Ray and Bruce seeing their father.

Alongside meeting Bruce and Ray’s dad, Ray finally gets around to trying to take out Vinnie, and we learn what makes Gary such an asset.

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Alongside meeting Bruce and Ray’s dad, Ray finally gets around to trying to take out Vinnie, and we learn what makes Gary such an asset.

Director(s) Nash Edgerton
Writer(s) Scott Ryan
Air Date 10/24/2019
Introduced This Episode
Bill Kenny Graham
Kate Hall Mirrah Foulkes

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Things & People Ray Would Rather Leave In The Past: Ray, Freddy, Bill, Kate, Bruce

As Ray revealed to Ally, when they were together, he isn’t necessarily close with his father, Bill. He was one of many who made his childhood hard so when Bruce visits him, Ray just stays in the car until he is needed. And to further illustrate the distance between them, Bill didn’t seem to know Brittany existed.

But while you’d think dealing with your estranged father would be the worst thing, Freddy ups the ante by pushing Ray to meet with a woman named Kate. She is the daughter of one of Freddy’s friends, and, unfortunately for Ray, she has been informed he is a criminal. The kind that does hits, and that puts Ray in a very uncomfortable mindset since she wants to write a true crime book, record Ray’s stories, and asking him to be this vulnerable is hard.

Mind you, it isn’t just the idea of opening up to a stranger and allowing them to document what he says. Lest we forget, Ray is still reeling from a breakup, dealing with Bruce’s health issues, and trying to get into the mindset needed to kill someone he knows well and is nice to him. So this stranger asking questions, poking and prodding, it isn’t what he needs right now.

Conversations With Friends & Family: Britt, Bruce, Gary, Ray

What are words which sort of tickle your brain? Did you ever wonder who the hero or villain in Jack and The Beanstalk is? Ray, between Britt, Bruce, and Gary, has his usual odd conversations that only a show like Mr. Inbetween would have filmed.

If You Fail Once, You Better Try Again Soon: Vinnie, Gary, Ray

Ray finally tries to fulfill his contract and kill Vinnie, but he fails. He gets picked up on a camera/ sensor, and the only kill he gets is one of Vinnie’s family’s dogs. Leading us to understand what purpose Gary has beyond being Ray’s eccentric friend – he is one hell of a driver. For when things go south, he is speeding on a dirt road without freaking out or hesitation and helps Ray get away before they get seen or killed.

Other Noteworthy Facts, Moments, and Random Thoughts

  • Brittany is 9



The Conversations

Britt noting she doesn't like Jack and the Beanstalk.

While Ray’s hitman side gets better by the episode, the sell when it comes to Mr. Inbetween is truly tapping into the dissonance between imagining a killer like Ray being a good father and having normal everyday conversations. The show truly forces you to realize, even if someone had a bad childhood, was poor, and disadvantaged, and thus decided to pursue a career in crime, it doesn’t make them a terrible person. Morally ambiguous? To a point, yes. However, as shown by Ray not hurting that pregnant woman in the last episode and his hesitation to shoot Vinnie in front of his mother, he isn’t a monster.

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