mr. Robot as he tries to fight not only Tyrell and the progress of Stage 2 but also The Dark Army? Leading to the question, how does this benefit The Dark Army? Granted, destroying the paper trail covers Whiterose’s alter ego, but it isn’t the property is some warehouse. It is a nuclear power plant.

Overall, though, it is strange when a season finale feels like the episode before one. For while it is nice we have some idea where season 3 is going to go, I honestly don’t feel all that excited for it.

Things To Note

Trenton (Tanya) and Mobley (Frederick) are seen in a post-credits scene and Leon walks up on them asking for the time. Leading you to believe Whiterose has been recruiting heavily, or this is another trick from the writers.


Outside of the surprises dealing with Angela and Leon, and maybe Joanna and Scott’s scene, there isn’t much to praise here.

Low Points

With Mr. Robot cutting the social commentary and philosophy of season 1, so came a show more about fostering distrust and splitting the focus too thin. Leading to weak mysteries like if Tyrell was alive, to multiple episodes wasted in the Ray arc. Ultimately making season 2 feel like an unnecessary sequel to a rather brilliant movie.

On The Fence

Which isn’t to say the season was outright horrible. Dominique was a welcome new addition, even if the constant reminders of how lonely she is went nowhere. Plus Whiterose, with her musings, made up for Elliot’s memory loss and trickery. Not to forget, the whole concept of how everyone wears a mask was very appealing until it was forgotten it was to focus on “What is Stage 2?”


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