It’s the penultimate episode of the series, so does “I’ll See You Soon” set up a dramatic end for Ray?

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It’s the penultimate episode of the series, so does “I’ll See You Soon” set up a dramatic end for Ray?

Episode Title I’ll See You Soon
Aired 7/6/2021
Network FX
Directed By Nash Edgerton
Written By Scott Ryan


Getting To Know You – Zoe, Ray

After a good night together, things continue as Zoe and Ray enjoy breakfast with one another and talk. Again, the conversations aren’t necessarily the most interesting you’ve ever heard and surely don’t match the “WTF?” conversations Gary often presents, but Ray is enjoying himself. Heck, he may even have a bit of a crush on Zoe.

Drastic Measures – Zoe, Ray, Rafael

Which makes a kangaroo coming out of nowhere and leading to the car getting totaled devastating. For this is pretty much it for Zoe. Mind you, she doesn’t die in the accident but between her being unconscious, bloody, and needing a hospital, to Rafael having to return, and him shooting an old couple who saw there was an accident, it didn’t look good.

But, in hopes that Rafael followed some sort of moral code, and he was just irrational when he shot two seniors for little rhyme or reason, he just asks that Zoe gets dropped off at a hospital. Ray doesn’t ask Rafael to stay, check her in, call someone, none of that – he just wants her dropped off. Especially since she seems to has become cognizant enough to walk herself into the emergency room.

The End Of A Relationship – Ray, Rafael

Rafael delivering the news Zoe is dead

However, once Ray buries the old couple, steals a car, and meets up with Rafael, it is said Zoe didn’t make it. Now, was Zoe bleeding from her head? Yes. But she was conscious enough to walk not too long after the accident and had her bearings. So whether she died by Rafael’s hands or the accident? That is hard to say. All that we know for sure is Ray smells bulls*** and may not take a job from Rafael for a bit, if ever.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

  • Who believes Rafael probably dumped Zoe out in the wilderness somewhere?

Notable Relationships

  1. Deteriorating: Ray and Rafael – Generally, Ray doesn’t kill innocent people, so Rafael killing that old married couple is likely the beginning of the end of their working relationship.

Things To Look Out For

  1. Episode Preview: Ray is going ballistic with a gun, full Scarface, after looking at a picture of Zoey. Then, considering Freddy calls him unbelievable? It seems we may get a repeat of the Davros situation in the first season finale. The only difference being, Ray is getting revenge for someone killed rather than someone else because Ray killed them.



Ray’s Humanity

Could Ray have easily killed the old couple, move whatever Rafael wanted him to transport to their vehicle, dump the bodies, and complete the job? Possibly. It wasn’t like they were driving on an active road. However, even if a murderer, a criminal in general, Ray has a code. One that has often made it seem he kills for a living, not that he lives to kill.

This is why it should be interesting to see whether or not Zoe’s death will tip him over and lead to him doing something to Rafael.


Hoping For More Out Of Zoe

Zoe pumping gas

With the possibility of Ray finding someone who loves him, despite all he does, as well as theories that maybe Zoe was an undercover cop, it is a bit of a shame it seems she’ll be neither. Granted, who is to say Rafael didn’t discover something and then killed Zoe? If not, considering how much Rafael was on the phone, maybe he was setting Ray up as a means to get a plea deal, and Zoe was supposed to be the one who pinned Ray?

It’s all hard to say, but, again, with Ray seemingly going out with a bang, the possibilities are endless in terms of how Zoe’s possible death could be a factor in the series finale.

Ray looking off into the desert
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It seems the dullness of episode 7 was only meant to allow us to appreciate the violence and madness of this episode. Though with not much coming from Zoe, beyond Ray breaking a dry spell, there is a need to question whether his fury in the finale deals with her, Rafael, or something unrelated?
Ray's Humanity
Hoping For More Out Of Zoe

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  1. I thought it was a bird at first that hit the car till I saw it lying on the road.

    The other thing that struck me was no airbags.

    Back to a very good episode after the previous.

  2. So we know the Police have now been at the crashed car, knowing Ray is good at cleaning up lets hope he took all the girl’s belongings out of the car, otherwise the Cops have a photo of him.

  3. I think ray is really pissed because he knows they fed zoe to the pigs on top of killing her. That’s why he asks what did you do with her after he found out she was dead. I see ray going full Rambo with the sten so we know he is going home first. I think he may say goodbye to Britt and go out a warrior.

  4. Honestly you saw death flags for Zoe in ep 7. That’s why we got a lot of info about her. I’m hoping for a plot twist, Rafael thinks he killed zoe but ray runs into her…. Ray gets upset and goes back to kill Rafael.

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